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Are you a 'tankie'
  • That's interesting.... Communism is by definition stateless and without significant hierarchy. I don't think other Tankies would disagree with me there.

    The ideological difference is in how we achieve communism. I would really suggest reading 'What is to be Done' by Lenin. It's a real short read but was one of the things that sold me on Marxism-Leninism vs. regular "Communism is a neat idea"

    Capitalism will sell you the "you're your own boss, go forth an conquer" all while keeping you under their heel. There is no equality or opportunity there; but even worse is that they will worm their way into any system that does not harshly and consistently fight back against them. Ergo the need for a 'communist' (or rather pursuing communism) state.

    That then leads into "Well how does the state go away once we've got communism?" That's a whole 'nother can of worms....

  • International law
  • Sanction, Denounce, it all boils down to "The ICC can fuck itself, we do what we want; and what we want is to support the genocide of the Palestinian people."

    If your argument boils down to near meaningless (there is a hassle for ICC members with the sanction) pedantry, then your argument sucks.

  • International law
  • Ah the everlasting if you're not with us you're against us argument. Classy.

    Maybe, just maybe, I don't think we should be supporting genocide; even when it's "our team" - since apparently that's the only way y'all see it.

  • International law
  • In the interest of learning, the ICC is not a state actor, so what exactly is the difference in this case?

    EDIT: The sanction is actual travel and economic restrictions on members of the ICC. "Denounce" is the typical posturing. For those who care...

  • International law
  • You do realize Biden has announced his support for denouncing the ICC for this very action by the House right? He absolutely should be held to account for it.

    EDIT: Ok pedants, Sanction and 'denounce' are not the same - I get it. One has actual limitations preventing us from interacting with the people who don't even want to come here anyway.

  • Are you a 'tankie'
  • The .world libs just couldn't help themselves but ruin our circlejerk.

    Sure fuck it. I'll Tankie. Castro is a hero. Western news knows nothing of glorious DPRK Juche, and comrade Stalin did nothing wrong.