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Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI
  • Musk is straightforwardly alleging that OpenAI breached a contract that does not exist. It is simply not a thing! The complaint makes reference to a “Founding Agreement,” but no such Founding Agreement is attached as an exhibit, and the breach of contract claim admits that the “Founding Agreement” is basically a vibe everyone caught in some emails.

    That's hilarious. At least his lawyer talked some sense into him at the last second

  • Virgin Galactic has ceased flying its only space plane. Now what?
  • Virgin Galactic is a business, and needs to be profitable to survive.

    No, small businesses need to be profitable. Huge companies can easily spend decades in the red, and can even have huge market caps and be worth billions without making a penny in profit. It took Amazon 9 years to show black numbers, Uber took 15, SpaceX took 20 (but nobody can actually check). Epic turned 34 and still hasn't shown consistent profit. There's no need for Virgin to be profitable yet, or even at all.

    There have been plenty of other spaceplanes.

    All of which, with the exception of X-15, were traditional rocket-cargoes that were only "spaceplanes" in the sense that they returned as a glider.

  • Virgin Galactic has ceased flying its only space plane. Now what?
  • The article is pretty biased as well. They had great succes flying Unity, the world's first and only working spaceplane, and are expanding on that gained knowledge. I guess that's an ArsTechnica problem though, if you're not one of the small number of special people, you can never do good.

  • Russian air defense soldiers have been ordered to evacuate their families from Crimea to the Russian Southern Military District - Atesh military movement reports.
  • Hmmm, Russia pivoting away from Crimea? Equipment depletion, or reorientation because Ukraine is finally shooting at targets inside Russia? Or just giving up because they got whole bunch of air defense systems blown up by ATACAMS in one day, without doing anything useful against the incoming missiles?

  • Hiding read posts?

    There are a whole bunch of options to mark posts as read, but as of yet, I can't seem to find an option to actually hide to posts.

    Am I missing something, or does marking a post just grey it out?