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Any tips on installing old NFS games, and what's you favorite one?

I guess the meta is installing them via Lutris\Bottles and then launching them via Steam to have a modern controller support and overlay, is that's so? Does emulation make it better in any way (it seems easier)? What would you use playing them now?

I've watched a couple of vids on games from NFSU to Pro Street forming some kind of a saga, and felt nostalgic enough to once again jump in this cringe pool.

I won't spoil my own opinion on these games besides one point: Pro Street was probably the last one to have a decent, influential OST. Won't lie, they've introduced me to my current favs and made me research their genres further. For that I can excuse EA, or rather BlackBox from crticizing too much, although wanting to play their older games instead of new ones says it all.


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