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How well can an employer be certain of a remote employee's geographical location?

FWIW, this isn't to do with me personally at all, I'm not looking to do anything dodgy here, but this came up as a theoretical question about remote work and geographical security, and I realised I didn't know enough about this (as an infosec noob)


  • an employer provides the employee with their laptop
  • with security software installed that enables snooping and wiping etc and,
  • said employer does not want their employee to work remotely from within some undesirable geographical locations

How hard would it be for the employee to fool their employer and work from an undesirable location?

I personally figured that it's rather plausible. Use a personal VPN configured on a personal router and then manually switch off wifi, bluetooth and automatic time zone detection. I'd presume latency analysis could be used to some extent?? But also figure two VPNs, where the second one is that provided by/for the employer, would disrupt that enough depending on the geographies involved?

What else could be done on the laptop itself? Surreptitiously turn on wiki and scan? Can there be secret GPSs? Genuinely curious!