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Mushrooms growing in soil?
  • It's an ink cap (coprinus or leucocoprinus) for sure. Mushroom growth, especially this kind, is a sign of a fertile and healthy soil. Don't worry and let it be.

    It could have come from the soil you bought, have been there before, got somehow carried by the wind. There's no way to tell...

  • I was explaining to my daughter about the differences between Gimp and Photoshop and saw that Adobe had a page that claimed to compare the two. It never compares the two. It barely mentions Gimp.
  • I think, for the most part, is that GIMP is obscure. Not as in 'unknown' but as in 'really hard to master, how does anything work?' It has been this way, voluntarily.

    I think it's what lacks in GIMP, a good user experience.

    I have used gimp for the better part of the last ten years. It's good. I have used Photoshop less than ten times in the same timespan. But when I need to do something, it will always be easier to me on photoshop, eveh though I'm not acquainted with it...

  • Who is a fictional character that is loved you find either overrated or you don't get the appeal ?
  • I think the sci-fi is not crap. But it is not appealing to everyone. DW remains a children's show, always has been. It should be viewed as such, just like Star Wars is.

    TBH, I still watch it, even though it peaked seasons 4 - 6, then went down and down and down. I think nostalgia has got a hold of me because the new season wouldn't wouldn't get hooked to it if I were my first time watching it.