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collaborative map software?
  • Android is open source so it can be customized. If a country decides to use Android I'm pretty sure they can spend a budget to modify and vet the source code being used by their device rather than re-inventing the wheel.

  • Can You Use Linux Without the Terminal? (How to Geek article)
  • Yeah good point. Navigation can be unintuitive too. Like, how do you quit? Is it q? Ctrl+C? What even is the weird symbol before C? Those are some of the hurdles that must be overcome when coming to CLI and not necessarily easy to remember. Sure you can do it in 1 hour, but say tomorrow would you remember it again? What if the system is running smoothly for 1 month and you never opened the terminal again after those 1 hour?

  • Can You Use Linux Without the Terminal? (How to Geek article)
  • And how does the user suppose to know to type man? He may remember the instructions to check man, but he may not. For us, those 3 letter words are very familiar, but others need time to remember them. On GUI, this is no problem because as I stated they will bound to find it by exploring. Basically point and click adventure games I guess rather than the guessing game. And users will choose the path they most familiar first.

  • Open Source Initiative tries to define Open Source AI
  • I think technically, the source should be the native format of whatever image manipulation program that you use. For vector graphics, there is svg format but the native editor is still preferable. Otherwise, whoever gets the end copy cannot easily modify or reproduce it, only copy it. But it of course depends on the definition of "easy" and a lot of other factors. Licensing is hard and it is because I am not a lawyer.

  • Can You Use Linux Without the Terminal? (How to Geek article)
  • Yeah, you do make a good point about misattributing the system being incapable to their lack of research. But people don't like it when they are wrong/corrected most of the time. It also applies everywhere, computers just so happen to be the most prominent. The point is that people will complain about anything anywhere.

    You bring up an example of installing Debian and needing non-free firmware for their wireless card. Take a step back and think how many people are even aware about the term non-free? It is quite a ubiquitous english word with different meanings in the open source community. People reading it will assume they know what it means.

    The scenario when someone that is fed up with windows and decides to install debian will see the word "non-free" and attribute it to "you must pay" at glance. If the resource they used to install it mentions and clarify what non-free means, good. Otherwise, it can be a boogeyman for them and make them re-think their decision to switch.

  • (Help) Name of (sandbox?) game set on space? (Found: Starsector)

    So I usually browse the internet at random and sometimes stumble upon some interesting games. Today as I was going to sleep however, I remember I saw a game that I cannot for the life of me find the name again. Not even in my search history (as I regularly wipe those). Can anyone help me find it again? Here is what I know:

    • I didn't find it from steam. And if I remember it correctly, the developer doesn't publish it there either.
    • The game website is quite "old" IMHO. Their website is styled like space with galaxy and stuff.
    • The game features advertised on the very front page is freedom to become anything. Either a trader or even space mercenary
    • I remember the screenshot of the game UI is like stellaris, with a star view, ship control and such
    • I don't really remember if the game is online only or not. But most likely not

    I know that seems very generic but I am really hyper focused on finding it and failing. I think I also found the game by recommendation somewhere on lemmy.

    Edit: It is Starsector

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