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What do you think of this prediction?
  • I don't have the article on hand, but there is a publication from a steam store employee explaining exactly how to get your game onto the front page. The gist of it is that you don't have to pay Valve. It's about community engagement (your publisher, I guess).

  • Advice on encrypted storage

    I currently have a storage server with the following config.

    Multiple raid6 volumes (mdadm) -> aggregated into a lvm volume group -> lvm volumes -> encrypted with luks1 -> (no partitioning) xfs file systems mounted and used by the os

    I have the following criteria: I want to keep software raid (mdadm) with multiple raid sets, xfs, and lvm. I don't mind using 2fa, but I don't want to just store my secret keys on a dongle attached to my PC because that seems to defeat the point of encryption at rest.

    My questions:

    1. Is there a better way to encrypt my data at rest?

    2. Is there a better layer at which to apply the encryption?

    I'm mostly unhappy with luks1 over a whole lvm volume and looking for alternatives.


    Thank you everyone for these great responses! I'll be looking into these ideas :)