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It's beginning to look a lot like fuck this.
  • Where are you located?

  • Reflecting on the firefish/calckey "moment"
  • IIRC, Catodon development is currently halted (

    Sharkey I don't know

    There really is a whole *keys forks lore ha ha

  • Schloss Drachenburg by -Brixhe
  • Feel free to post something else!

  • NixOS Fork Announced by Jake Hamilton
  • Seems like an opportunity!

  • Dead Boy Detectives turns Neil Gaiman’s ghostly duo into “Hardy Boys on acid”
  • From the sidebar:

    A community focused on discussions on movies and TV shows.

    It's called movies as hopefully at some point in the future we'll have TV shows split, but as Lemmy still has a small community it makes sense to consolidate both types of content here

  • We are currently around 50k monthly active users. What do you think could lead to the next newcomers wave?
  • I agree to a certain extend, but that brings us to the question of how that content is going to be discovered by people not knowing about Lemmy. With search engines being only a shadow of their former selves, and Reddit shadowbanning Lemmy URLs that's probably another issue we should keep in mind

  • We are currently around 50k monthly active users. What do you think could lead to the next newcomers wave?

    A few ideas from the top of my head

    • Flairs that can be allowed to filter content in a community
    • Major online communites (can be subreddits, or other communities) moving to Lemmy
    • Reddit removing old.reddit
    • Reddit banning people using VPNs (already happening, see [email protected] )
    • Lemmy becoming the reference source of knowledge for a certain domain

    Second point is probably crucial, but I don't see any major subreddit wanting to move here. StarTrek is the exception more that the rule.


    Schloss Drachenburg by -Brixhe



    Reddit if full of bots: thread reposted exactly the same, comment by comment, 10 months later
  • Thanks for the link! I usually just use the Reddit link, I've had alternative viewers shut down in the past (e.g. Invidious instances for Youtube) and then people can't access the content anymore

  • YUROP Blaze

    Borders are merely representations of governance


    Reddit if full of bots: thread reposted exactly the same, comment by comment, 10 months later

    For the threads with the older one on the left:

    (Thank you @[email protected] )

    Reflecting on the firefish/calckey "moment"
  • To me, FireFish got replaced by IceShrimp. Good looking interface, nice features (Antenna) and regular releases.

  • [META] So the "other community"'s admins are properly toxic?
  • IIRC, Blaze (mod here) got banned under similar circumstances.


    That's indeed why I opened this community in the first place. For people interested, you can have a look at this post for the details (open the spoiler):

  • Beehaw's number of communities, and why it makes sense
  • I see where they come from, but from a new user perspective, it's quite confusing to see too similar-looking communities, more or less similarly active, with more or less the same type of content, and not know where to post

    [email protected] is more software development oriented, and [email protected] has the typical spin to it.

    I’m not sure how either side would agree to “merge”, since wanting self-governance was the reason the split happened in the first place.

    Indeed, but on that point I'm not sure how the LW is currently moderated. The moderators don't seem that active (it's a trend I've noticed among a few LW communities). If I have some time in the coming days, I might contact them to see if they are still interested in managing that community, or if uniting forces with would make more sense

  • Would it be okay to also use this community to promote developing communities and instances?
  • The newcommunities one in particular didn’t take issue with it? That was part of why I was asking, as I didn’t think they would appreciate posts about existing communities, but if they don’t mind then I take it it’s a non-issue.

    Nope, see this post for instance:

    On the last part, it may not hurt to see if different AskLemmy communities would be up for including them in their sidebars, and maybe featured posts with pointers to Lemmyverse and [email protected] if they don’t have them already.

    Yeah, that would be a good one. I'm not sure how to really do it though, I know the [email protected] moderation team applies the rules very literally, so they might just flag any post there as "not a question" and remove it

  • How do you grow your communities? Sharing experience
  • So currently, just finding a little bit of good visual content (usually accompanied by a link and or mini-review) and posting once on a near-daily basis seems to keep snagging users without having to do anything else.

    Thanks for sharing, definitely my experience as well. Usually, if the content is a bit appealing, it will end up in the 3 first pages of Top of 12 hours

  • What are the best examples of a director going "all out" to get the best out of their actors?

    Two examples:

    Saving Private Ryan - Spielberg made the whole main cast go through 2 weeks of "hell week" boot camp. He made them suffer together.

    Then he flew Matt Damon in on a private jet, put him up in a nice place, and made the rest of the cast fully aware of it.

    So there was actually real animosity towards Damon for not having suffered like they did and you could feel it in the movie.

    Inglorious Bastards - Quinton told Eli Roth they were going to shoot the "bear Jew" scene a certain day. He put him in the cave and filmed other things. Only to say they weren't ready for him.

    He did this I think 2 or 3 days in a row.

    When Roth finally comes out you can just see in his eyes the craziness and I can't imagine how it must have felt to finally be set free from this literal cage (cave).

    What other examples do you know?


    I compared Google and Samsung’s AI photo-editing tools. It’s not even close. Google Magic Eraser vs. Samsung Object Eraser: it's not close | Digital Trends

    Google and Samsung both have their own versions of an object removal tool. But which one works better? We found out.

    Google Magic Eraser vs. Samsung Object Eraser: it's not close | Digital Trends

    cross-posted from:

    > Interesting comparison of the AI eraser functions on the Pixel versus the Galaxy.

    YUROP Blaze

    cross-posted from:

    > > Bonfires, blazing torches, body-painted dancers, drummers, jugglers, musicians, fire-eaters, ancient Celtic rituals and a spectacular backdrop. > > > > No, it’s not a scene from cult film The Wicker Man. > > > > It’s what you can expect at the annual Beltane Fire Festival taking place in Edinburgh capital this week. > > > > Beltane is held each year on the last day of April, continuing overnight into May Day, to mark the arrival of summer and celebrate new life and fertility. > > > > The event, which first began in 1988 as a protest against rave laws and a way to reclaim green spaces, includes modern interpretations of rituals and customs with roots dating back to the Iron Age. And fire. Lots of fire. > > > > The May Queen, as her name implies, presides over the show, guiding a procession of drummers and performers around the city’s landmark Calton Hill and acting out healing rites. > > > > During her journey she interacts with the Green Man in ceremonies symbolising the birth of summer.


    Movie lines people laughed at in theaters despite not actually being intended to be funny?

    I remember in Revenge of the Sith, when the actor playing Vader yells "nooooooooo", at what is supposed to be the emotional climax of the trilogy, the theater roared in laughter.

    Do you have other examples?


    Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse, Iceland


    Are people excited for Furiosa?

    Curious to see what the community thinks about the upcoming movie


    US Home Affordability by County (2023) by [email protected]

    > This shows county median home values divided by county median household income, both for 2023.

    > For example a score of "5" means the median home price in that county is 5 times the median household income in that county.

    > Generally, a score under 4 is considered affordable, 4-6 is pushing it, and over 6 is unaffordable for the median income.

    > There are of course other factors to consider such as property tax, down payment amount, assistance programs, etc. Property tax often varies at the city/township level so is impossible to accurately show.

    > Median Household Income Data is from US Census Bureau.

    > Median Home Value from National Association of Realtors, and Zillow/Redfin .

    > Home Values Data Link with map (missing data pulled from Zillow/Redfin/Realtor)