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Organize, Vote, Resist
  • Democrats have had many opportunities to push for ranked choice voting but chose not to. How is ftpt the fault of the parties that have never had the power to do anything about it?

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • ... Is far easier to convince someone who hasn't already made up their mind. Spend your time productively.

    I do not make threats. I have never made any threats. Your argument reads far more as encouragement to vote for an R instead of a D. That is an unwise argument to make if you care about maximizing the number of D votes.

    But I'm voting G regardless. Goodbye!

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • People are far more likely to call out or blame third party voters than nonvoters, despite nonvoters having an order of magnitude larger effect on the outcome. I wasn't meaning to call you out specifically.

    However, I think you should probably stop encouraging third party and nonvoters to vote for republicans. That doesn't seem to be in your best interest.

  • Why is it impossible to reverse-engineer closed source software?
  • Computer code is very complicated, so when humans write code we write in a way we can understand. We name functions and variables with names that make sense, and we put comments in the code so we can understand how it works.

    Compliers don't care about any of those things. Variable names are turned into numbers, and comments are ignored.

    You can convert machine code back to source code, it will be missing all those human readable labels and explanations. You can recreate them, but its a major process. Reverse engineering is done sometimes, but there's a reason is not common.

    There's also the issue of licensing. An important part of free and/or open source software is that you have permission to modify the source code. You probably don't have a license to use the code if its closed source. There are ways to do this legally but it adds extra hurdles and inconvenience to an already major process.

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • My only regret in 2016 was not living in a swing state. I know how ftpt works.

    Democrats can earn my vote by implementing ranked choice voting. They're a solid 3rd choice pick on the ballot.

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • I heard that argument in 2016 and it hadn't become any less false than it was then.

    33.1% of eligible voters didn't vote in 2020, 40.8% didn't vote in 2016. Your priorities are misplaced. You should be more concerned about these nonvoters, they outnumber third party voters seventeenfold and are far less stubborn.

    You haven't changed my mind.

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • I'm a green voter. I have voted green in the past three presidential elections, and intend to do so again this year. If you have an argument as to why that's a bad idea that isn't one that I've heard before, get in touch!