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The United States will need 7 million migrants to cover old age support programs for baby boomers
  • Maybe we shouldn’t have the idea of a dead end job in the first place. Almost all work should be valid and provide livable wages. There shouldn’t be a class of jobs “just for kids”. As if their time is less valuable anyways. This is a super late stage capitalist viewpoint.

  • I was banned from r/soapmaking for not accepting that arts and crafts was soap making.
  • You may not be wrong but your sound like a gate keeping asshole. You definitely have a negative connotation to how you’re saying arts and crafts. I understand wanting credit for the skills you’ve honed but ffs it’s the internet not a professional society.

  • The Jeep Driver Video (Warning Reddit link)
  • Two assholes in this video….jeep driver is a lunatic and probably needs to have some serious consequences but why would the recording driver not just move out of the way. Life is too short to try to fuck around at 75mph for you, them, and everyone else on the road.

  • Which Med Should I Try Next?
  • The problem is most doctors don’t have experience with any of these medications. Going to folks who have experience isn’t a terrible idea. As long as you know to do additional validation and talk with your doctor. I never would’ve heard of vyvanse if not for folks online.

  • Espresso almar_quigley

    It's so quiet in here! I just upgraded from a BDB to a bezzera duo man

    Enjoying the e61 grouphead. This thing is much prettier than the Breville, in a very different way. I do woodworking so I’m thinking about making some custom wood panels for the sides and maybe some attachments to hold portafilters, tools, etc. how’s everyone else doin in here?


    What's everyone favorite local news resource?

    I’ve been getting the Willamette Week for awhile now and have really enjoyed the focus on local only news. Curious if folks have other outlets besides the obvious Oregonian they use to get news for state/county/city. I’m just tired of only reading about the major events around the world and country because they are almost exclusively negative topics.


    Orbital Update on Gamepass

    I’m playing on gamepass and haven’t been able to see the new space stations yet. There aren’t any updates available to download for the game so not sure if it’s a gamepass thing or something I’m doing wrong.


    Roasting Discord Join the First Crack Discord Server!

    Check out the First Crack community on Discord - hang out with 1 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

    Not sure if this is allowed so mods lemme know if it’s not. Just sharing a link to a roasting specific discord I started. Not sure how many fellow roasters there are here but there wasn’t any roasting specific communities I could find so thought I’d start my own.


    Stereo console repair

    I have an old ge stereo console from the 60’s. The turntable on it doesn’t rotate anymore and the controls in general don’t work that great. I’ve been trying to find a shop or online resources for some diy repair/replacement but have mostly come up short. I’ve also toyed with just gutting it and replacing with modern stuff. Just curious if it’s a fools errand to try getting these components repaired or not. I can try to find the specific model to share, just don’t have it handy at the moment. But it’s one of the fairly common mcm style consoles with receiver, turntable, and built in speakers.

    Sorry if this is too vague, I can try to get more specifics once I get home from work.


    in honor of Halloween season what’s your favorite horror game for the sad?

    Title. I’m looking to add some new games to the library to play I honor of my favorite holiday. What are some of your favorites? Bonus points for hidden gems!


    How have yall been fairing in Savage Gauntlet?

    I’ve really enjoyed them so far. Week 1 was a little cheap with the vtol defense but overall I liked it. Week 2 was a big improvement and a lot more chaos. I hope they up the ante with more chaos in week 3. I managed to get Gauntlet Master both weeks with top 10%. How has everyone else been doing?


    It’s so quiet in here

    I’m on exoprimal discord server but looking for Lemmy style conversation without heading back to the land of Reddit. How many of yall are actually still on this community post release and playing the game?


    Coffee exchange interest?

    Wanted to gauge interest in some sort of coffee exchange. I roast my own coffee and would love to see what others think. Plus I think it’d be fun to try out local roasters from around the US/world.

    Anyone interested in something like this?


    My coffee/drink station

    Inclusive of all drinks not just coffee. We even have some hummingbird nectar up top for our little wild friends.