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What are your favorite spooky (but not scary) retro games?
  • I play the crap out of this game when I was a kid. What an absolute fever dream. You find bosses that are already dead, angry tempura shrimp, you want some zombies dance... You turn into a monster for some reason... Trees have faces. It's wild. Highly recommend.

  • Skibidi Toilet’ Film and TV Franchise in the Works From Michael Bay, Adam Goodman
  • I've only caught a little bit of it here and there... So take what I say with a grain of salt.

    But I'd say probably no. For no other reason than I don't remember any quotable lines. If anything I'd say maybe more along the lines of like happy tree friends?

  • A Crazy Story With Electric
  • Fucking Christ, that might be the most incomprehensible thing I've ever read and then watched! It is marginally better than if I wrote a script that just grabbed random words out of the dictionary and place them together like it was a sentence. I'm talking something super basic like get a file that has every word, tell the script to import it as an array, and just start grabbing random words no other logic. He speaks like Lorem ipsum, but with English words.

  • CrowdStrike is a verb now
  • There's a bunch of game studios that think they need to use ring zero to prevent cheaters. And basically the user is just told 'trust me bro' that they're not going to mess up your system.

    Riot games just recently added it I believe.

    I personally refuse to play any game that is ring zero. And this big outage is a clear example as to why it's a bad idea to give random devs unlimited access to your machine.

  • The Absolute State of Societal Atomization in the USA
  • My senior year of highschool, I was 18... And working full time, had an apartment with roommates, and still went to high school.

    I had known for years my time was limited living with my parents. When I lived with my dad, one morning he woke me up just to tell me I had maybe months before I had to get out because him and his wife (my step-mom) were going to be trying to have a kid and it was going in my room. Basically it was an eviction notice.

    I can definitely say it wasn't easy. Struggled a lot. At one point I'd accepted that I probably wasn't going to live to 21. Yadda yadda, it's been over 20 years and my family is bewildered why I don't visit, or treat them like best friends.

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • Oh you can add so much more on Apples entry. For a fun read, I suggest doing a web search for 'Apple anti-suicide nets'. Apple and nestlé are among the top of my list for companies I morally cannot support due to human exploitation.

  • Lawsuit paperwork reveals Valve employs around 350 people – and less than 100 work for Steam. Most of Valve's payroll is still committed to game dev roles.
  • Yes technically they are making games but if a large part of your core audience doesn’t want to or can’t play the games you’re making then to them you aren’t really making games. Cause from my perspective

    Just because they don't cater to you, don't mean they aren't making games. I need to you follow this, they are, in fact, making games. Your opinion of reality does not change that. It's not a matter of perspective. It's a quantifiable fact, they are making games. We can measure it, we can observe it. A game does not exist simply because we're not interested in it. Fifa and NFL games exist, despite my lack of interest in playing them. But they exist regardless. If I apply your thinking to myself, I could say Bethesda doesn't make games... which would be an incorrect statement.

    And finally, Counter Strike and Dota... pretty much any given day, are among the top 5 games actively being played on Steam. At this exact moment on Steam, there's 7,024,911 In-Game, 725,884 are in Counter-Strike, and 387,447 in Dota. That's 15.8% of all active players at this exact second are playing a Valve game. That's almost 1 in 6 people actively playing something in Steam right now. And I'm not even adding the number of people right this moment that are also playing some of their older titles, as thousands right now are still playing older version of Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2. I bring this up, to your incorrect statement "large part of your core audience doesn’t want to or can’t play the games you’re making".

  • Trump Blows a Kiss as Hulk Hogan Rips His Shirt Onstage in Surreal RNC Scene
  • Well I feel dirty now. Hogan was my hero when I was growing up. I was 100% a little Hulkster back in the day. The night he revealed he was joining nWo is seared into my mind. I honestly looked up to the guy. Turns out, all those times he played someone looking out for the little guy, the weak, those who couldn't defend themselves... was 100% just acting.

    This is 100% why they say, never meet your heroes. I am disappointed and my day is ruined.

  • An angry admin shares the CrowdStrike outage experience
  • I'm the corporate world, very much Windows gets used. I know Lemmy likes a circle jerk around Linux. But in the corporate world you find various OS's for both desktop and servers. I had to support several different OS's and developed only for two. They all suck in different ways there are no clear winners.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX and X headquarters moving to Texas, blames California trans student privacy law
  • You know... that does kind of track. Back in the 2010's when the hot topic was gay rights, some of the most zealot anti-gay right wingers... were found to dabble in the very least. And this is some loud stuff that has no direct connection to him, so... yeah.

  • My love letter to Baldur's Gate 3 and Larian Studios

    I'll try to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

    I, like so many of you, love this game. Possibly more than we should. But for me, before this game, I had truly lost most of my interest in video games as a whole. Every year, various problems get worse and 2023 was the final straw for me. Ever increasing greed (Blizzard, Unity, EA, just every studio really). To say they came out in a lazy, incomplete, greedy state undersells it I feel. I truly feel we're still on the brink of another video game crash. Because the crash wasn't just one game (E.T.) but was the general greed and terrible quality of the industry back then. Pushing new products (games, consoles, accessories, etc.) just to push new products with crazy turn around time all in the name of profit. And this year, just stacked with all prior years, I had enough.

    This game is so good in all the right ways. The writing, the acting, the world feels alive. NPCs respond differently based on who you are and what you've done. Even banter between your party. A truly impressive amount of thought put into things allowing you the player to really play however you want. It's not a mad loot carousel because your character power isn't based on gear directly and is tied to the character which allows for far more interesting items. There's no greed either, no stupid 'sEaSoN pAsS', no excel spreadsheets worth of 'versions', no subscription, no shop using real money for gear/cosmetics, no 'planned DLC' that's obviously content they cut out in order to sell back to the consumer. Heck, this game supports multiplayer... REAL multiplayer in that I don't believe you ever actually need a dedicated server. I believe you can do direct remote, split screen co-op, and LAN play... what other game in the last decade does that?

    It reminds me of how games used to be before Bethesda broke the seal with horse armor.

    BG3 is just a complete, high quality game, for gamers. It feels like it was made with love, care, and respect. And playing the game brings me joy.


    Where to find EA information

    Are there any good collections anyone might be aware of, for EA information or datamined information.

    I'm curious to see what ideas got scrapped and how things changed. I know of a few things, like a little on Daisy. How certain abilities were actually going to be handed out.

    But places like Grymforge really elude to something... there's a bunch of stuff hints that something might be near. From whatever caused some of the destruction you see. Because I refuse to believe it's all a vague reference to Yurgir.

    And then there's some MTG pictures I saw, that list someone has potentially the main villain, in the very least a bad guy, and in the current game plays a very different roll.

    Edit: Added spoiler tag just in case


    Only 'complaint' with BG3

    So, after playing many hours and just recently starting Act 3, there's been one thing that's been bugging me and I finally have it sorted out.

    The whole "rarity" attached to gear is really dumb and misleading.

    It's using the overly used grey/green/blue/'purple' coloring and naming that's common and many other RPGs. But in those games, it's somewhat reflective of rarity... which is what it's described as in BG3, the rarity of an item. But it's a lie.

    Example Periapt of Wound Closure is an item that's sold by a vendor. How is it rare? As far as I can tell, there's just one in the game. But every named item I have, there's just one in existence.

    I think labeling things as common/uncommon/rare/ etc. is wrong and thus makes people think certain items are better simply based on the 'color' of the gear instead of considering what the gear does. I've already had this conversation with multiple friends who absolutely think they're going to give a "stat stick" to their caster, because they're so used to Blizzard's way of thinking. Or that they 'needed' new gear because they leveled up and now must replace gear asap (even in Act 1). The fact I showed videos of some guy soloing the game, or beating the game as lvl 1s, or a video of some guy causing havoc by chucking potatoes and only potatoes... falls on deaf ears.

    I think if the naming was swapped from 'rarity of item' to 'quality of enchantment' it would make more sense, but I still think it's not necessary. Or if it was standardized to like normal gear (nothing special) remains grey, gear that's just slightly enchanted (like +1 Sword) is green, and all unique named items are blue. Since you certainly can get lots of grey, fewer greens, and only one named. But that's just an idea.