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Someone appreciates you at least
  • Don't you slander sloppy Joe like that.

  • House Republicans Propose Renaming Oceans After Donald Trump
  • I've seen plenty of people on this site acting like that unironically.

  • CEOs at Trump meeting: Ex-president ‘meandering’ and ‘doesn't know what he's talking about’
  • They think they can manipulate him. Anyone voting for him either thinks that ( or can profit off it), is deeply uneducated, or truly believes that he is the next Messiah.

  • Larian confirms players can keep digital game given in error
  • I'll buy their next game. If it's even half way interesting. I've also played their stuff since dos and have enjoyed everything they have to offer

  • Fatty liver disease is just self-induced Foie Gras
  • Goes great with fava beans and a nice Chianti

  • Lauren Boebert complains media attention is turning public against her
  • To do things most people dislike and then complain about it? So brave, sooooo brave

  • Fauci says ‘unusual’ antics by Marjorie Taylor Greene is reason he gets death threats
  • I would also like to know how to tag this guy as dumb as a rock

  • Trump, Who Famously Tried to Ban TikTok, Joins TikTok
  • You realize Instagram is essentially the same thing right? Even if that goes away, there will still be another

  • Alex Jones says Infowars could be shut down within hours
  • God don't edge me like that

  • Nintendo reveals that the new Mario game will have a trans character
  • No, one said you aren't allowed to have your shitty opinion. I just told you that your opinion is shitty. I could have just downvoted you like everyone else for your shitty opinion. But I felt like taking a break moment out of my day to tell you that your opinion was shitty. You are definitely allowed to continue to have shitty opinions, but everyone else is also allowed to tell you that your opinion is shitty.

  • So Double Raids Are a Thing Then?
  • If the two factions hate each other and spawn in near each other they will fight and you can pick off the winner

  • Tesla investor accuses Elon Musk of $7.5 billion of insider trades
  • I would be so happy if I heard about Elon musk as much as I hear about Martha Stewart

  • Reminder...
  • Ok big tough guy

  • Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker behind 'Super Size Me,' dies at 53
  • Because years later the guy in the documentary could die from cancer?

  • Reminder...
  • They're not talking about a well regulated militia, they said a bullet for the current sitting president of the United States and a former president of the United States.Im not saying anything against the second. I'm saying that what they have implied is actually just murder.

  • Could I ask you to critique this build?

    I haven't built a PC in quite a few years, but I kinda like how this one is turning out.

    I don't want any rgb.

    Use case is going to be gaming, model rendering, upscaling, and photo editing.

    I was thinking about going to an i9.

    The Brewery Cheems

    Foamy beer after tap cleaning

    Our tap lines are quite long. I typically do a recirculating cycle of pbc and then an acid cycle.

    Is there anything I can do afterwards to fix this issue?

    The Brewery Cheems

    Let's talk wages.

    Whomever is comfortable with it, feel free to use a throwaway

    How long have you been in the industry?

    How long have you worked at the current facility you work at?

    What's your current position?

    What's your average yearly take away?


    Osmc and Bluetooth Xbox controller

    I installed osmc in onto my raspberry pi 4 in order to easily have a portable movie player station.

    I know you can buy a remote that works with osmc but I was hoping to get my Xbox controller synced up with it via Bluetooth. At first I was having tons of issues getting it to even connect (my phone did easy enough.) I figured out that it didn't autoreconnect to the Wi-Fi network I had connected it to last time I used it, when I reconnected it the controller was able to sync with it no problem. Anywho I'm at the point where it's connected via Bluetooth, but the buttons do nothing.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    Edit: I installed Libreelec and it seems to work great.

    The Brewery Cheems

    Do/have you worked at a brewery that archived production beers?

    So the brewery I work at, each time we can, we set aside a 6pk for just Incase someone has a complaint about something (carb is off, it was super foamy, I dunno whatever). So far it's only happened once, a Belgian beer that had been sitting on a shelf for way too long, that used diastatic yeast, got way way over carbed. We also use them to revisit seasonals to reassess if we want to change them at all.

    Other then that we have a large pile of beer that just doesn't stop accumulating.

    At what point in time would you deem it acceptable to throw out? 6 months? 8 months? A year? Longer?


    Hole in the wall restaurants in Dublin recommendation

    I'm visiting Ireland in January, and for the first night I wanna book a hotel in Dublin and walk somewhere for dinner. All the recommendations I find on Google are for fancy restaurants that serve Italian, authentic Chinese or what have you. But I'd really like a hole in the wall local restaurant that serves local cuisine. And I'd like to base the hotel off where whatever I decide.

    So what's your favorite local restaurant in Dublin?


    Does it seem as though the myrmidon hit box is obsurdly large?

    I took few screenshots but apparently you can't include your cursor in screenshots. Test it for yourself though, the hit box is gigantic

    The Brewery Cheems

    A guide to milling grain Best Grind Setting for Grains - Brewer's Friend

    It pays to listen to your grist, it can tell you a lot about your brew day before you ever mash in, if you look and listen to what it is telling you. Do not underestimate the importance of a good crush and the pitfalls of a bad crush on brew day. Your brewing efficiency

    Best Grind Setting for Grains - Brewer's Friend
    The Brewery Cheems

    What is your SOP for purging a Brite tank?

    We're looking into getting a nitrogen generator and using nitrogen over CO2 for a decent amount of day to day operation things so bonus points if you have a procedure that involved nitrogen

    The Brewery Cheems

    How does the music that is played get chosen? What is your places system?

    The Brewery Cheems

    What type of content would you like to see here?