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3 episodes into the Fallout show on Prime, and it feels like this is what we're getting instead of Fallout 5 (for now)

First of all, the show is very good. I’m extremely impressed with how remarkably “Fallout” the world is and how so very good every single visual is. It really IS real-world Fallout brought to life. From the sets, to the costumes, to the set design… every tiny minuscule detail is perfect! The dialogue, the tone, even the weird sense of dark humor; it’s all there. And the trailers hid a lot, which I’m so grateful for!

But it feels like the narrative of a full-on Fallout game (which, I suppose, it should). It takes place (minor spoilers) in LA, about 10 years after Fallout 4. From what I can tell so far, it’s probably the narrative they would have used for FO5. It’s very good, and would have made for a spectacular game I would have spent another 13,000 hours paying over the better part of a decade, but I reeeaaally wish we could have gotten FO5 instead. Or, ya know, also.