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Did I Buy a Burned Out CPU?
  • fixing pins is not easy (as you may well know). Installing the CPU wrong AND powering it up in that way seems almost impossible, so unless you know for sure that's what happened, I would still put my money on: "getting the pins back to perfection should make it post" maybe one of the pins that you bent back has a bad contact point with the cpu and needs to be repinned. I check out Northrigde repair videoblog sometimes, and repinning looks really, pretty hardcore so, suit up if you're going this route.

    Also, to get some perspective:

    Did any one of us here ever kill a CPU? I mean bent pins can happen to any nervous hardware installer, but maybe by pushing it beyond it's limits with overclocking? I have had a bit of fun with CPU's but none of them died on me.

  • Apple Patent Hints At Foldable iPhone With Self-healing Screen
  • Yeah but folding screens though. I was never that interested, but then I held one with my own eyes and I instant got the merit if it. I don't need one, but if I had Beyonce money I would for sure want one.

  • OpenAI Just Gave Away the Entire Game
  • I get that she is grappling with identity and it's not a clear cut case, but if the precedent is set that similar voices (and I didn't even think it was that similar in this case) are infringement, that would be a pretty big blow to commercial creativity projects.

    Maybe it's more a brand problem than an infringement problem.

  • FBI Arrests Man For Generating AI Child Sexual Abuse Imagery
  • If not trained on CSAM or in painted but fully generated, I can't really think of any other real legal arguments against it except for: "this could be real". Which has real merit, but in my eyes not enough to prosecute as if it were real. Real CSAM has very different victims and abuse so it needs different sentencing.

  • What is the weirdest flavoured thing you've had?
  • From the wiki:

    "45 million litres of julmust are consumed during December ( in Sweden), which is around 50% of the total soft drink volume in December and 75% of the total yearly must sales."

    Well frick!

  • Is there a point where therapy holds you back?
  • This might be more about opening up to close people for the first time since a while and feelings that go with that, and less about any therapist or external help holding you back. It'll always be different to discuss with close people, because they have a different place in your life compared to the psych, who is conveniently outside of it. I think this can co-exist happily.

  • Georgia protests: Riot police face off against foreign influence bill demonstrators
  • The bill targets folk who have a foreign bank account, do not even have to have foreign funding. Everyone and their mum has a foreign bank account, so this bill makes basically everyone a target, including everyone in Georgian Parliament.

  • Euro bottles are so much better now
  • I agree with the mission of this new cap, but my thoughts were this: Coca Cola, PepsiCo, these brands are... so inhumanly big, their budgets are SO extremely deep and large. And this cap? This cap is the best they could come up with? There is not a grain of my being that can believe that. What I do know about these corporations, is that they hate working together to reduce waste. Anytime a bottle deposit system is expanded they basically stamp the floor angrily until the law forces them to adapt or get out, at which point they use the new hated rules in their marketing as if the planet was all they were thinking about all along. Right..

    This cap is essentially psychological warfare against the consumer, to form negative thoughts about being responsible with plastic waste. It's purpose is to make you angry about the new rule, while still adhering to it.

    Fuck you big food products inc, I hope we introduce a deposit system on fucking everything so you can all sit in the boardroom and cry about it.

  • Why is head hair different from other hairy parts?
  • Not all human races share this trait. I saw a documentary about aging Chinese males and hairloss (don't know their race but the procedures were in china and they had genetically Asian traits), and a lot of them could use pubic hair from their own body to substitute, as it is much closer to their head hair when comparing hair characteristics. Very cool.

  • Orbiter captures video of plasma swirling on the sun in "exquisite detail"
  • Inspiring footage, such intricate patterns and yet eventually it all forms a stable(ish) whole. Incredible. Some of the atoms in my body were at on point in time a part of this craziness in some other star! And now I carry that around with me. Electrifying!

  • What's your automatic vacuum's name?

    I saw a couple of fun ones somewhere else, and it got me interested. My mom calls her's: Mr de Vries

    other's i found:

    • William the Sucker
    • Kirby & Yoshi
    • Ragnar
    • Sir Suckalot
    • Wool-E

    *edit #sharingiscaring

    Well shucks, this turned out to be a goldmine! You're all dames and gents of the highest order💠 , thanks for sharing.

    Ooooh boy!

    I'm a pretty patient gamer, but the hype for this update keeps building up. So many usefull new items and buildings, I'm gonna love those drying racks <3

    What is this unknown connector in my glove compartment (Toyota Starlet EP90)

    Hey, I found this 'port' or 'socket' in my glove compartment. I checked the manual and parts list, but could not figure out what this should do. Fingers crossed that is a bulbsocket! Anyone know what this is??

    [I made] That bacon cheeseburger in the background

    I bought those fries in the store and sprinkled some fajita style herbs and spices over them. It was a great burger.

    A grim story told through a friends diary

    Night one in the mall - it is very dark here, i brought my tent it will do for the time being. Its very scary hearing the dead roam the mall. Hopefully backup will arrive soon. In the mean time i'm going to clear some more. If anyone finds this note, I'm either dead or had to run and lick my wounds. Fuzz

    Night two in the mall - I hooked up some speakers to a radio and played my favourite song to attract some zeds. It's quite eerie hearing the music echo in the hall, followed by the groans of the undead. I ready my shotgun and see the shells piled up in my bag, I should be able to rid a big group of them. Ironically the song is called "You're gone"... will this be my last stand off?

    Night 3 and 4 at the mall - I was making great progress in the mall. It started to get quieter and I started to feel safe. Clearing it with that shotgun and ammo that I found was so satisfying. Thought it did nearly get me killed. My shotgun jammed just as I was going to kill a zombie at point blank range. Luckily I could hit the zombie in the face with it and distanced myself again.

    While I was looting the BBQ store, I found the holy grail that we have been looking for quite some time. It's the magazine that teaches us how to use generators. In my enthusiasm I radioed back home, shouting with joy.

    Ché, Anvi and Peet were chuffed and told me to rest there one more night. Come dawn they were going to head towards me and fetch me by car.

    I was exhausted but exited to see my friends again so I went back to my tent. I made sure I barricaded the storage room I was camped in and put the shotgun next to my sleeping bag. I actually slept really well since the first time in ages.

    The next day we all were chatting and laughing on the walkietalkies while they were heading to the mall. For the very first time in ages, I really felt alive. Anvi souped up one of the cars making him drive like a speed demon. It was funny but also nerve wrecking to hear him nearly kill himself while swerving out of the away from the zombies while racing the rest of the crew.

    When they arrived the mood was still joyful. Perhaps I was too optimistic and gave them a false sense of security. We put the magazine and some supplies I gathered in the trunk of the car. We decided to do a quick look before we left. We all to separate parts of the mall trying to find some more valuable loot. It wasn't long before we could hear screaming and shouting coming from the south side of the mall. It was Anvi, he got boxed in on the escalator and was panicking and screaming for helm. I ran there as fast as I could, and readied my shotgun. Just as I walked around the corner I saw that my friend was being mauled and eaten by the undead. I was filled with rage and started to blast them. Perhaps I could still save him.

    The zombies around him were dead, though not much was left of him. I couldn't bare the sight, so I turned around and tried to find the rest of my friends. I heard another groan and looked behind my shoulder. It was Anvi he was shambling towards me while almost tripping over his own intestines. I couldn't shoot him, even though he turned into a zed.

    I started to run to my other friends and saw Che, he saw my grim look and didn't ask any questions. Just as we made eye contact we heard more screams of pain. Before we could react and figure out where he was they stopped. We eventually found his eaten corpse with his duffel bag just behind the counter with the popcorn machine. The zeds were no where to be seen.

    We fled to the car and drove back to our base. We didn't say a word during this ride. I felt terrible and very guilty. It's because of me and my stupid idea of living in the mall, that my friends are gone. I shouldn't have stayed there for so long and shouldn't have said it was safe. I'm going to drink that bottle of bourbon I found and hopefully drown my sorrows. Tomorrow will be another day in this hell infested world and I cannot let it consume me too. "

    The community seemed a bit low on content, so I rummaged through our private dedicated servers history to get some OG lemmy content up in here. A friend of mine wrote this when he was off solo. Hope you enjoyed!

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