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Leaky bags
  • I buy it in paper bags and transfer it to cereal Tupperware.

    If I buy flour in bulk, like more than 10kg at a time, I vacuum seal it in bags and then freeze/thaw/freeze it to kill beasties.

  • Exactly. Delete Reddit.
  • I genuinely can't trust google results to be true and unbiased anymore. Nowadays I use a combination of google results, reddit results, Quorn results, ChatGPT fever dreams, and dead reckoning.

  • DIY Agent641

    Someone painted this poor desk brown and gave it to an op shop. I bought it for $60 and restored it

    Here is what it looked like when I got it home:

    ! !

    Fully stripped back:


    And restored to it's former glory:



    Tough but rewarding work

    It's okay, I can make this joke because some of my best friends are welders


    Hey, what smells like blue?

    Im not sure why, but Jerboa suddenly went a bit blue on me this morning.

    Is it an update, or something I did? For context, its always had this reddish/purple tint to it: