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A soup.

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TIL of the text "bolo'bolo"
  • Read it in university. I like the societal picture they paint where everyone belongs to a different tribe and everything’s anarchy.

  • Chinese EV Makers to Dominate 70% of Market by 2030 Despite EU and US Tariffs
  • Yup exactly what I was complaining about. The only EVs North America will allow are the giant overpriced and out of reach vehicles. Subsidies for the rich and well off.

  • Two years after buying my $2,000 electric truck from China, here's how it looks now | electrek
  • Being misinformed and dishonest is not and will never be a valid or unique point of view. Your ignorance does not have the same weight as the truth.

  • Chinese EV Makers to Dominate 70% of Market by 2030 Despite EU and US Tariffs
  • In the US and Canada, auto industry lobbyists are more important so we’ll stick with gas cars as the only electric options start at $50k CAD which most people cannot afford.

  • First 3D print - Cloud from the original FF7
  • Did the sword need supports or was it printed detached? Looks awesome!

  • 343 Industries Has Allegedly Been Downsized Considerably, Upcoming Halo Titles To Be Largely Outsourced
  • Agreed. F2P multiplayer and paid campaign rubbed me the wrong way. Just wasn’t the halo I grew up with.

  • Make'n the world go 'round
  • I too was told the lie that he was gay which made me so confused listening to Fat Bottom Girls. How could he like big assed ladies if he’s gay??? Just more bi erasure.

  • Intel accused of selling ‘defective’ Raptor Lake CPUs
  • Just ordered an i5-13600k for my flight sim rig haha. I am in danger.

  • Onlyfans creators will eventually market meat of themselves
  • It’s called A&W and it’s amazing.

  • Greatest fear
  • Try em they’re great. Everyone seriously avoiding them because they’re godawful ugly are just denying themselves pleasure. Don’t be a weenie, have fun with life.

  • Is anybody else a bit disappointed about the recent days with Fedora Atomic?
  • I’m not. This is the toll one pays for getting absolutely free operating systems and programs without any real catch. No one to our knowledge is making money off of data collected by our use of the OS so if there are some bugs like that, I find it perfectly acceptable given the alternative where I pay a license to have windows installed on one computer and also get my data mined by Microsoft and my data sold to thousands of third parties.

  • When creating a story, how many black characters can I create without them calling the story woke?
  • Right wingers will call anything woke. It’s meaningless and they can’t even define the word. To them, woke is any non white character or non straight character. I’d consider what they think meaningless because these people are empty shells.

  • Some men...
  • Agreed. Hank Green has Mister Rogers energy not Neil.

  • Immutable distros recommindation?
  • Ah my bad. Your post says “other that” instead of “other than” so I misread it as I skimmed 😛

  • Immutable distros recommindation?
  • Bazzite! It’s technically atomic and not fully immutable but I’ve been using it for about a week now (long time I know) and everything just works. Didn’t need to install any extra drivers to get it working with all my peripherals. I like it a lot. Fixed a lot of Wayland issues I was having on previous Ubuntu installs.

    One feature I found really cool is the Waydroid and Boxbuddy integration. You can have Android apps installed alongside regular fedora apps. Just opens an Android emulator in the background. Discovered that last night by accident. Typed in “calculator” and it opened up the Android version of it. Really neat!

  • Switch from Ubuntu to something immutable?

    Sup penguin people.

    I’ve been running various flavours and variations of Ubuntu for a while. I find I have to nuke and reset my laptop every 6ish months because things eventually stop working or I get weird bugs.

    Recently I’ve been having this on and off problem where the computer just shows a black screen after turning it on. The only way to fix this is to tap keys repeatedly until a console shows up and it seems to kick the computer into gear and log in. Other times I have to restart 2-3 times before it logs me in.

    I’ve had a lot of small issues like that (like having to jiggle the volume knob in the sound mixer to get sound working) and I’m wondering if switching to an immutable distro (like bazzite) would solve this apparent config creep.

    I have a Steamdeck and it’s been solid and stable ever since I got it. I know it’s running an immutable distro and after researching a little bit it sounds like they can be more stable.

    I’m no power user but I play some steam games and run a local 7b LLM and like to have a virtual machine or two for Windows XP emulation for some retro gaming.

    Anyone have any opinions? What are your thoughts on immutable distros (like Bazzite)? Pros? Cons? Success/doom stories?


    Installed some hand guards


    This ad I got

    Take on a second job to fulfill your civic duty to De Beers.


    Switching from GNOME to Plasma 6 on Ubuntu - what makes the most sense?

    Hi all!

    I have a laptop running Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS and I want to switch to KDE Plasma 6.

    How should I change over and why?

    Option 1: Install KDE Plasma 6 alongside GNOME

    Option 2: Backup and fresh install KDE Neon.


    Can’t log into my Nextcloud

    Hi all!

    I’ve had Nextcloud installed on Docker and it has been working for a while until now.

    I had to change my server from wifi to Ethernet and gave it a new static IP. I also uninstalled docker and reinstalled it so I’d be starting fresh.

    I have Nextcloud working and when I go to localhost:8070, Nextcloud works properly. When I use another device connected to the same network by wifi, it doesn’t work.

    I made sure the config.php file has the server’s static IP address listed in the trusted domains category.

    This used to work before but now after hours of troubleshooting, I’m all out of ideas and frustrated 😩 Any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: My wife to stroll by and casually was all “did you check Windows Firewall?” and lo and behold, Windows Firewall chose today to block private connections on Docker Desktop backend -_-

    Once I enabled it everything worked perfectly. Leaving this up here in case someone else stumbles upon this exact issue.


    KDE in high res screen with Wayland?

    I’m running KDE Wayland session on a Surface Pro 6 and the UI is much too small.

    I changed the UI scale in System Settings which works for all my apps except for the system text (panels, menus, Dolphin). The text in my system UI is super blurry.

    I’ve done a bit of research and it looks like Wayland may not support fractional scaling properly, but I’m finding conflicting info on this.

    At this time, is it possible to run a Wayland session in KDE with 150-200% UI scaling?


    Shaggy Inkcap in various states of decay


    I’m about to throw my entire Pihole out the window

    Every month or so all my devices lose internet and the only way to connect them all back is to disconnect them from the DNS server that Pihole is running.

    I set my Pihole to have a static IP but for some reason after around a month or maybe longer, it just fails. This has happened 4 times over the last while and the only fix is to essentially uninstall everything on my Pihole, disable it, and then reconfigure it from scratch again.

    I’m not sure what’s going on so any help would be appreciated.


    Took this lil guy to the beach so he could see the water


    I’ve got the whole beach to myself


    Neglect Tek


    Neglect tek


    Went for a ride in the forest on my 750w fatbike


    Garages are chill spots


    Rode into the woods and found some water


    Shaggy Mane in a field


    I threw a spent oyster mushroom grow block into my Jalapeño plants


    New cabinet be like


    Hello friends

    Hi its me, your other you that you arent being right now. Or something like that. Idk I was on 3.5 grams in sort-of silent darkness and it felt like that in my eyeballs.

    Post your trip reports, questions, harm reduction advice, and any other related content to psilocybin mushrooms in this community!

    Be excellent to each other.


    Friendship with poo over. Wagner is my new best friend 🤝