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  • As far as I understand the tech, those things aren't really interchangeable :(

  • Get rich quick
  • Unfortunately you've completely switched your entire economy to shovels for this thing and also all your warehouses are full of shovels for this thing and most of your assets are tied up in shovels for this thing. And now suddenly, this thing stops.

  • Get rich quick
  • As far as I understand, the GPUs that LLMs use aren't exactly interchangeable with your regular GPU. Also, no one needs that many GPUs for any traditional use cases.

  • ich🧲iel
  • Der Fairness halber muss man sagen, dass die SED bis auf Ausnahmen trotzdem sehr konservativ war und genannte Immigranten aus Bruderstaaten keinerlei Chance hatten, dauerhaft hier zu bleiben und oft nicht einmal mit der ansässigen Bevölkerung Kontakt haben durften. Getrennte Wohnheime und Abschiebungen bei z.B. sexuellen Beziehungen zu deutschen waren absolut üblich.

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  • Also bitte, die ist immer noch stramme Sozialistin – mit einem... nationalen Touch.

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  • Ich muss mich tatsächlich nur mal aufraffen. Entspricht auch meiner politischen Orientierung deutlich mehr als die ganzen SPD Gewerkschaften.

  • Absolute genius
  • Wow, thank you for taking the time. Great insights! Guess I'll wait for SF2e. I really like most of the changes from PF1e to 2e and even those I liked better before – well, I at least understand why they've changed them (looking at you, triple AC values). So I trust them to make some meaningful and good changes. Again, thank you so much.

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  • Wer als Gewerkschaftsbund die Bullen mit aufnimmt, büßt in meinen Augen zu Recht etwas Legitimität ein.

    Ich trete wieder ein, wenn die Cops raus sind.

  • Ich🐮🗡️🤮iel
  • Nicht mehr, der geht von allen Bundesländern an alle Bundesländer. Gibt halt netto Profiteure und Verlierer, aber das ist längst nicht mehr Ost/West.

  • Anon tests a pilot's reflexes
  • >quickly pair my phone to his car's bluetooth

    And this is how you know it's a lie.

  • Absolute genius
  • The de-OGL-ification is really something. Even my veteran group is oftentimes a bit unsure. Worst thing though – I started a group with one of my regular players and a group full of people who are completely new to TTRPG. The change dropped between me individually meeting up with them to build characters with and session one. The rogue still struggles because I constantly say flat-footed, even though off-guard fits so much better imo.

    Unrelated: how is Starfinder? Especially compared to Pathfinder?

  • Help me find logic in this thing I got myself into.

    Hey gang.

    I'm running a campaign where the players are looking for eight magical items, once owned by eight powerful mages representing the eight schools of magic.

    Right now – through the power of Plot™ – they're looking for those items for an influential but shadowy collector. They're supposed to deliver the first batch of three items together. When that happens they'll find out that they were inadvertently helping a criminal collector. A representative of a historical society will tell them that these artifacts belong in a museum.

    And here's my problem: I want them to have these magical items, which of course have cool powers. And I don't know how to do that.

    My plan right now is, that the museum isn't interested in the actual powers, they just want to display the items for their historical relevance. So they'll magically pull these items apart into two identical ones, where one retains the power and the other the history of the item (scratches/wear and tear).

    I am not completely satisfied with that idea, because it seems far-fetched and I'd like to hear your ideas, if you have any, on how to resolve this.

    Thank you and a thousand dm'ly kisses to you all.


    If it works, kill it.

    Rule of Google: if it works, kill it.

    I know, I know, using Google apps isn't the best, but this was a perfectly good Podcast app with all the features you might want.

    Apparently they're moving everything over to YouTube Music, where a lot of the features of Google Podcasts aren't implemented yet.

    I've moved over to an app from F-Droid.


    What's your hottest character idea that you didn't get to play (long enough)?

    Mine was a Wild Magic Sorcerer that vehemently believed he was a regular city guardsman and explained every bit of magic he produced away as pure happenstance.


    Help me find the seven things of power.

    I need help/input/inspiration with a campaign I am planning. Without going into too much detail, in the world I've built there used to be a historically important and very powerful council of 7 mages (3 elves, a human, a gnome, an orc and a dwarf). They've each left behind a magical artifact of some kind. My group (druid, rogue, cleric and swashbuckler) is eventually going to hunt down all these artifacts.

    I am struggling to find artifacts that would fit. They either feel too mundane or are way too powerful. I want these artifacts to be useful and powerful, for the time they get them. Of course, they're not going to get them all at once. So these things should be spaced out to be useful from about player level 3 to 12.

    We're playing Pathfinder 2e, but I can easily adapt DnD items as well. If you have homebrew, I'll take that as well. If you have general input for these items or that plotline, that's great as well.

    Thank you all in advance.