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US submarine pulls into Guantanamo Bay a day after Russian warships arrive in Cuba
  • That submarine was trailing the Russian ships the whole time, the Russian ships had no idea, and there are more submarines in the waters nearby. The whole purpose was to show the Russian ships that they are sitting ducks.

  • What America really needs
  • Maybe the water would follow the Moon's pull like a tide, so from the Atlantic to the Pacific?

  • What America really needs
  • Mostly for social reasons. We definitely have the technology and resources.

  • What America really needs
    1. Creeper farm for gunpowder
    2. Dig a bunch if sand
    3. Craft TNT
    4. Place two blocks of TNT spaced out by 5 blocks
    5. Light first TNT with the flint thingy
    6. Run along side it for the experience
    7. Bring buckets and cobblestone for inevitable underground lakes of water and lava 8 .Collect all the cool things you uncovered
    8. Ask gf/bf to come look at your accomplishment (optional)
  • What America really needs
  • Hawa-II, this needs to happen. Opening date is June 13, 2025.

  • We have our own instance:
  • Thank you! Maybe also come by every once in a while to see if we have any cool new communities pop up that you would like to subscribe to as we grow :)

  • How to spot autism in High Masking Autistic Women - What’s behind the mask? -- Autism from the Inside
  • I had to think about your comment for 2 days before responding.

    it’s also about hiding my strengths because they are not always well received. Deep critical thinking, eternal curiosity and precision are skills often respected in theory - but in practice: not so much.

    Yesss!! I totally make myself stupid or seem distracted in/with the vast majority of places/people for two main reasons. One is the apparent one, which is making others feels less than. For some odd reason, me being able to learn quickly or know information already is insulting others. This then results in me either coming off as bragging or becoming the target for the insecure people to attack. I saw this happen a lot in the dance community, especially from other men. It was difficult for me to make male friends in that scene. In fact, I've only made two male friends in 2 years. One was autistic and the other is just a chill Christian dude.

    The other reason I have to mask by seeming dumb or distracted is that if I am highly capable in one area, then whenever I make any social mistakes, I am not given as much compassion or understanding. Rather, they get upset and treat me as if I purposely wanted to violate whatever rule. I think the reasoning is that if I am "smart", then surely I must understand social minutiae. That is absolutely not the case. From my perspective, I don't jump to conclusions, so I miss a lot of implications that most other people get naturally. This is for real. It is so extreme, that I often end up making major faux pas. For example, when I was in college, I was at a bar and ran into a girl I had been friendly with in class throughout the semester. We hit it off that night. Towards the end, she told me she wanted me to come to her place to sleep with her. What did I do? I went to her place and literally went to sleep in her bed with her as soon as I got in. It's been 20 years, and I still remember the face she made when I asked her if it was okay that I took my pants off to sleep in boxers because jeans were too uncomfortable for bed. She straight up answered, "Duh!!" and made a face as if I was joking, which I took as her being the same about jeans in bed. The next day, she was all weird when she gave me a ride home, so I was confused. It wasn't until I told others about this weird experience where someone was really friendly then stand-offish that they pointed out that she wanted to have sex. This girl, who I imagine was upset at me for agreeing to "sleep with her" then not having sex with her, probably thought that since I earn good grades in class, I must have absolutely understood that she meant have sex. Nope. I had no idea.

    a large part of it is (heartbreakingly) empathetic!

    I really like this neurodiversity movement. It's like a lot of us have been living and suffering in secret, not knowing that many of us existed and we had similar experiences and struggles. With many of us coming out about it, we see that we are not alone and give each other validation, support, and encouragement. I'm so happy with it. It's one of my favorite things about this particular community.

    I have this hypothesis that masking their authenticity in order to fit in with ther respective social group is the normal way also in NT people. The difference being, that to them it comes naturally and effortlessly to wear a mask (read: self-protecting persona), while for NDs it is exhausting and may lead to a sense of self-denial. Consider also the difficulty with the perceived need of constant dishonesty/lying which is a part of camouflaging.

    I have never thought of this, but it makes sense. From what I can tell, there are two major fundamental differences between autistic and NT people. One, we are sensory hypersensitive by comparison and cannot filter out sensory input like they do. This means that we have a lot more information to process, taking up processing resources in our brains. Two, we are monotropic in that we can only really focus on one thing at a time, and we are hyperfocused by comparison. Combining these both, we come off as slow in social situations because while an NT can focus on the many social aspects of an interaction, I have to process the noise of cars driving by, the weather, previous interactions with a person to find out how this current interaction fits into their patterns, consider if I look weird somehow, making sure my tone and volume are appropriate, try to look like I'm making proper eye contact without overwhelming myself, etc. This is all too much for me to do smoothly, while it may be something absolutely natural for an NT. Since it's natural for them, they do it all the time without any concern. For us, it's exhausting and makes us feel as if we are not being authentic, which violates a core value among autistic people, further making us feel inauthentic and taking up more mental resources.

  • Singer sues hospital, says staff thought he was mentally ill and wasn't member of Four Tops
  • I argued like a couple having a fight with a psychiatrist about me being autistic when I was hospitalized once. We had a literal antagonized fight over me being autistic in front of two other doctors. She raised her voice at and wouldn't believe me even though I told her I had been diagnosed by a psychologist that administered the ADOS, have seen said psychologist for months, my friends that are psychologists are confident I'm autistic, and that I was in special ed classes since 4th grade. I was seeking absolutely nothing related to it; I just happened to mention it in passing when I said I didn't like sleeping at the hospital and missed my bed.

    Warning: sarcastic vent session

    Tap for spoiler

    This became the psychiatrist's last stand against Big Autism. She wasn't going to let a patient undermine her absolute authority by them giving her information that she needed to have a thorough understanding of the case. Who do I think I am to know and have an opinion about my entire life and well-being?? As soon as I got home, I threw her prescription in the trash.

    I worry about all the other vulnerable patients that she treats and dont have the mental strength to stand up to her, just getting drugged up for whatever would validate her need for control over others.

    Bonus: When I was receiving the discharge brief, she raised her voice at and put down a nurse that asked a question about my discharge instructions. Everyone's faces in the room were straight blank like this 😐. I guess they were used to her abuse.

  • We have our own instance:
  • Thank you! We're really excited. I've added the main instance community to the sidebar here. However, since we're so new, there aren't really any communities. Waiting on users to sign up and start making it a place of their own. However, I do plan on making some communities when I get a chance.

  • What America really needs
  • This would also allow for a super cool water park. I'm all for it.

  • We have our own instance:


    In the past year since this community was founded, we have seen impressive growth, engagement, and support within this community. Based on the content of what we have seen, we created an instance just for us founded on the principle of autism acceptance. The point is to have our place tailored to where we could freely be our autistic selves. While of course, we will federate with the other Fediverse instances that match our values, the purpose of the instance is to be able to create communities that are not solely limited to directly discussing autism, but to allow us to discuss all sorts of interesting topics in an way that is comfortable to us.

    • Want to have a community solely for memes about autism without worrying if it will clog up the one autism community on Come over and make that community.

    • Have an obsession with the Battle of Stalingrad and want to drop some good info dumps from time to time? Make a community for that.

    • Do you have trouble with social situations and want to run them by others without being ridiculed by bullies? We can make a community for that too.

    • Don't want to only interact with autistic people? We're federated into the Lemmyverse, so you can subscribe to communities in other instances as well.

    Come on over and feel free to sign up! Eventually, we hope to expand to other Fediverse services/software to provide a more comprehensive place.

    Of note: we just started the instance, so it is possible that we will have some technical issues come up. If we do or you notice anything, please let us know in our chat. We would be happy to address it.

    What will happen to [email protected]?

    We will continue to maintain this community. We will make a post if we foresee any major changes to this community to allow users to prepare beforehand, so there is no need to worry. Nothing is expected to change here anytime soon.

    We hope you find the new instance welcoming and decide to be a part of it.

    Edit: A link to our instance community for ease follows thanks to this comment's advice: [email protected]

    What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • Tertiary education: university professor.

    LPT: Talk to your professor and ask questions!!

    I have so many students that don't perform well because they didn't understand some material. I'm seriously getting paid to help you understand it, but I can't present it in a way that works perfectly for every student since they all have their own learning styles. I also wont know if they aren't getting it of no one speaks out.

    I want:

    • to help
    • everyone to learn the material
    • to talk about science because I'm a super nerd
    • what is and isn't working for you in class
    • students to show up to office hours

    I don't:

    • expect anyone to already know something they haven't learned about
    • care if you ask me a million questions
    • want you to perform poorly
    • want you do go to the field unprepared
    • like it when students treat me like they are bothering me
    • grade papers that are ridiculously wrong because students didn't try to ask me for help

    The vast majority of university professors are obsessed with what they teach, so much so, that they made a career out of talking about it. Asking then about it would make their day. If you go up to one that seems like they're being bothered, then that's the exception. Don't let that one stop you from engaging with all of the others.

    Note: This is true for almost all courses. However, there are some courses in certain universities that are considered "weed out classes". These classes, typically taken in the first 2 years, are informally designed to have lower performing students fail before they advance too far into the major and find out later that they don't have what it takes to be successful in the field. The professors of those classes are more commonly not helpful at all. Don't give me shit about it because I didn't design this system nor do I teach those classes.

  • Advice Needed: How to get immunotherapy treatment in a rural area where the clinics do not administer the shots?
  • No OP, but I'm thinking they mean a pharmacy that is not owned by a chain like Walgreens or CVS. Locally own pharmacies are usually owned by one person or a family and they specialize in compounding medications. That's when they make medications for specific customers that have unique needs, which interestingly, includes pets 🐶🐱. Try searching for a "compounding pharmacy" near you or ask a veterinarian clinic if they know of one. I'm sure they'll be happy to answer that iver the phone even if you're not a current customer.

  • Titta...
  • Classic


  • sounds almost like doctors advice
  • You've heard of bdussy. Now, get ready for mbick (morning breath and dick)!

  • Parents with bilingual children, how did you do it?
  • I was born and raised in the US. My parents spoke Spanish only. They maybe knew 5 words in English. I grew up learning Spanish fluently at home. Everything else (i.e. school, tv, friends) was in English, so I learned that naturally.

    Downside: I feel like it created 2 personalities. I feel emotions, relate to family and romance, and cook in Spanish. I think logically, conduct business, and have friends in English.

  • Justice Clarence Thomas formally reports trip to Bali paid for by conservative donor
  • what even is the point of a Supreme Court Justice reporting if it will have no consequence?

  • What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?
  • I'm almost certain that every state not only requires at least an accredited master's degree, but also a state board license that involves at least 2 years of clinical supervision. However, the supervision is based on the honor system of other licensed therapists, so there isn't much oversight of the quality. Clinical supervisors usually charge for supervision, so there is a conflict of interest.

  • How to spot autism in High Masking Autistic Women - What’s behind the mask? -- Autism from the Inside

    I think that this video has helped me develop some insight on how to spot high-masking autism, not just among women. I found a lot of the material covered in the video relatable even though I am male. Maybe that has something to do with our elevated rejection of established gender roles as a whole. Regardless, I like how rather than listing concrete signs, he gave a list of patterns that would be common to masking autistic women (I believe all genders, really) in a manner that could still be easily noticed. This also helped me understand that the cause of some autistic traits are not fundamental, but rather a result of masking. 🤯

    Aside from the signs of masking autism, the ending hit me emotionally. He validates something that no one has really validated for me. I've been told my entire life that I was too much, not enough, or purposely trying to violate rules and norms out of some moral or character failing. It's like I wanted to be careless/offensive or a loser. However, when he covered how much effort we put into masking and that it takes a lot of energy to do, I felt a validation I don't remember ever experiencing. It's like someone said, "I believe you're doing your best."

    He also elaborates on the impact of when we tell someone that we're autistic or have difficulties in certain areas and they invalidate it by saying that we're not autistic or that we function normally. He then posits that when we unmask, we need others to validate that experience. I think that statement was not only directed at us, but others that have autistic people in their lives. I plan on using that to guide who I continue to allow in my life. If I need to mask or am invalidated by someone when I unmask, then they're not a good fit for me, so I will interact with them less.


    What communities or similar did you appreciate the moderation of and why?

    I'm trying to get a feel for what users appreciate and want out of community moderators.

    Other related questions:

    • What community rules do you like?

    • What moderation actions do you think are helpful?

    • What is a helpful way for moderators to interact with their respective communities?

    • Anything else relevant?


    Anyone here complete any online program to help navigate the world as an autistic person? If so, what program, and what did you think about it?

    I'm looking for online programs that help us navigate the world as autistic people. It could be anything, such as learning about autism, neurotypicals, social settings, identifying your emotions, self-care for autistic people, common terms related to autism, autistic love languages, etc...anything that helps autistic people live life.

    If you have completed any programs related to being autistic, what were they and what did you think about them? Were they helpful?

    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! I'm back on my BS 🤪

    How can I insert/type a blank character using my keyboard?

    Sometimes adding a blank character helps with formatting. For example on Lemmy, it helps me separate lines of text if I insert a blank character between other lines. Currently, do that by copy-and-pasting the blank character from elsewhere. Here is an example

    Is there a way I can do this on Linux easily from the keyboard? I am using KDE Neon and have the compose key enabled so that I can easily type uncommon characters like , ñ, and é easily.


    How do you experience eye contact?

    I'm still on my journey of understanding the differences between autism and other. My focus today is eye contact, so let's have a discussion!

    Guiding questions:

    • What do you think is the underlying difference that causes autistic people to use less eye contact than others?

    • What does it feel like for you?

    • How do you interpret other people's eye contact?

    • Do you avoid it, use short glances, or maintain NT-levels of eye contact?

    • Does it vary by situation?

    • Anything else you would like to discuss regarding eye contact?

    Question is open to anyone. If not identified, then the assumption is the user is autistic. Otherwise, if you're NT or other ND, please state so 🙂


    Those of us that have undergone autism-specific therapy or training to learn to socialize better, what lessons did you learn?

    I think it would be interesting to share lessons we've learned about socializing that didn't come natural to us like they do for NTs.

    • What social difficulties did you have, and what did you learn to compensate for them?

    • Also, since there's a difference between autistic and NT cultures, what lessons did you learn about socializing with NTs and in NT environments?

    Infodumps are welcomed! 😁


    [Answered] Do we have a setting to block posts that contain keywords yet?


    I know that this question was asked several months ago, and the response was that there wasn't a setting for it. Has a setting that blocks posts with keywords been implemented since?

    Thanks in advance!


    Can someone explain what the various parts of this picture of atoms are?

    They say it's a picture of atoms, but what are the atoms: the glowing yellow balls or the entire meatball including the darker red? If it's the meatballs, then why do some have apparently two nuclei?

    Here's the public press release:

    Here's the actual scientific article:


    Orion Kelly - Unravelling Autistic Shutdowns

    A video covering what they look like and what can trigger them.


    When NTs invite me with them to the store

    Image: That Would Be Great meme template

    Caption: If you could just not dance down the aisles, touch everything, and tell everyone the pros and cons of all the products you see...that would be great.


    Internal dynamics during a hyperfocus session

    Image: They Don't Know meme template.

    • Corner guy is my bladder: They don't know I need to pee.
    • Right side couple is my sensory system: Yes we do. It's really obvious.
    • Left side couple is my executive system: But the Golden Age of Piracy is too interesting.

    Just a Warm Up

    Image: To-do list

    • Decide you will finally make a to-do list to catch up
    • Set a time to make it sometime later today
    • Don't make said list because you already accomplished making this list

    Be careful who you are vulnerable and forthcoming with

    Image: Clown applying make up meme.

    • Panel 1: I definitely stick out as different from others
    • 2: because I'm hypersensitive to physical sensations and emotions.
    • 3: I also have trouble difficulty reading social cues and other people's intentions.
    • 4: I also have trouble difficulty reading social cues and other people's intentions.

    I'm on a meme creation roll, baby!


    When you have to stop and go down your list of possibilities for why you are overwhelmed

    Image: Who want's to be a millionaire meme.

    Why is my brain not working rn?

    • A: Childhood trauma
    • B: Societal division & oppression
    • C: Worried I upset someone
    • D: My hands are wet

    0000-0400 is my favorite part of the day

    Image: Brain before sleep meme of 4 panels.

    Panel 1 is brain saying: We spent a lot of energy not thinking about all the texts, emails, and missed calls you haven't responded to.

    Panel 2 is girl in bed with eyes closed saying: Yeah, I'm super tired. Better get some rest so I can try to respond tomorrow.

    Panel 3 is brain responding: But no one expects you to respond this late, so now's the perfect time to watch a documentary and go down Wikipedia rabbit holes.

    Panel 4 is the girl with her eyes completely wide open.

    Anyone else just absolutely love the night time when the world is asleep, it's dark and cool, you've showered, on the couch under the comfiest blanket, and you know no one is going to interrupt or expect anything from you?


    Drawing - My Living Room

    I'm taking a drawing class, and we learned perspective this week, so I drew this as an exercise.