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Public Image Limited - Rise (1986)

May the road rise with you


Chick - Demented (1995)


Uboa - Endocrine Disruptor (2024)

They are no longer his creations


Holly Golightly & The Greenhornes - There Is An End (2003)

Familiar now strange


Joey Duran - Nova Scotia Sleep Paralysis (2024)


Xiu Xiu - Petite (2017)

  • November is quite cold where I’m at, we like to go hiking or skiing. Or staying in and watching movies. A nice dinner with friends? I hope I gave you at least one good idea what to do in November.

    But you can go out and vote for a sociopath and genocide denier or for a racist rapist and when those clowns start killing and bombing some other people somewhere on the globe, you can just blame the Chinese or Icelanders for making you vote for a lesser evil…

    Life’s good either way…

  • Reminder...
  • Ask the people in Gaza what they think about "Roe got overturned".

    After all said and nothing done, we are paying for those bullets that murder their children by accepting and even promoting a system that gives us braindead mouthpieces for weapon manufacturers to vote for.

  • Reminder...
  • Genocide light? Seriously?!? If the other guy is stupid, you are stupid+

    There is no democracy if you are supporting genocide. There is no election worth voting on if the outcome is same fucking fascist, just with different colored flags. And don’t give me the lie how you’re gonna do something about a ‘genocide light’ if your guy is elected. Fuck off

    This whole country needs to stop sucking Kissinger’s dick and change this bloodthirsty, greedy fascist system.

  • Stereolab - Cybele's Reverie (live, 1996)

    Que faire quand on a tout fait

    Biden says pro-Gaza student protesters ‘voices should be heard’ in Morehouse speech
  • The system he’s currently at the most prestigious position sent those. He presides over this police state. If he and his clique can’t control those pigs, than he’s incapable of running a nation without harming its own populace.

  • Beth Gibbons - Lost Changes (2024)

    We're all lost together

    Biden plans to send $1bn arms shipment to Israel
  • Millions of children never grew old because of Kissingers little psychopathic padawans in Washington for decades now. Those children don’t care about this one losing or winning his little beauty contest.

    And millions of children will die in the future no matter whose dick is being sucked in the Oval Office. There are more omnipotent deciders who decide who lives and who dies.

    This greedy, bloodthirsty, manipulative, sociopathic voting won’t change anything no matter who wins.

  • Grouper - Alien Observer (2011)

    Alien observer in a world that isn't mine

    Biden plans to send $1bn arms shipment to Israel
  • Can’t wait for tomorrow’s most upvoted posts on Reddit and Lemmy teaching us how the other clowns from the rival circus are still worse. While condemning the killings of children in Gaza with those weapons sold today.

    It’s impossible there was ever a society this manipulated and stupid.

  • Anna von Hausswolff - The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra (2018)

    What animated film or tv show is this?
  • I might have worded it clumsily.. I don't think anyone should watch ALL movies or not to look up stuff.

    I think it's important to learn to choose your media without outside help and/or manipulation (ads, paid reviews etc.). I do look for reviews when it comes to video games, since I don't know many people IRL who play much.

  • What animated film or tv show is this?
  • No one has the time to watch all movies.

    You are afraid to waste time on a movie you might find bad? How will you know if a movie is good if you never seen a bad movie?

    It’s perfectly OK to watch random movies. Be adventurous, it’s art after all. If you only watch popular movies you’ll never find your niche, something that fulfills your art/entertainment needs.

  • What animated film or tv show is this?
  • Why do you need anyone or any site telling you what you like and what not? Just watch the movies. Be your own judge and executioner.

    I have a letterboxed acc, just for tracking purposes. Most reviews on letterboxd are reddit style “funny” “jokes”, so no point in reading those either. Just go by genre, director, etc. and have fun. I do sometimes check the lists on there tho.

  • Country Music kurzschluss

    Gillian Welch - Tennessee (live, 2014(?))

    Why can't I go back home to apple pie?

    Democrats who investigated Trump say they expect to face arrest, retaliation if he wins presidency
  • No. They’re not the same.

    One side is a racist idiot who just wants to rape prostitutes and Hollywood starlets and eat McDonalds dinners with basketball players and Kanye. The American Dream!

    The other side supplies a foreign army with ammo to kill women and children in Gaza and fuels a war in Eastern Europe. Kissingers’ dream!

    They are very different.

  • Portishead - Concert Prive (2008)

    full concert + interview

    a lot of big pixels

    sound ok


    PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land (2011)

    Its fruit is deformed children

    Israeli troops shoot and kill a Palestinian shepherd reading the Quran on his land
  • You can't. Those guns and bombs they use, we pay for 'em. If we charge them with war crimes, we are charging ourselves with war crimes. And we don't want that, don't we? Just vote for a lesser evil clown or a billionaire racist idiot and make yourself feel like you've done your part. It's easier to sleep that way. It's democracy© we're protecting after all. What's a few thousand more killed for something this precious.

    ♫♫♫ OH SAY CAN YOU SEE....

  • Sweet Trip - Chocolate Matter (2003)


    Bright Eyes - Land Locked Blues (2005)

    "If you love something, give it away"


    Maruja - The Invisible Man (2024)

    The truth, it hides


    The Killers - Mr. Brightside (2004)

    It was only a kiss


    파란노을 - 흰천장 (2021)

    귀찮은 것들은 전부 밖으로 던져버려


    Remi Wolf - Cinderella (2024)

    Mac is back!


    Mazzy Star - Fade Into You (live 1994)

    I think it's strange you never knew