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The percentage of the population who did/didn't know of Crowdstrike probably reversed in the past week
  • So like. Hear me out.

    What if, even if you were not personally affected, you still heard about crowdstrike because of the coverage?

    I'm an ICT professional with 40 years experience and I'd never heard of them

    But you have heard of them now, right? Kind of like that

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • It’s not about being in your thirties. What you are experiencing is depression.

    You’re rationalizing and justifying your depression by associating it with age and portraying it as an unavoidable rite of passage. I don’t say this to try and change the course of your life, I just think it’s worth addressing your demons by their real names. It makes everything a lot easier, even if you really do decide in the end not to fight them.

    Just my 2c, wishing all the best to you

  • [Second Wind] Nine Sols | Fully Ramblomatic
  • Surprised by how much he adores the game, I usually expect super harsh criticism no matter what lol.

    Personally Nine Sols hit super good. A bit early to tell, as it’s still brand new, but it might be in my top 5 games of all time. Highly recommended if you’re on the fence

  • Pride Flows - A new symbol and pride flag to celebrate the diversity and unity of all sexual and gender identities
  • I wish I could somehow muster the energy to be constructive in any way but this is genuinely the ugliest trash I’ve ever seen and I will immediately stop being gay if I see this flag anywhere in public.

    Additionally, the company appears to have self plagiarized the shape of the design from their “open/close systems” project, which is available for viewing on their also ugly website

  • Sacrilege rule
  • So, a limiter and a compressor are actually the same thing! Just used in different contexts. You can think of a limiter as being a compressor set to extreme values, so that you can guarantee that at no point will the volume go beyond a certain threshold.

    So let’s think of like, a guitar string being plucked. It starts out loud and percussive, you get some string noise as well. Then the actual tone is played, starts as loud as it will ever get, then gradually reduces in volume over time naturally as the energy in the string is lost.

    Suppose we set the limiter to be a very low threshold, just above the quiet ringing you would hear after like 15 seconds of letting the guitar string resonate. Essentially the limiter will aggressively turn down the volume during the whole beginning, then ease off as the tone naturally quiets.

    The final result is that you’ve transformed a sound wave that started out with a large amplitude that gradually got smaller, into one that has a generally uniform amplitude throughout its entire duration! Then, as with all compressors, since you’ve actually reduced the amplitude of the wave, you can now turn the volume waaaaaaay up without clipping out. So now, stuff that used to be quiet is now just as loud as the loudest parts of your recording. A rustling leaf would be played at the same volume as a gunshot.

    The issue this creates with vinyl is that carving such an extreme waveform into a physical medium results in a path the needle simply can’t follow accurately.

    Imagine an old wooden roller coaster, one in which the cart isn’t attached to the track other than by gravity holding it there. If you included a sudden massive drop when the cart was moving at high speed, it wouldn’t follow the track, it would actually fly off the track briefly as it can only accelerate downward as fast as gravity will allow.

    If the needle is the cart, and the carving in the vinyl is the track, these moments of air time will create audible distortion. It’s actually a bit more precarious than that, even, as vinyls actually use not only the up and down components of gravity, but left and right as well. The two tracks superimposed are what allows us to create a stereo image (having distinct sounds in the left and right speakers).

    There’s also a ton of other things that can cause distortion, but I don’t want to ramble on forever! The basic rule of thumb is that a vinyl master essentially just has less low end. From what I understand, this is the root of why many people prefer “the sound” of vinyl, they simply prefer a slightly more mid-dominant mix

  • Sacrilege rule
  • It’s the opposite, no? Vinyl can’t handle the explosive dynamics common in modern music (especially electronic) due to the skipping issue, so any sharp peaks like that need to be compressed to make the overall mix more mellow

  • Outer wilds: at what point should I give up?
  • Hey, Outer Wilds super fan here. Bought the game twice, recommend it to everyone, etc.

    I’ve seen a couple people bounce off the game because of the space flight, which is totally valid! It’s legitimately very difficult, doubly so if it’s your first time doing a zero G type of thing.

    I’ve also seen people thoroughly enjoy the game despite crashing into everything! So that’s possible, too. I wish I knew the secret to making it click, as I think once the story really gets its hooks in you it’s one of the most rewarding experiences out there.

    With all that being said, a couple tips:

    The autopilot let me crash into stuff blocking its path so I gave up on that too.

    Don’t give up on auto pilot! I simply can’t imagine traveling between planets without it.

    You just have to keep in mind that the auto pilot isn’t intelligent. When you activate it, it does exactly three things: it lines you up, it accelerates you, then it slows you down to a stop in front of your destination. You have to watch and be willing to interrupt it if it looks like you’re going to crash into a planet or the sun. You also have to make sure you’re reasonably far away from a planet before activating it in the first place. Once you’re there, keep a close eye on your instruments and just guide the ship in slowly until you can land.

    Even if you don’t have any obstacles, the auto pilot can still rarely result in a crash in certain scenarios where the planet is orbiting directly at you. This is especially prevalent with the twin planets.

    But the game is designed with crashes of all sorts in mind! Make sure to always put your suit on immediately when you first enter it on Timber Hearth. That way you can abandon the ship if necessary. There’s even a working eject button!

    I hope things work out, but best of luck no matter what you end up doing!

  • a cool guide to diets
  • Right, sorry, to correct my mistake, here is what you actually said

    CICO is flatout not the mechanic used.

    My sincerest apologies for so severely misrepresenting your words. Have a good rest of your night with your olive oil shots

  • a cool guide to diets
  • Yeah it’s pretty wild considering how fervently people buy into it, but if you’re an evidence-driven person keto is not particularly attractive for weight loss unless you just personally enjoy it.

    Scroll down a bit, we already have someone who swears the magic is real (and CICO isn’t) because they lost weight on keto, and their partner estimated their calories to be waaaaaay higher than before starting the diet. It’s a very compelling narrative if you come into it wanting keto to be true, which is why there’s almost like a religious fervor built up around it. But it’s never played out that way in an actual study

  • a cool guide to diets
  • Just as a heads up, every study ever performed confirms that keto offers no additional weight loss benefits compared to any other diet when calories are equated. Something I think of often when the keto people start talking about how the magic supposedly works

  • a cool guide to diets
  • I’ve been thinking a lot lately, what if you were asking about how to hike up a mountain. Like you really wanted to get into it seriously, and learn and be prepared for the demands of the trail. What if the internet essentially just kept telling you “the only thing that matters is increasing your elevation”

    Like, yeah, that’s true in a very unarguable way. The summit is higher than the base. But if that’s the only thing on your mind you’re probably gonna make a lot of mistakes that make things way harder for you.

    Nobody told you about hiking boots, so you just showed up in flip flops? Technically you still only have to accomplish the same task of increasing your elevation, but now you’ll be miserable and about 100x more likely to just quit.

    What if the mountain path suddenly dips down before going back up? If all you know is you’re supposed to increase your elevation, you might get really freaked out and think you’re doing something wrong when you start descending.

    All of this is to say, the multitude of details are very much worth discussing in terms of weight loss. Two things can be true at once: being in a calorie deficit will result in weight loss, and calorie counting as a strategy may not work for everyone unless they have the requisite knowledge required to design a sustainable diet for themselves

  • [Fan Art] Amaterasu by Yueko
  • Nope you got it! Okami by the now shut down Clover Studio. The remaining members from Clover actually founded Platinum Games, the creators of Bayonetta, NieR Automata, and Astral Chain.

    Playing Okami you can absolutely feel the essence of their later games in the combat, but the game overall is more Zelda inspired. Absolutely delightful title, I played it and replayed it on the Wii back in the day. There’s an HD remake available as well, sadly the game is still stuck at 30fps due to technical limitations but very worth grabbing on sale.

  • It's everyone's cake day

    I started seeing cakes appear on people’s usernames, and I realized that it’s been a full year now since the great debacle through which many of us discovered lemmy.

    Seeing them all start to pop up at once has made me a bit nostalgic. Memmy was such an exciting and important project during that time, I believe for many people it is the reason they stuck with lemmy in the long term.

    So, cheers to the devs, and to anyone who still checks on this community from time to time when memmy crosses their mind.


    Were our image links deleted?

    So, I noticed that a couple of my image uploads made using Voyager now just show a “?” graphic. Looking around this community, I’m seeing a lot of other people’s posts are like that too.

    In other apps and via browser, the images are also missing. Is anyone else experiencing this/do we know what’s happening?


    I'm having dinner with my plushies :3


    Certain posts causing instability

    I noticed while scrolling All that whenever these posts are displayed, the app lags out significantly, but then returns to normal a few seconds after they’re off screen.

    I suspect it’s actually just the top one because it’s a gif. Running latest test test flight version


    Is anyone else getting really crazy lag after suspending the app then returning to it?

    Behavior started a few updates ago for me. If I go to answer a text or check any other app, when I come back to Memmy the app won’t let me click on posts for 10-20 seconds


    PSA for users was experiencing authentication issues yesterday, making it difficult to comment and vote.

    These issues were resolved some hours ago when updated to 18.02, but you may still be experiencing issues with your account on third party apps such as memmy.

    If so, everything will start working normally if you remove your account from the app and add it again! Possibly just reinstalling will also achieve the same thing, but I haven’t tested that personally.


    Toggle to remove username from top of screen?

    It feels weird having it there in big bold letters all the time. I sometimes want to show someone a post or talk about lemmy in general, but I’m apprehensive about them learning my account name.


    Disable Left/Right swipes?

    In Apollo, there was this really interesting feature that let you disable the gestures for voting/replying/etc. If you did so, then you could use the entire screen to navigate between posts instead of needing to swipe all the way from the side.

    I struggle with a repetitive stress injury and this feature helped me a lot! I managed to grab a screenshot of the exact setting before Apollo shut down. It would be awesome if something similar could be implemented in Memmy


    Do you have any pillow recommendations?

    I’ve been sleeping on the same one for a few years but it’s become really lumpy. I don’t mind spending a little money, but are the modern “high tech” pillows really worth it?


    Is there a way to view saved posts?

    I noticed I can save posts from the app but don’t see where to view the posts I’ve saved