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Immich public roadmap
  • Thank you, will have to check the docs... I remeber someone told me it can't import folder structure, but it's been a while.

  • Immich public roadmap
  • Ok, thank you.

  • Immich public roadmap
  • How does it store images? Does it make one huge pile and sort it by metadata and external db magic?

  • Bootloader equivalent to Rufus
  • Something like Ventoy?

  • Dealing with games that just won't run on Linux
  • Are you me? I used to play some online multiplayer games, but switching to linux (some 3 years ago?) and being less competitive came hand in hand. Now I enjoy single players only (with sprinkle of Path of Exile and World of Tanks (well, not really anymore)) and can't understand why should I even consider going back to those toxic waters of competitive play... Am I officially old?

  • Europeans, what is Sweden like? / Européer, hur är det i Sverige?
  • I'd like to see full list with criteria. Thank you very much.

  • A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • IIRC: about decade ago Ubuntu (still with its own Unity DE) processed system search in a way it shoveled amazon ads to users in first places. Or something lime that.

  • GUIDE: Special latin characters within Europe
  • It's more similar than Scottish English to California English.

  • GUIDE: Special latin characters within Europe
  • It's so similar it's basically two accents of one language...

  • [GOG] Shadowrun Trilogy 82% off ($10.07) until June 14th
  • Great games. Played Returns and Dragonfalland both are amazing. They might not be perfect gameplay-wise, but the atmosphere... Soundtrack is amazing, art style awesome and the whole setting is pure gold, techno sci-fi fantasy nirvana. The noire-ish atnosphere also reminds me of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines somehow, which is my top 5 game of all times.

  • Lemmy, how do you kill a ton of black widow spiders in a garage, without touching them?
  • Yep, either napalm or nuke. Depends on how big the garage is.

  • What's the most popular activity you could never get into?
  • I'm no runner, I was always terrible at it since childhood. Anything above 100 meters was too long and I couldn't breath through it properly, which was quite a thing at school. I'm ordinary sized person, no (serious) health problem, just lack stamina for running.

    But lately I found running to be quite "fun". Or better world would be "relaxing". I still suck terribly at it, but as I'm older, long gone from high school, I don't care. I live right at the edge of town so literally hundred steps to the nature, so once I feel like I need to empty my head, I go running. While I slowly choo choo around I can turn the brain completely off and just relax. And feel like dying later because I still lack the stamina past first kilometre lol.

  • What Video games graphically hold up on their aesthetic?
  • I have it the same with Morrowind. High res terrain and shaders for water or grass? That is ok, but do NOT touch a single polygon of NPCs!

  • If you knew in advance about being laid off, how would you YOLO the exit interview?
  • Option 1: Be professional and polite.

    Option 2: Scream Leeroy Jenkins and run through the door in the middle of it.

    1/2 depends on how probable it is for you to need them in the future.

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • QOwnNotes

    Thank you for recommending this. I started using Joplin about week or two ago, but this one seems even better for me.

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • Is it even possible to master emacs?

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • Although I'm not really terminal-heavy user, I use Yakuake multiple times a day. It's awesome to have it ready all the time with one on keypress...

  • Delivery Goes Wrong: New Cybertruck Slices Owner's Wrist During Inspection
  • I don't mind long winded books as long as it's still interesting read with things happening. I'm really looking forward to reading this.

  • Delivery Goes Wrong: New Cybertruck Slices Owner's Wrist During Inspection
  • I really like what I've read from him, although it wasn't that much. Book of some short horror stories and The Stand, which was really amazing (to the point I watched that mediocre TV series with Gary Sinise, which was quite let down after the book). I've also recently got Under the Dome, so that'll be my next read I think.

  • Dumb Q: How to manage sw licences?

    Hello everyone, I hope I came to the right place to ask my stupid question. I'm currently working in a company that stuck way way back in time. I'm talking some people are still working in DOS level back in time. There is some revamping of this in progres, but it's going to be a long run.

    The "IT department" (called computing department, lol) consist basically of 2 people, boss and me. Boss loves the old days, he's "happily" using Win XP on his computer and hates everything newer than Win7, although half of everything he tries to do doesn't work there anymore (and don't even start with security of the OS). Anyway... that's about the company background and what to expect.

    During currently ongoing upgrades to get this company at least to 21st cwntury, there will be some sw licencing happening. I'm expecting like buying dozens of Office 2021 keys and some other standalone soft too. But there's problem with managing those keys, as there is no precedence, no rules and everything's going to be from the scratch almost. People are coming and going, PCs are dying (remember, there are still some DOS machines), hard drives replacing, etc. etc. Windows domain? Not in this company. Ever.

    So, how do you keep track of what is installed and where? Thank you very much.


    Does anyone use Presearch

    Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community.


    Browsing the web I came across this (meta) search engine. From the first glance, it seems promising and giving quite a good results to my searches. Definitely better than Google, Bing or DDG, which tend to be full of SEO/ads/AI bullshit these days. Does anyone use it?

    It somehow implies it's open source and indeed there is github too, but I can't find any link from the itself to it. It's just... IDK, weird?


    Does portable bluetooth speaker with USB input exist?

    I'd like something like JBL Charge, but with USB port that I can connect to PC and speaker would act like external audio device. I've only found ones with USB-A to insert pen-drive, which is not the same.

    I use headphones exclusively at my PC, but there are times when I'd like to show something to my wife and since I have only one pair of headphones it's no sound for either me or her. Audio quality is not crucial, so I thought I'd buy bluetooth speaker (which I can use everywhere with my phone) and connect it with one USB cable and it's done. It would charge when I'm out and I could use it whenever I needed. Well, it seems this idea was wrong since every single one I've checked has USB port only for charging. Are there any of these that act as USB audio device?

    Does thing like this even exist? If so I'm probably too stupid to pick right keywords to search engine. Thank you everyone!


    Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser

    Fuzzy hairy stoner


    Clueless guy looking for family car (EU)

    I'm in Europe, looking for family car and have no idea what to look for, as cars are far from my thing.

    I'll start with a bit of info. We don't drive that much, most often just short rides in town (like groceries, kids to school, etc.) or short drives to nearby towns (10-15km). Longer distances about once a month (50+ km). Slughtly bigger car is a preference as we usually have stuff to carry in boot. Currently we have old Ford Mondeo turnier from 2003 and due to its engine problems it needs to be replaced. I have around 15k € budget, so will be looking at used market cars.

    Because of intended use I scratched out all diesel offerings. Right? Leaving me with either gasoline or hybrid options. Full EV are probably no go due to price. I've picked a few possible cars from local/nearby sellers and would really appreciate your input on them (or alternatives I should be looking at).

    Ford Focus wagon from 2019. Has 1.0 ecoboost engine (92 kW / 125 hp), has some nice equipment options like auto AC, heated seats, steering wheel and front screen. It has a mileage of just about 90k km (60k miles). It's priced slightly under 13k €.

    Toyota Auris sports wagon hybrid, from 2018. It's typical Toyota prius-like hybrid with 1.8 liter engine and electric motor. Not plug-in hybrid. Mileage of around 150k km (100k miles). It's slightly less equipped than the Focus (and it doesn't support android auto or carplay) and is priced around 15k €.

    2019 Kia Cee'd wagon. It is probably the simplest car in this list - it has 1.4 liter engine without direct injection and without turbo (73 kW) - does it mean less things to break? Other equipment is pretty good though (parking camera, heated seats and wheel, ...), it has mileage if just 40k km (25k miles) and it should still be in factory warranty till 2026. Priced at 12.5k €.

    There's also VW Passat variant 2016 plug-in hybrid. It's decent condition, although it has over 210k km (like 140k miles). I don't have option to recharge at home (flat), but there are 2 or 3 public stations in walk distance. Priced at roughly 16k € it's slightly over my intended budget, but it's a bigger more comfortable car and has plenty of optional features (like parking camera, driving assistants, full led lights, etc.).

    And there's about another gazzillion of cars and my brain hurts... Would you please help me decide?


    Stoned Jesus - Seven Thunders Roar

    Check this Ukrainian band out, especially in these troubled times for that country. I'm the mountain is probably one of my absolutely top liked songs of all time.


    Dopethrone - Transcanadian Anger

    This is something a little bit heavier. If you want something that sounds insanely distorted, brutal and hairy as f*ck, say no more. This is it. Check especially song Killdozer.


    King Buffalo - Regenerator

    I love this band. It's not a heavy stoner with those massive distorted guitar sounds, more to the psychedelic side, but I love the energy. Power trio as it should be!


    underrated band: Ranges

    I don't know if it's only me, but I really like what this band do. And I rarely see them mentioned anywhere. When someone mentions post-rock, it's usually bands like Sigur Ros, God is an astronaut, Mogwai, Mono... Ranges? Barely ever, at least in my social circles. So here you go, try and listen. Maybe you'll like them as I do.