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Modder, programmer, and all around tinkerer. Yes, I’m that New Vegas and Deus Ex guy.

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Donald Trump faces travel ban to 37 countries
  • Which ones and why?

    I sense a fun story and I'm here for it.

  • I just posted Gowron for the glory of the empire!
  • I just ate a burrito for the glory of the Empire!

  • ATARI acquires INTELLIVISION brand
  • From everything I've read, most of the "devs" haven't done any actual work on the game past the initial brainstorming session. The "demo" video shown was just a mock-up.

    I mean I'm not surprised since everything relating to the Amico seems to be lies and vaporware, but it's still disappointing.

  • What band or music group would you not have minded if they didn't have a certain band member?
  • I loved their first album, listened to it a lot. Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja and The Fake Sound of Progress are both amazing tracks. Unfortunately they're both vocalized by a literal baby rapist, so it's hard to rock out to them now. Asshole wrote the tracks too, so I doubt No Devotion will ever cover them.

    As for Guns N' Roses, a friend pointed out something that's been living in my head for months now: Axl Rose is the Starscream of Guns N' Roses.

  • Final Fantasy Maker Square Enix Will Aggressively Pursue a Multiplatform Strategy After Profits Tumble
  • Who would've thought that making your product more readily available would increase sales? That's so much more counterintuitive than "double down on NFTs and release schedules that require knowledge of calculus to figure out."

  • Americans are choking on surging fast-food prices. "I can't justify the expense," one customer says
  • Seriously. For the same price as McD's I can go to In-n-Out. That's just comparing fast food places. For the price they're charging for a Quarter Pounder I may as well go to a sit-down restaurant.

  • 'Your Name' Movie Producer Confesses To Have Paid Over 20 Underage Girls For Sexual Favors - Animehunch
  • If you compare that to the average cost of living in Japan it's a bit closer to $300 in terms of spending power.

    Either way it's a lot cheaper than I'd expect to have to pay anyone for sex work, much less something that blatantly illegal.

    Oh, as for the age of consent thing that change just made it a national crime. Every prefecture in Japan had already raised the age of consent to 16 (or higher) well before last year. The only places it didn't apply were some remote military bases and IIRC the portion of Antarctica that Japan claims. Still a good move but it's not like Japanese pedos were just having sex with 13-year-olds without consequence before then.

  • Kristi Noem walks back claim that she met Kim Jong Un as memoir comes under scrutiny
  • There? Really? There is where you draw the line? Killing a dog is fine, but lying about meeting a dictator is too far? Just trying to keep track here.

  • What looks easy peasy lemon squeezy but is actually difficult difficult lemon difficult?
  • Rolled Japanese style, aka tamagoyaki. That is really difficult.

    Over easy is as easy as the name though.

  • Helldivers 2 now delisted in 177 countries
  • Screw it, go make the actual Starship Troopers game not suck. That thing is in dire need of help.

  • Helldivers 2 now delisted in 177 countries
  • While 177 countries sounds like a lot, it's not where the majority of players are. PSN operates in the top 15 countries by GDP and the top 4 by population.

    Of course there's still the question of why they work in so few countries when literally none of their competitors (that I know of) have those limitations.

  • Helldivers now delisted in 177 countries
  • Could be a mix of the two, like Valve saying "look if you continue on with this plan we're going to issue blanket refunds to anyone in a non-PSN country" and Sony realizing they're putting their asses on the line (legally speaking) if they let sales in those countries continue.

  • Helldivers: Internal discussions are ongoing about the mandatory linking change. The response from our dev team has been pretty universally negative and we're looking for better options.
  • The scuttlebutt is that they don't get to make that decision because the PSN mandate is a part of the contract they signed with Sony.

  • Why do people still eat beef when we know it's terrible for Earth?
  • Let 'em frown. You have Cinnamon Toast Vodka now.

  • How many communities do you have blocked?
  • Zero. Every time I've been on the verge of blocking a community (or instance, since kbin can do that) it winds up vanishing anyway.

  • Helldivers 2 has now received 84,000 negative reviews in the past day.
  • Most anticheats don't have the track record of repeated data breaches that Sony does.

  • Helldivers 2 has now received 84,000 negative reviews in the past day.
  • Same boat here. I had no problems making a PSN account because I like the idea of crossplay, but if they were planning to add this requirement back in later they needed to be much more clear about it. Like "gigantic popup every time you load the game if you don't have a PSN account" clear, especially with PSN not being available in certain countries.

    There's also the larger question of why this is required. Clearly the game works just fine without it. Whatever the reason is, it's not for the benefit of the players.

  • STEAM starting to issue refunds for players over the 2h playtime limit due to PSN on Helldivers 2
  • I'm actually really surprised that Valve is loosening up on this one. They usually play hardball when it comes to refunding a game past the 2 hour mark.

    They make exceptions when a game has major issues or implements some significant change that dramatically alters the availability of the product. No Man's Sky, Starfield, and Cyberpunk 2077 all could be refunded outside the 2 hour window - at least for some people. And of course everyone who bought The Day Before was refunded entirely.

    I expect they'll be allowing refunds for anyone in a country where PSN does not operate at a minimum. It's really hard to argue that the game is still playable when the required service is not available in your home country.

  • I am the thing that goes *thump* 'Fuck!' in the night
  • Local safety regulations require a breathalyzer test before you're allowed upstairs.

  • Yeah but the economy is doing great


    What is the stupidest school rule you've ever had to deal with?

    Parent, student, or staff, what's the dumbest damn regulation you've personally come across at an educational institution?


    Winnie the Pooh: Bounty Hunter


    Inspector Gadget in the style of H.R. Giger


    I need to record over some Hi8 tapes; 5 tapes, ~2½ hours each. I can record audio and video directly. What should I put on there?

    I'm getting rid of an old Hi8 camcorder and figured I'd throw in the tapes with it, but I want to wipe the contents of the tapes before I do. I don't have a huge magnet or anything I can use to quickly erase the tapes, so the only option is to record over them using the camcorder. Instead of being boring and just muting it and leaving the lens cap on I figured I might put something vaguely interesting on there.

    The camcorder is one of those fancy units where the audio/video outputs can be used as audio/video inputs when the thing is in tape playback/recording mode (VTR). I do have an HDMI -\> Composite converter, so I can actually record video and audio together, albeit at 480i with bleeding colors. Alternatively I can leave the lens cap on and pipe audio directly into the microphone jack, which is stereo.

    As for what to record, my spouse and I have come up with a few ideas:

    • Vaporwave (generally)
    • Weather Channel Vaporwave (specifically)
    • \~2 hours of the Lo-fi Girl stream
    • Everywhere at the End of Time (broken across 3 tapes)
    • A public domain serial radio drama (Have Gun Will Travel is my vote)
    • Public domain films (Laurel and Hardy or maybe some Charlie Chaplin)
    • Steven Soderbergh's silent black & white recut of Raiders of the Lost Ark
    • Analog horror of some kind (e.g. Backrooms, Gemini Home Entertainment, Local 58 except it's way too short)

    Aside from that, generally anything that might look better with proper analog distortion is an obvious win. The camcorder can only record at full speed, 2.5 hours per tape, so no way to add extra distortion that way.

    Also I do have a capture card and can turn around and re-record whatever I put on these tapes, so if you want to see the results I can show you.

    Anywho, what's your suggestions Lemmy? What treasures can I leave on these Hi8 tapes?


    That's not what they mean by "fuck the police" rule

    wellthatsucks yukichigai

    Just discovered the previous owners thought load-bearing shelves could be mounted on drywall and only drywall


    6-button Controller Appreciation Thread

    Just a thread for anyone else out there who prefers the layout of a 6-button controller to the more dominant ABXY layout. What I wouldn't give for a dual stick, dual trigger gamepad that also had six face buttons.