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How do I permanently get rid of this discolouration in my bathtub? (I have hard water)
  • Bar Keeper's friend will get that out, I use it when things get especially grimy. I've used it on a similar tub before that was pretty gnarly with discoloration worse than that.

    It is very abrasive though, be careful not to scrub so hard you damage it.

  • Is Lemmy a good alternative?
  • It's similar in a lot of ways and this is still an echo chamber and the echo chamber we have here has a lot of overlap with reddit... but, while reddit mostly just leaned left... Lemmy... just leans anti-west. As mentioned, there's a lot of overlap there, we've got a lot that is shared, but the parts where those two groups differ can cause some serious wtf moments if you're used to the reddit community. As far as over policing, moderation logs are mostly public and there have been some controversies, but mostly people just stopped caring or left. If you stick around long enough, you will notice policies being applied unfairly if you're on the 'wrong' side and it's a lot easier to be in that category here.

    All that to say, you'll likely have some moments where you think... Maybe that old echo chamber wasn't so bad.

  • What is the longest discontinuous marriage?
  • The data is mostly already there and publicly maintained. Ancestry/familysearch/etc should get us something interesting at least, data is a little bit light outside the us but someone would just need to go through it.

  • Where is the true succesor to eMule?
  • Maybe not an eli5, but lots of reasons.

    There's no stable, consistently updating client that everyone agrees on, the real 'emule' client hasn't been updated in over a decade. Once you get past that hurdle, the setup is also a lot more cumbersome than other file sharing options. The network also has kind of a bad reputation because there's not a great way to see if you can trust a file until you're finished downloading it and people definitely do take advantage of that.

  • Any Volunteers
  • Not great things, but she did make it.

    Not sure if the original dev is still involved, but the team has also renamed their company a few times and released (and abandoned in a somewhat broken state) a few other games.

  • Proton VPN TunnelVision support response.
  • I think it's because lot of us have been just kind of over-exposed to things like this. It's like, yes, I'd imagine you could do a lot of interesting stuff if you've already compromised everything else first, thanks pen test. This one is not quite at that level, but I think we're all just exhausted with similar ones, ya know.

  • Why does the government of the USA stand by the country of Israel?
  • Israel has been near 100% loyal to the US since the two countries became friends. That doesn't mean they're perfect obviously, but their support of the US is near flawless, even when they probably should have thought twice.

    And then, on the other end, the government of Israel's key enemy is an organization that has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization by multiple countries including the EU.

    From a political standpoint, there's no compelling reason to do more than lip service. Have to remember, politics doesn't care about people.

  • How well can an employer be certain of a remote employee's geographical location?
  • Yeah, common VPSes are monitored too, it's a very easy add. Alert on IP ranges from a publicly maintained and easy to find list is not a hard ask. If you ran it through AWS, it would probably pass a lot of basic checks. Using residential IPs will probably get you a bit of time, but I can't imagine there being a good way to do that without it being very hard for the VPN provider to keep up and very easy for a security company to just make a new list of IPs and assume the whole range is bad.

    Your best defense here though is that your cybersecurity team probably doesn't care that you're doing this once it's determined that you aren't a malicious actor as long as you aren't creating too many alerts.

  • How well can an employer be certain of a remote employee's geographical location?
  • Your cybersecurity team is going to be annoyed with you using a non-corporate VPN if you have one. Any monitoring they have will probably have something that will ping on using common VPNs, but at most companies, consequences there likely won't make it to HR. May make it to your manager though if they think it's a sign of compromise.

  • Account linking between steam and PlayStation is now mandatory
  • If you read the announcement, it's obviously a very carefully worded prepared statement from Sony that they've been given and ordered to pass out. The hackers reasoning is made up and just the best excuse they could come up with, Sony wants more data in their environment and they're being forced to comply.

  • When did reddit turn Facist?
  • Reddit still trends liberal overall, but anti-police sentiment has been on a decline for awhile. To me, it feels like the anti-establishment crowd basically died out completely over the pandemic. Reddit also tends to trend anti-hamas and pro-israel, the newer users don't really understand that you can be against both so if it hurts the one they don't like, it has to be good.

  • 4 Germans caught marking Hitler's birthday outside the Nazi dictator's birthplace
  • I like where your heads at, and I'm usually all for anything that makes it harder to be a Nazi. Like, seriously, how is that still a thing in 2024?

    But, it's one of those slippery slopes where you have to wonder how far you take the idea, and at one point does banning just Nazi symbolism slowly turn into banning symbolism of things the government just doesn't care for today. It's easy to say that "We stop at Nazis" but then it just takes one asshole saying "Oh, does that mean this other group isn't so bad because we're not applying it to them?".

  • AI Is Poisoning Reddit to Promote Products and Game Google With 'Parasite SEO'
  • There's very little to prevent them just pretending to be average users and very little preventing someone from just signing up a bunch of separate accounts to a bunch of separate instances.

    No great automated way to tell whether someone is here legitimately.

  • AI Is Poisoning Reddit to Promote Products and Game Google With 'Parasite SEO'
  • mods could handle it more easily probably

    I kind of feel like the opposite, for a lot of instances, 'mods' are just a few guys who check in sporadically whereas larger companies can mobilize full teams in times of crisis, it might take them a bit of time to spin things up, but there are existing processes to handle it.

    I think spam might be what kills this.

  • AI Is Poisoning Reddit to Promote Products and Game Google With 'Parasite SEO'
  • I do kind of feel like this part of the experiment might just be coming to a close.

    There's no "if AI just keeps getting more insidious", the barrier for entry is too small. AI is going to keep doing the things it's already doing, just more efficiently, and it doesn't matter that much how we feel about whether those things are good or bad. I feel like the things it is starting to ruin are probably just going to be ruined.