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(Help) Name of (sandbox?) game set on space? (Found: Starsector)

So I usually browse the internet at random and sometimes stumble upon some interesting games. Today as I was going to sleep however, I remember I saw a game that I cannot for the life of me find the name again. Not even in my search history (as I regularly wipe those). Can anyone help me find it again? Here is what I know:

  • I didn't find it from steam. And if I remember it correctly, the developer doesn't publish it there either.
  • The game website is quite "old" IMHO. Their website is styled like space with galaxy and stuff.
  • The game features advertised on the very front page is freedom to become anything. Either a trader or even space mercenary
  • I remember the screenshot of the game UI is like stellaris, with a star view, ship control and such
  • I don't really remember if the game is online only or not. But most likely not

I know that seems very generic but I am really hyper focused on finding it and failing. I think I also found the game by recommendation somewhere on lemmy.

Edit: It is Starsector