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Adam Kinzinger declares death of Republican Party
  • I mean, they stole an election in 2000 and we just let that happen with no consequences. Nixon tried to cheat and was caught, and we let that happen with no consequences. They haven't liked democracy for a while now.

  • What do you think of this prediction?
  • Most of this already exists and they haven't taken that tack, though. SteamOS is just Arch and KDE, with access to anything Arch has access to. If you don't like that, Valve made it trivial to put another OS on the Deck, like Bazzite.

    Steam Play is already a streaming technology, which works great and is free to use and has been for like at least a decade.

    Steam Store is already gigantic, despite having some well funded competition who has to resort to exclusives and free game giveaways to entice users. It's already the de facto default game store for PC, and provides lots of extra features beyond just game delivery.

    Most of the technology Steam uses (like Proton or GameScope or Arch) are open-source. We can (and do) fork their work for our own purposes regularly.

    I don't think Valve is perfect, but I do think they value their open approach to technology. I think as long as the company is never publicly traded, I would imagine anyone who currently works at Valve would share that attitude with GabeN, otherwise I imagine they wouldn't work there long.

    If they go public and have to report to shareholders, then I completely agree that the enshittification will be swift and merciless. I hope Gabe makes Valve an employee-owned co-op or something when he decides to retire. I can only imagine he has strong plans for the transition of power.

  • Anyone interested in a book club?
  • As for reading list, right now it's really just a big pile of things, not much order. There's a lot of recommended reading in this book too that'll get added I'm sure. You can look at my big mess of a github repo:

    There's a million issues in there with book suggestions, as well as my notes in the closed issues. I am planning to put up a little website to contain my knowledge for future reference. I'm really trying to create a habit to Learn In Public so I'm gonna put everything I do up there in that github org. Feedback and contributions of course welcome.

  • Anyone interested in a book club?
  • Yeah for sure. I'm about a third of the way through "The Art of Game Design: A Book Of Lenses" and it has proven to be a very useful book full of actionable tools to help get the creative juices flowing. The titular "Lenses" each consist of a few questions to ask yourself as you make decisions about your game. Some neat examples:

    Lens 007: The Lens of Endogenous Value A game's success hinges on the players' willingness to pretend it is important. To use this lens, think about your players' feelings about items, objects, and scoring in your game. Ask these questions:

    1. What is valuable to the players in my game?
    2. How can I make it more valuable to them?
    3. What is the relationship between value in the game and the players' motivations?

    Remember, the value of the items and score in the game is a direct reflection of how much the players care about succeeding in your game. By thinking about what the players really care about and why, you can often get insights about how your game can improve.

    LENS 009: The Lens of the Elemental Tetrad To use this lens, take stock of what your game is truly made of. Consider each element separately and then all of them together as a whole. Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Is my game design using elements of all four types?
    2. Could my design be improved by enhancing elements in one or more of the categories?
    3. Are the four elements in harmony, reinforcing each other and working together toward a common theme?

    LENS 015: The Lens of the Eight Filters To use this lens, you must consider the many constraints your design must satisfy. You can only call your design finished when it can pass through all eight filters without requiring a change. Ask yourself these key questions:

    1. Artistic Impulse ("Does this feel right to me?")
    2. Demographics ("Will the intended audience like it?")
    3. Experience Design ("Is this well designed?")
    4. Innovation ("Is this novel?")
    5. Business and Marketing ("Will it be profitable?")
    6. Engineering("Is it technically possible?")
    7. Social/Community ("Does it meet our social and community goals?")
    8. Playtesting ("Do the playtesters like it?")

    In some situations, there may be still more filters; for example, an educational game will also have to answer questions like "Does this game teach what it is supposed to?" If your design requires more filters, don't neglect them.

    The author has worked on a number of experiences for Disney that he relays as well, creating bespoke hardware and incredibly immersive short experiences. His emphasis on cross-domain knowledge and attention to detail in all aspects really appeals to me.

    I've had to take a little break, got some life stuff going on, but I'm hoping to finish this book by the end of the month.

  • In her natural habitat
  • Bob Hall might disagree. For MX-5s in the flatlands, Autocross is the closest you can get to their true home, a windy SoCal mountain road.

    We'll totally be doing autocross as soon as all the maintenance stuff is done though.

  • MX-5 Miata zaphodb2002

    In her natural habitat

    It was a nice day.

    Dealing with games that just won't run on Linux
  • What games are you playing? I have not encountered anything so far that has needed more than proton-ge, and even then it's only a couple of games that don't just work out of the box. I guess I primarily play indie games though, nothing that would have like anti-cheat which I understand is a hurdle.

  • What is an experience of racism you have faced ?
  • Oh here's another fun one, I had a friend in high school whose mother was Taiwanese, and I wasn't allowed to go into their house because I was Japanese. Like, I know the history, lady, but I'm 15 and both my parents were born in California. Luckily my buddy also agreed his mom was a racist.

  • What is an experience of racism you have faced ?
  • I am white looking, but my parents are Jewish and Japanese. Basically every time I tell someone I'm Jewish (culturally, I am an atheist nowadays) it completely changes how people interact with me. The best I can hope for is being the "token Jewish friend" most of the time, but I've been treated to racial slurs and even physical violence. In middle school, the rich son of the local pastor called me a kike and I broke his nose for it. I was suspended from school and he was treated like a victim. Looking back on it, that might have been the beginning of my radicalization.

  • MX-5 Miata zaphodb2002

    First oil change on a 1.8, this filter is a huge pain in the ass


    Anyone interested in a book club?

    So I'm reading The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell and I'm quite enjoying it. I don't really have anyone else in my life who shares my game development interests so I thought it might be fun to put together some kind of regular discussion. I've got a pretty long reading list, would nice to have someone to talk to. Thoughts?

    MX-5 Miata zaphodb2002

    Is this community dead? I did the thing.

    I'm very excited.

    97, 5-speed, Torsen, 96k miles.


    zsh or fish for an intermediate Linux user?

    So I've been using Linux now for a while, and am looking to migrate my dev environment to vim and spend more time in the command line. I'm fairly comfortable with bash but by no means an expert. I've used zsh with some minor customization but just recently learned about fish. I'd love to hear people's opinions.