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Manga Questions, Recommendations, and Discussion Thread [Week 21]
  • I'm not going to do the usual update compilation for the ongoing series as I don't think it's of any use to anyone, but I would like to highlight a title I haven't posted here until recently: The Big Bees.

    It's a series about various people interacting with the titular big bees in random non-bee ways. It has cute art, bees are fluffy and adorable, and the whole thing brings a smile to my face anytime I read it. It's a pretty new series (only 18 short chapters so far) but if you want a dose of happiness, you won't be disappointed.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • Just to add to my main post - I think my main problem with MM (though I use MM as a catch-all for all of the changes implemented with this patch) is that it forces players into doing things in a way already possible with the old system. The problem wasn't with jousting, fighting from afar etc - most of it had to do with CIG not teaching people how to fly and utilize all of the mechanics properly.

    Sure, some things had to be tweaked and would change as new features come online (armor, engineering gameplay etc) but with MM we're back to having to balance everything from 0 yet again. It's honestly baffling how often they'll go "yeah, we'll tweak stuff and it'll be great" only to change their minds and spend years working on a completely new approach plagued by tons of new (or even the same) issues.

    While I don't like it, I just hope they'll actually stick with it long enough to get it to a reasonable state. Changing a flight model every few years is a waste of time, money and effort - especially this late into development.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • I see, thanks for clarifying. I play with keyboard/mouse when on foot and find using it to be more clunky (just in a different way than the floating text) at the moment - hopefully it'll improve with 4.0.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • I have a question about your first point - do you mean just the personal thoughts menu or the whole first person interaction system? If it's the latter does selecting items work fine for you? For me it tends to select things I'm not interested in (or even ones outside of my field of view) so I'm curious what's your experience with that.

  • [DISC] Black Lagoon Chapter - Ch. 117 Black Lagoon Chapter 117 - Manganelo

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    Black Lagoon Chapter 117 - Manganelo
    Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • As far as I know the only confirmed thing was Sandy asking people about interest in a console version during one of the bar citizen meetups. I've seen some mentions about leaks but I don't know much about them nor put much trust in them for now.

    We also need to remember that making the gameplay gamepad friendly isn't necessarily a sign of a console release - people have been playing SC with pads for years now. We already went through months of discussions about making the flight and space-combat as controller neutral as possible back in the day.

    What's weird about MM and current flight model is that a lot of things team isn't currently happy with, according to Yogi, sounds like tweaks that would make the whole thing feel close to what we had before 3.23 which makes me kind of confused on what was the point of doing all this. I dunno, maybe the end result will be different enough that it would be impossible with a single mode system. All we can do right now is give feedback and see what comes of it.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • Oh yeah, that's definitely a step forward. Hopefully this issue should be fixed with 4.0 since they're working on making missions compatible with the replication layer. Few more months if everything goes as planned.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • It's pretty great, isn't it? I wish they implemented the mission system rewrite before implementing it as right now crash recovery might leave you trespassing in a middle of armed soon-to-be-hostiles but that'll come. It's nice not having to worry about the servers as much at least.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • Yeah, it definitely feels like a real possibility these days. As much as I appreciate the efforts of the skeleton crew we were stuck with, bringing the whole studio back to SC makes a huge difference.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • Server meshing will hopefully help with server performance but even before that I was positively surprised how well the servers manage to chug along now. Even lower FPS servers can be surprisingly playable.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?
  • After getting caught up in the hype of Citizen Con and regaining a little bit of hope lost throughout the years this patch turned out to be... an experience to say the least.

    I'm really happy with all the technical improvements so far - game is running better than ever, is more stable and the replication layer recovery, while not perfect, works pretty well. I did stumble over few issues but none of them were really game breaking and after years of SC being what it is, that's something I can deal with.

    As for the feature/gameplay changes and additions, my experience was rather mixed. This post turned out to be way longer than I initially planned so I'll put a TL;DR at the end.


    UI still suffers from the "cool" factor and at times is even less readable than the old one. I can't wait for options to customize the colors and get rid of the awful ghosting effect. I really wish CIG employed an experienced UI designer who realizes the importance of usability. Accessibility consultant also wouldn't hurt (I feel bad for people with vision impairment).

    New mobiGlas is alright. Still has a ton of wasted space and the heart beat sound on the main screen is annoying as hell but it's functional (as long as you don't switch to a different color mobi).

    (Mini) Map could be better - it's working fine but the stupid blue holo art style not only can be an eyesore but also makes the whole thing less readable then it should be at times. Also, trying to use the map inside a Distribution Center kills my framerate for some reason.

    Flight UI is not great. We lost some info (either completely or partially), gained crap ton of useless and view obstructing markers, labels and other nick-knacks. QT icons are way worse - they are less recognizable and harder to figure out at a glance, especially with additional movement and animations used on them.

    One good thing I can say about it is that coupled/VTOL/landing gear/G-SAFE toggles are finally easily identifiable. It's a simple change that should've been here from the start (hell, it wasn't even a problem back in 2.0) but hey, we finally got it.

    New FPS UI is pretty great. HUD looks good and provides a lot of useful info (we finally have a compass!) - a really great update. Looting screen isn't particularly bad but it has some issues. It feels kind of messy (yeah, it's readable but there's something about it that I needed time to actually get used to it) and the switching between your main loadout and armor space doesn't seem like the best idea (or maybe just implementation).

    It also isn't consistent. You can use Click and Shift + Click for some actions (in the direction from the container to your equipment) but other times you can only drag the items (when putting them back for example). This really needs some tweaking as right now, I still prefer to use the normal inventory screen when it works.

    I do dislike the hit- and killmarkers (yes, I know they existed before) as I feel they cheapen the experience and make for a "must have" feature whenever PvP combat is concerned (especially over long distances or in an environment with limited visibility) - "just turn it off" is not an argument as it's a big handicap to however turns it off.

    Interaction UI... I'm gonna be honest, I really don't like this one. The constant F is annoying and even if you turn it off, interaction name is still visible. Auto selection is really annoying - it often highlights items on the edge of the screen even if I try to aim at something right in the middle of it. It also makes accessing the old "thoughts" menu more fiddly, even though it's a way faster and better way to do some stuff (like inspecting or placing an item).

    Shopping "cards" are big, ugly, have a lot of empty space while providing very little info and just feel like a step back compared to the old system.


    FPS Combat is good. Weapons changes feel fun for the most part, enemies are active and aggressive, increased TTK doesn't seem to be a problem. I did enjoy my experience so far, except for the fact that some missions seem to spawn enemies indefinitely - it's not even difficult, just stupid and doesn't really fit with the "immersive universe" we're suppose to play in.

    Distribution Centers are kind of cool to check out but don't really bring much to the table as far as interesting gameplay is concerned at the moment.

    Master Modes and flight changes - I'm going to be honest, there's no way I can give this a fair shake as I disagree with the whole idea on a conceptual level and I already disliked their previous attempt from 2.0 days. It's especially "funny" that not only is CIG going back to a flight model they already tested and decided against, they are also bringing it back using the same arguments for why it's needed in the first place.

    I did try to get used to it and I did try to look at it fairly but despite that, I really don't like these changes.

    I'm not going to write an essay on what, why and how since it doesn't really matter - CIG is in a push towards 1.0 and they will stick to a direction of their choosing (well that and they don't visit this community). I just wish they didn't waste the last 2-3 years making yet another flight model instead of committing to and tweaking the existing one, like they promised when patch 3.14 (?) was released.

    Also... while I was never particularly interested in space-combat, new changes made me certain that I'll be staying away from it for good. There's no point in wasting your time on something you don't enjoy.

    New EVA is great. I did have to get used to it for a few minutes but it's a much smoother experience. Probably the most polished and the best designed part of this patch.

    The Future

    I could live with a mixed patch - it wouldn't be the first time with this project. I am however a bit concerned about the future of SC. Not necessarily on whether it's going to get finished but rather if the game that comes out will be something I'll want to play.

    It's not just some of the changes from 3.23 and .1 that are the cause of this worry. Some of the dev's actions and words since Citizen Con make me wonder whether the direction of the project didn't change away from what I backed all those years ago.

    I might just be getting jumpy and distrustful due to the already mentioned "closeness" of 1.0 requiring them to actually commit to specific design decisions instead of redesigning stuff every few years. Hopefully, it's just a temporary issue on my part.

    I want to stay positive and keep looking forward to what's in store in the future but it's not as easy as it was 5 or 10 years ago. The next few releases will most likely be a make or break for me and that's a pretty rough spot to be in after all this time.

    I really wish CIG released their updated design docs on each gameplay pillar to see what they're planning - the stuff we have now is years old, often outdated and without any actual details. It's not a situation a game in "open" development should be, especially after this many years.


    Flight and new interaction UI are not great and need a lot of tweaking before I'll be happy with them. Rest of the changes are pretty good.

    FPS and DC gameplay are in a good place for now, EVA is great, MM and flight... please no.

    I'm starting to wonder if SC isn't changing in a way I'm not happy with and if I'll keep playing after release.

  • Patch 3.23 - What Do You Think?

    Patch 3.23 released a week ago. It brought quite a bit of features, fixes and adjustments which touched many different parts of the game.

    I know we didn't have similar threads for previous releases but this version seems to be quite divisive so I'm curious how you guys feel about what we got.

    Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is there any specific criticism or feedback you have about certain features?

    Just so we're clear, I'm not trying to cause a "CIG is trash" drama here - this stuff can stay on Spectrum. I'm genuinely curious about your opinions about the patch.

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 Released
  • I might be wrong since I never tried to bind those keys myself but I thought it's not supported at the moment? Except for the default keybinds that is. I really hope they'll do a full rework of the settings menu for 4.0, it's about time we got something more useful in that regards.

  • Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 Released
  • I mean, good chunk of FPS features is already done for S42 and just needs to be ported. The beauty of CIG's approach to development is that they can freely make up their own definition of 1.0 release and push it without most of the promised mechanics, let alone content.

    What you're waiting for honestly depends on what you're interested in gameplay wise. If you're into combat, 1.0 (or maybe even alpha 4.0) should have plenty of relatively fleshed out stuff to do. If you're into more peaceful activities... I have less hope for some of them being finished by that point.

  • Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 Released
  • I think they might be hard pushing towards 1.0 now that S42 is "closing in" to release. Whether the version we'll get with that will be something we want is another things as this approach will cause cuts and simplification of some of the features (only temporarily if we're lucky). Besides, some speed up is to be expected now that more devs moved back to working on SC.

  • Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 Released
  • I think that might be a mistake in patch notes actually. Can't confirm right now but I think I've seen people mention it and the Firebird being in. That would makes sense since I don't expect them to push another patch before ILW but, again, haven't checked the game myself yet.

  • Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 Released Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    > Characters in this new environment will be built from LTP data so items such as medpens, ammo, rentals, and refinery jobs will be lost.

    • Long Term Persistence: Enabled
    • Replication Layer: Enabled
    • Server Crash Recovery: Enabled
    • Starting aUEC: 20,000


    • Launcher 2.0
    • Ship AI Pilot Balance Pass
    • NPC Locomotion Polish
    • Medical Bed Respawn Update
      • T3 medical beds will allow respawning up to 20km away
      • T2 medical beds (which previously allowed respawning up to 20km) will now allow respawning up to 50km away
    • AEGIS Saber Raven Gold Standard
    • Made Further Gamewide Client Performance Optimizations
    • Interior Map Materials Optimization
    • Water Caustics Visual Polish
    • Added Character Creator Validations
    • VFX Visual Improvements and Fixes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - UI - Oversized active Armistice Zone icon (STARC-108910)
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Actor - Respawning - Players who die and then get disconnected before respawning become stuck in a dead state and are unable to respawn
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - UGF - Locations - Bunker elevator does not return up when called (STARC-111250)
    • Fixed - Multivehicle - PU - Vehicles / UI - QT effects are breaking HUD UI (STARC-104656)
    • Fixed - PU - Gamewide - Using a medpen causes you to drop your weapon
    • Fixed - PU - Distribution Centres - Elevators - Several elevator transit carriages created & destroyed immediately
    • Fixed - MULTIVEHICLE - PU - Vehicles / Components / Locations - It is possible when vehicles are spawned from fleet manager that radar components and elevator panels can detach from the ship and float permanently in a hangar, causing issues with collisions (STARC-101070)
    • Fixed - ARGO Mole / ROC - PU - Vehicle / UI - Vehicle HUD - Mining Mode UI has a variety of defects obstructing gameplay (STARC-88859)
    • Fixed - Drake Cutlass Black - Vehicles - Drake Cutlass Black is unable to liftoff from landing pads
    • Fixed - PU - Fleet Week 2024 - Actor / UI - Physical Shopping - Physical shopping AR Card is flickering when approached, impacting functionality
    • Fixed - Aegis Reclaimer - ALL VARIANTS - Ships / Salvage / Master Mode / UI - Players are unable to access claw in the copilot seat and the UI changes to QT / NAV master mode without any feedback to the copilot (STARC-111581)
    • Fixed - Anvil Hornet - ALL Variants - PU - Vehicles - Flight controllers have pitch and yaw rotational max speeds reversed
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - ARC L4 - Locations - Lobby elevators cannot be called (STARC-109845)
    • Fixed - Community Localization - PU - Character Customizer / UI - Some labels cannot be localized (STARC-110101)
    • Fixed - PU - Law / Infractions / Notifications - Players cannot press charges against another player if they commit infractions against them
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Locations / Inventory - Users are able to place Hangar flare items in public areas where they cannot be picked back up
    • Fixed - MISC Prospector - PU/AC - Vehicles/Balance - Misc Prospector has invulnerable spot for its nose leading to no damage taken (STARC-109000)
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - microTech - Creatures / AI - Kopion are jittering and teleporting when running
    • Fixed - PU - UI / Upscaling - Shopping Kiosk UI missing elements when Upscaling is enabled
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Mission Content / Law - Trespass timer will go to negative numbers (STARC-95347)
    • Fixed - PU - Option Menu - UI - "Water - Number of Simulated Regions" going back to Medium between sessions (STARC-104172)
    • Fixed - Origin 400i - PU - Vehicles - Life Support / Room System - Two room volumes are missing in the technical deck causing players to suffocate in the 400i (STARC-106700)
    • Fixed - Stanton - PU - mobiGlas / Visor Chat - Visor Chat messages remains visible over the mobiGlas
    • Fixed - PU - Physical Shopping - Locations - Multiple Locations - Items on display at multiple shops will end in 'Transaction Error' when attempting to quick buy
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Mission Content / UI / mobiGlas - Completing a contract while the mobiGlas is open on the contract does not open the specific contract in the History tab
    • Fixed - PU - Runtime Cubemaps - Graphics / Lighting - Runtime cubemaps are taking an excessively long time refresh and / or not refreshing at all
    • Fixed - PU - Stanton - Distribution Centers (DC) - Locations / AI - The worker NPCs sometimes use tractor beams to shoot at the player
    • Fixed - PU - Actor - EVA - Depending on orientation, player places weapon through their head and neck when ADS
    • Fixed - RSI Ursa - PU - Vehicles / Design - Cannot enter Remote Turret
    • Fixed - Greycat ROC - Stanton - ROC Mining Laser Not Activating
    • Fixed - Crosshair not showing on GRIN_ROC
    • Fixed - PU - Character Customizer - Clicking the Character Customizer screen after reviewing your model and going back to it will show T-Posed models
    • Fixed - AC - UI / Scoreboard - The Grav Race mode does not show or update player score
    • Fixed - AC - Free Flight - UI - It is possible to select ground Vehicles for AC Free Flight mode, which can cause UI problems once in game lobby

    Technical Updates:

    • Fixed 8 Client Crashes
    • Fixed 6 Server Crashes
    • Fixed an Out of Memory Crash
    • Fixed 2 Vulkan+Upscaling GPU Crashes
    • Made Further Entity Graph Stability Improvements
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    • John Crewe, Vehicle Director
    • Ben Curtis, Vehicle Art Director


    • Sabre Raven gold standard
    • Sabre Firebird introduction (new missile ship)
    • Ursa Medivac introduction
    • Return of respawning at all med beds (distance based, varies by bed tier)
    Roadmap Roundup - May 15, 2024 Roadmap Roundup - May 15, 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Roadmap Roundup - May 15, 2024 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Added as targeting 4.0 release:

    • Server Meshing V1
    • Mission System Refactor
    • Transit System Refactor
    • Pyro planets:
      • Pyro I
      • Pyro II - Monox
      • Pyro III - Bloom
      • Pyro IV
      • Pyro VI - Terminus
    • Pyro moons
      • Ignis
      • Vatra
      • Adir
      • Fairo
      • Fuego
      • Vuur
    • Pyro Space Stations
    • Outposts - Colonialism
    • Jump Points (working ones, between Stanton and Pyro)
    • Solar Burst
    • Life Support
    • Engineering
    • Charge/Drain
    • Multi-Tool Updates
    • Fire Hazard
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • MFD Rework and New Displays
    • Quasi Grazer (Space Cow)
    • Additional Player Customization (additional hair and facial hair options, face piercings)
    • RSI Zeus MkII ES

    Added as released in 3.23.0:

    • Mirai Pulse
    • Mirai Pulse LX

    Commited for 3.23.1:

    • Aegis Retaliator - Gold Standard
    • Vehicle Modularity
    VCMI 1.5.0 released

    VCMI is an attempt to recreate engine for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with fixes, new features and support for more platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android).

    What's new in 1.5.0 release?

    • Online multiplayer support
    • Better random maps
    • AI optimizations
    • Most remaining campaign issues fixed
    • Basic game controllers support added
    • Easier installation of game files from
    • Artifact improvements
    • Configurable keyboard shortcuts
    • Many other features and fixes

    Full changelog can be found here

    0 Update: Overdrive Initiative - Star Citizen Spectrum

    Hi everyone, The Overdrive Initiative was the first event of its kind, and it's been incredibly rewarding observing everyone dive into the various Missions with such enthusiasm. Beyond just the...

    Update: Overdrive Initiative - Star Citizen Spectrum

    >Hi everyone, > >The Overdrive Initiative was the first event of its kind, and it's been incredibly rewarding observing everyone dive into the various Missions with such enthusiasm. Beyond just the increase in engagement, we've gained valuable insights that will guide the development of future narrative events. With a wealth of feedback in hand, our team is already planning how to enhance future experiences and rewards in a way that resonates even more with our community. > >To ensure clarity, let's take a moment to recap key aspects of the current Overdrive Initiative's status. > > >The XenoThreat menace has been repelled for now, and it’s unlikely the planned incursion will happen until after Invictus Launch Week (invading during a military expo is clearly a bad idea). As such, Overdrive Initiative Phases 1 - 5 will still be available for all volunteers right up until the XenoThreat assault begins. > >If you’ve completed missions 1 - 5, you’ll receive a mission titled ‘Overdrive Initiative: Reward.’ Once accepted, you’ll be granted your F7A Hornet Mk II upgrade token and a seven-day day ship rental. To use the F7A Mk II rental during XenoThreat, hold off on accepting the ‘Overdrive Initiative: Reward’ mission until the event begins. > >XenoThreat armor will be awarded once you’ve completed all Overdrive Initiative missions and the Overdrive-specific XenoThreat missions. > > >Alpha 3.23 also includes fixes to help those who have been struggling to complete Overdrive Initiative: > >► A fix has been implemented to support volunteers who couldn’t complete Phase 5 > >► A temporary CVAR has been added to allow players to check their mission completion progress: > >- Login and enter Star Citizen >- Open the console by pressing the ` (grave accent) key (to the left of ‘1’ on your keyboard, though it may show a different character depending on your layout) >- In the box, type mission_log_all_completed_missions and press enter (make sure you include underscores and don’t capitalize) >- You will then be able to view your Overdrive Initiative mission completion information. If you’re missing anything, check the Priority tab in the Contract Manager to see any incomplete missions >- We hope you’re enjoying Overdrive Initiative, and we appreciate your feedback on this first-of-its-kind event in the 'verse! > > >Once again, we want to thank you all for your participation! See you in-game!


    • Final phase of The Overdrive Initiative moved until after Invictus.
    • Still possible to finish the missions if you didn't,
    • 3.23 will bring fixes that should make this easier.
    • You can check your progress using mission_log_all_completed_missions command in the console.
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