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A Jewish New Orleans City Council staff member's home was vandalized Thursday night with blood red paint
  • Mass murdering civilians is crossing the line. Vandalism is the beginning of what kind of destruction is justified against those that support and empower a genocide. Having their insurance pay a painter for a morning of work is not that bad.

  • Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 Released
  • Just in the in game keybinds menu. I just get those Unicode squares and a few symbols like there's a missing font or unrecognized characters. I have a flight sick with limited buttons, so I used modifiers a lot just to get around. No biggie, anticipation is sexy, hopefully next patch.

  • Star Trek shows come in varying degrees of quality, but one thing that has remained consistently good is the casting of Amanda Grayson, Spock's mom.

    She's always this small, fair skinned dark featured woman, but more importantly is her strength and gentleness, and how they empower eachother. The subtleties are differently from series to series, but they're all good portrayals of a complex, interesting character.

    Helldivers 2 has now received 84,000 negative reviews in the past day.
  • Their justification is that they need the PSN to moderate the community, right now they can't ban anyone, and only didn't launch with this requirement because it wasn't ready. But now the temporary grace period is ending. You need to agree to terms and services by signing up for PSN, including PSN codes of conduct they enforce in every game. Without that, they can't ban you for conduct you didn't agree to.

    The counter argument is that they didn't make it clear enough that this was an eventuality, and that they could and should find alternate means to moderate their PC community that doesn't exclude so many players.

    I suspect this is more about policing third party monetization than community moderation.

  • Two newborn twins need a one-dose treatment that would save their lives: Zolgensma, a $2.1M drug. Insurance (also the mother's employer) cut coverage of the drug the day after they were born.
  • What are the bad faith laws in the US like? In my province (BC) here in Canada the courts would publicly flay you for such blatant bad faith coverage. When I worked in insurance we had regular seminars with the lawyers on bad faith; the punitive damages can be (intentionally) ruinous to insurers.

  • The problem in a nutshell
  • I liked all the shows and all movies except the sequels. We are in the golden age of star wars if y'all stopped listening to the most toxic people in the fandom. Getting the internet hive mind to tell you what to think before watching a show will ruin good things. Kenobi was incredible, but because the first few voices from angry fanbois about it were negative it coloured everyone else's watch through. Now they are too busy munching their sour grapes to objectively enjoy anything star wars.

  • Who here's committed to not shop at Loblaws' companies this month (and beyond)?
  • I don't drive, I'm too poor to live anywhere well connected, and I'm disabled. So I rely on delivery and need my groceries to be as cheap as possible. That means No Frills. I buy from there or starve, I'm afraid. I'd be more inclined towards a guillotine based solution for Loblaws and Pattison anyway.

  • The Ten Forward Hot Take Thread
  • The pilot episode script was for a single episode about Farpoint, the suits decided it should be a 2 parter pretty late in the game. The writers tacked on the Q plot in a bit of a rush. I'm not a fan of the next Qpisode either, that one is just classic season 1 TNG badness, riffing too hard on classic trek before they found their own voice. His appearances get better and better.

  • People with depression or anxiety could lose sickness benefits, says UK minister
  • This goes back to Thatcher's implementation of Reaganomics. Cut services sand taxes, turn the economy into the lawless wild west, blame government for the resulting shitty life for workers as justification to further cut services asnd taxes. 2008 was just feul for the fire.

  • Climate change blamed for worst wine harvest in 62 years
  • Here in BC, wine is one of our biggest industries. Winter killed off 99% of our vines. They have been given money to replant and survive, but we might be looking at the end of a major industry if these cold snaps are going to be an annual thing. And it's not like you can just replant and go on as normal, this will take multiple growing seasons to recover. These are some of the best spots for summer seasonal work and a big part of BC tourism, it could all evaporate.

  • Rivers are the West’s largest source of clean energy. What happens when drought strikes?
  • California power is awesome. Until recently, it was almost all nuclear. Those reactors take 6 hours to spin up and wind down. As demand went up for the day, they'd supplement their systems by buying power from BC. As the demand went down at night faster than the nuclear could wind down, they would pay BC to take their excess. You need to use you excess load or you blow up your grid. So BC was making money providing AND taking power at different points throughout the day.

    Now, thanks largely to solar, California is generating so much power they have to pay people to take the excess during peak hours. Such an incredibly fast transformation. They still buy a bit at night, but California is quickly freeing itself from dependence on other systems.

    So while they still import a bit of Hydro power, they'll be fully autonomously renewable really soon.

  • A new kickstarter for a game that will surely appeal to this crowd: Starship Simulator

    Explore a 1:1 scale milky way galaxy alone or with friends on a meticulously built Starship. I suggest trying the tech demo on steam, running through the cold and dark startup tutorial, then finding your first black hole. It's a lot of fun even in its bare bones state. Very friendly discord with active devs, too.

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