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  • Maybe I am biased, but that's because my sister, when she was 17, she had 6 years older "boyfriend" than her. I was the only one in my family who felt like it was weird, but nobody listened to me. It didn't end well for her.

    You have to put the line somewhere. If 17 is fine, somebody can say, what is just one more year? 16 should be fine too. And then, 15 is fine too. And so on. The line has to be somewhere.

    Those terms that you wrote... it seems to me like those are just some pedo apologist shit. Probably only people who don't want to be called pedophiles are using them.

    If I know Jim raped 12 year old girl, I will call him pedophile and not hebephile. Most people don't know what it is and wouldn't know what I am talking about.

  • Unpopular opinion
  • Uh... In some places of the world goverment will let you marry children. Doesn't stop me from looking at those people like pedos, molesters and rapist. Doesn't matter to me that their "law" permits it. This guy may not be as bad, but I don't like him.

  • Yo, Elon
  • Are there any billionaires who actively use their wealth for good? I only know about 2 and even those idk if I should count. One was some guy that gave all his billions to charity and kept for himself only one million. Other is bezos's ex wife, as far as I know she periodically sends very large sums of money to charity.

    Idk I feel like writing a check for charity is not good enough, they could be so much more active and done lot more if they idk... build hospital, shool.... cheap housing etc.

  • I need help with my first home server. Permission/ownership and samba issues.
  • Thx this sounds like the best solution. Definitely trying it out. Idk how well I will be able to do it, Because I didn't even made those containers myself. I just used proxmox helper scripts. Something came up today and I didn't have time again, will try it tomorrow.

  • I need help with my first home server. Permission/ownership and samba issues.
  • Ok, that doesn't sound hard. I hope there are no more unforeseeable problems. When I create the new user in containers, should I create the same user in proxmox host and change ownership of the hdd, and all existing files in it, to it? Probably yes, right? Don't have time today again, will try it tomorrow after work.

  • I need help with my first home server. Permission/ownership and samba issues.

    I have been using linux for a couple of years already, very casually, just browser, media, games. Recently I bought dell micro pc and installed proxmox on it. I don't have a lot of hdds or raid or anything, just one 6tb usb external drive. I know, I could lose everything, but I don't have anything important in there, just media. It's a relatively new drive, so I hope it will hold for at least half a year, and then I plan to buy proper hdds.


    Hdd is connected to the proxmox host with usb, and then with mount points to lxc containers. Audiobooshelf, samba, qbittorent, all containers are debian 12.


    When I download book with qB lxc, it automatically shows up in audiobookshelf (abs) lxc thanks to mount points. Abs can play it but, I can't change cover, delete, move it etc, because of permissions. This screenshot is from proxmox host.


    Same thing happes when I manually upload the book to audiobookshelf, then other lxc containers have problem accessing it. Or when I upload something to the server with samba.


    I know how to change it with chmod and chown, but when I download new book it is the same thing again, I don't want to manually change permissions and ownership every time new folder/file appears in hdd. In lxc container I cant even change ownership, it says: "Operation not permitted" even though I have root.

    This is my samba config. It's terrible and unsecure, but after 2 days of trying to make it work, I just wanted to try everything. I will probably switch to nfs, idk if it will help.


    I'm really lost, idk how to make lxc containers talk to each other through those mounts points without breaking permissions/ownership. Is there some other way? Idk if there is a very simple solution and I just made fool of myself. I know that root and 777 eveywhere is bad idea, but I wanted to at least first get everything working. And I don't plan to connect anything to the internet in the near future anyways.

    It's really late here, and I have to work tomorrow, so I won't be able to reply until tomorrow evening.

    Remembering Prey, Arkane Austin’s masterpiece
  • Even tho the game doesn't need a sequel I want one so bad. That space station was amazing. I guess we wont be getting one, at least not from og devs. I still need to play that roguelike dlc for the game, I heard it's very good too.

  • opensuse and KDE wallet

    So I just installed opensuse KDE for the first time and when I was typing password for my WiFi, instead of connecting me, some window appeared asking for creating encrypted wallet. I don't need that so I turned it off in the system settings, but then my PC always forgets my WiFi pasword after shutdown. So I turned on and created that wallet, but now every time PC turns on I have to unlock the wallet before PC connects to WiFi.

    This is first time I have come across something like this. I even used opensuse before just not KDE version.

    Can I just uninstall it? I don't have good experience with uninstalling KDE dependencies. Will PC keep forgetting passwords without it? I just want PC to automatically connect to WiFi without my input.


    I want to study psychology but won't AI make it redundant in a couple of years?

    I know it's not even close there yet. It can tell you to kill yourself or to kill a president. But what about when I finish school in like 7 years? Who would pay for a therapist or a psychologist when you can ask for help a floating head on your computer?

    You might think this is a stupid and irrational question. "There is no way AI will do psychology well, ever." But I think in today's day and age it's pretty fair to ask when you are deciding about your future.


    Fairphone 4 is making hundreds of unwanted connections per day, to the same addresses.

    So I got Fairphone 4, with /e/ os, a couple of days ago. When I connected it to my NextDNS I saw that it was trying to connect to some weird addresses, like every 5-10 minutes. I searched Internet a bit and found out that it was something with snapdragon cpu and location services. I travel a lot and use Organic Maps for navigation, so location was enabled almost all day on the phone. I turned off location services and connections stopped, and everything was fine for a couple of days.

    Today I came home, checked logs in NextDNS and saw that phone started doing the same connections almost constantly even with location turned off.

    Can I do something about this, other than allowing these connections? These connections are probably so numerous because they are getting blocked. If I allowed them, phone would maybe call home once in a couple of hours. I would rather not allow them, but I don't want 20% of battery to be eaten by this.


    I just got my steam deck RMAed after 1.5 years. Guess what was the first thing I did when It turned on.

    I had some performance problems. Suddenly, steam deck lost about 60% of its performance in games. My troubleshooting didn't help. After that, I contacted steam support. We were talking for about a week, but nothing helped, so they agreed to send me a replacement.

    I have to say… The fresh vent smells even better than I remember.


    Will federation work better?

    I'm currently on lemmy, but I'm starting to like kbin more and more, but federation is really confusing. Post on lemmy has a lot more interaction than on kbin



    Subscribers are not synced. It looks like if you are on kbin and are looking at lemmy community, it shows only subscribers from your kbin instance. Same if you are on lemmy and looking on kbin magazine.



    Is this intended?