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What's the most alarming experience you've had with a stranger?
  • I was walking home as a young university student from the karaoke bar, not drunk or anything, and I had to climb a small hill which took about 15-20 minutes. This car was idling at the top and sat there the entire time I was walking. I became utterly certain the man in it was waiting to kill me and I became terrified. I reached the top of the hill, and indeed he was waiting for me "to offer me a ride home", but I think he decided looking at the terror stricken look on my face that I would be a bad victim. I'm pretty sure I narrowly missed getting abducted or something and if I had run or done anything different he'd have tracked me down.

  • What's the most alarming thing you've done while drunk or high?
  • I don't get high or drunk, but I take Ambien for sleep and the very funky things I've done on it could fill a scary book, although some of it is just embarrassing like adding someone on Facebook that I would have been too shy to before. The most notable thing I did was host a whole antifascist meeting with some very prominent people and show them how we catfished a very famous white supremacist into sending us pictures of his penis.

  • What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • Won't happen. They'd never restrain him. It's too subtle. Nobody considers someone psychologically peeling you apart because you adjust the climate controls in the car by one level for 40 minutes straight abuse. At least not legally.

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    Punctuation is a Rothschild conspiracy, sovcit.
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    Sounds legit, sovcit.
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    Sovcit made her own license plate out of cardboard.
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    Sovcit is mad the police towed his unregistered vehicle.
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    Sovcit cancelled his child support so leave him alone or he'll send you 22 page letters.
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    CEOs love spending an hour on the phone with sovcits.
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