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Anybody know the species of this fledgling?
  • They're pretty loud in general so you would probably know, but they don't tend be like to hang about indoors. Might just be house sparrows if you're hearing them on the warehouse floor.

    You should download the Merlin ornithology app. It's built by the Cornell ornithology lab and has picture and sound ID features for birds as well as just a lot of generally useful identification information.

  • Anybody know the species of this fledgling?
  • They're perfectly nice birds unless you're a farmer, leave out trash, or conveniently have an open dryer vent for them to loudly nest in like I do.

    For those that don't know, they're a common nuisance bird because they nest in enclosed cavities like tree trucks or the siding of your house or any open vents. If you're from the US (At least the Midwest or East Coast, not sure about the western states) and have seen very large flocks of small black birds dancing in the air like schooling fish, behavior called murmations, those are Starlings.

  • Anybody know the species of this fledgling?
  • European Starlings were introduced in the US about 100 years ago by a misguided fool in Manhattan. They are invasive, but absolutely everywhere around the US at this point and that's definitely a European Starling fledgling.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • I used a firm tofu, purely because the only other option was over four times the price and the chart specified they used the cheapest price/weight possible. The soft tofu does have about 30% more protein per serving for the same weight, but the price would likely make it an outlier.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • No problem! Turns out my Walmart only sells a single package type of tofu so take it with a grain of salt. It's still a cheap and good protein source, but not as dense as an animal or legume protein source.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • Pricing and product availability is regional and variable, but some napkin math using my local Walmarts pricing puts it at:

    • 5.33g protein per 100g food
    • $3.04 for 30g protein

    That puts it in the green veggie cluster if I'm not getting the axes confused.

  • favourite drink
  • I've never had the flavored ones, but not really. It's actually a very smooth drink. It's a neutral spirit made from sweet potato so it tastes kind of like vodka, but without the bite because it's half the alcohol content.

  • This new dating app will use facial recognition technology to exclude trans women
  • You'd be better suited just having a user select that they are comfortable dating a trans individual because it will likely come up very early in the dating process anyway.

    Forcing someone to identify as a gender that doesn't make them comfortable is just going to result in them not using your app and is frankly kind of a dick move overall. Your suggestion would just create an app that was suited for chasers, not trans users.

  • is ADHD harder to manage with time?
  • Honestly I guess I am kinda broken in that regard, I miss the constant fixations a lot, I feel so bored and helpless when I have nothin' to focus on.

    I wouldn't say you're broken, because if you are then I have to admit I'm broken in the same way 😁

    Whether we like it or not, this disease is a part of us both and learning to manage and live with it is an integral part of our lives. You'll find what works for you one of these days, but the important thing is to not give up and keep trying. To me though, what you describe in your post sounds a little more like depression (Something I also have a great deal of personal experience with).

  • is ADHD harder to manage with time?
  • This really resonates with me. It certainly feels like it gets harder to manage every year, but I don't know that that's actually the case. I think the reality is just that I've become much more aware of my deficiencies over time.

    As a child I wouldn't bat an eye at playing video games for 10 hours straight without eating or drinking anything, but as an adult I'm aware that I could be doing so much more productive things with my time. Now, if I ever feel the familiar urge of a new fixation setting in I also feel melancholic because I have to actively temper myself to the point I feel guilty if I indulge it.

  • A quick note on the return2ozma ban:
  • Normally I'm not one to even entertain the thought of commenting on a political thread, but I feel it would be disingenuous to click the button without any feedback in this case. This decision leaves me with a large enough lack of confidence in the future moderation of this community(especially given we're in an election year) such that I can't in good faith leave it on my feed and I will be blocking this comm after this comment.

    While I agree that Ozma deserved a ban for spam, the justification used for this is frankly appalling. Misrepresentation of bias as bad-faith, especially with the admission that largely good sources were used is unacceptable.

  • Lost (Box Hill, Melbourne) - Frederick McCubbin (1886) 🇦🇺
  • I originally only saw the woman and the background and pegged this for a traditional impressionist piece before noting the contrast of the fine details on the trees in the foreground. I really appreciate the blend of natural realism with impressionist techniques. Thanks for sharing.