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Can you name any objectively unique human creations or thoughts that were not derived/inspired from another source?
  • If you invented something unique your first problem is going to be describing it to yourself. You'll need new nomenclature. The second problem is describing the unique thing to someone else.

    One could argue that anything that can be nailed down by language cannot be unique because the metaphors and phrases to describe it preexisted.

  • Letter from Einstein where he labels zionist as "terrorist organizations" and "misled and criminal people"
  • The Haganah could disavow the Irgun (and the Stern Gang) with the same credibility that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp could disavow Hezbollah.

    Menachem Begin, who led Irgun also founded Likud and as the sixth Prime Minister of Israel was in command of the IDF . So yes, many people (including the US) considered Irgun a terrorist organization, that didn't put it and it's leaders outside the mainstream of Israeli military, politics, or government. Besides, it's crimes during the Mandate and Nakba always served the Zionist cause, and even if the Haganah or "Consultancy" didn't approve or order their actions, they were happy to take the benefit, and occasionally the credit.

  • I mean
  • Um, it was the Interior Ministry that defeated Ashina. And the person most directly responsible for weakening Ashina is Owl. Almost everything Wolf does to damage Ashina was Owl's manipulation.

    Genichiro's whole motivation relies on Ashina being doomed, and that was long before he knew who Wolf was. Ishin also explicitly knows that his shogunate is on the clock and makes little effort to save Ashina or himself.

  • What happens to those who are severely disabled while in prison?
  • Ironically medical care is a right to prisoners but it’s not for everyone else.

    Medical care in US prisons is largely handled by a few for-profit companies that make money by providing inadequate care or refusing care at all. Prisoners routinely die from medical neglect. Healthcare behind bars is more capitalism, not less.

    Oh, and healthcare is not a right, it's the State's duty to care for people in it's custody. That means prisoners have no agency over their care. For example if you're arrested at an accident, the EMTs gain consent from the police, not the patient. This is how EMTs can administer anti-psychotics and strong sedatives on the sidewalk after the pigs have kicked your ass.

  • Don't Co-Parent With Congress
  • Libertarians: If you ignore how problems are systemic, then the individual can solve everything.

    Honestly, I'm suspicious the writers at Reason use media to spread their message, why not just convince your friends one conversation at a time?

  • Romney and Blinken Admit Tiktok Ban Sought to Censor Gaza News
  • Headline: US officials admit that TickTock ban intended to censor Gaza news.

    Article: Romney and Blinken blame Israel's disastrous PR on social media and opine that this is a good reason to ban platforms like TickTock.

  • Police reform legislation
  • If you want an institution that keeps the peace, protects citizens, and is accountable for use of force, then you'll have to create one whole-cloth. Because the police are not that institution and they never were intended to be.

  • Political Memes yesman
    Mississippi Goddamn
    Which are the most fucked up books you've read?
  • Blood Meridian by Cormac Mccarthy.

    It's kinda hard to describe. I recon it's a parable about American colonization and the genocide of the native people. Like a map of how a project like that gets done and who benefits from it.

    It's like a melodrama in that it's light on plot, and character motivation, but without the extreme circumstances unless you count the pervasive, persistent, and senseless violence. (that the characters themselves barely seem to notice) Not exactly a supernatural tale, but filled with dream logic, oh and the literal Christian Devil is one of the main characters.

    This is the only book Ive ever read twice, back to back. I got to the end and was like WTF, turned to the first page and started again.

  • Political Memes yesman
    Can't get fooled again
    Political Memes yesman
    Arguing politics in 2024
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    What game are you playing?
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    What radicalized you?
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    Heads I win, Tails you lose
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    antisemitism on campus
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    10 years of Skeptic to Septic Pipeline
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    Stark Contrast
    fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves...

    One of the most common mistakes is assuming that political opponents are ignorant. If only they had the right education; consumed the right media; or had the correct experience, they’d surely see things properly. The error is believing that we arrived at our values through reason. Values like hierarchy or equity are adopted by a complex process of disposition, emotion, and experience. Reason may be a component of this process, it may be a value unto itself, but it cannot support values.

    Even simple moral claims like “it’s wrong to steal” cannot be supported by logic. Give it a try and you’ll come up with arguments like: “stealing is wrong because it harms the victim”. But you’ve not solved the problem, just pushed it back a step because now you have to defend the claim “it’s wrong to harm”. You cannot use observations about how the world is to calculate how it ought to be. Justifying moral claims with other moral claims dooms you to circular reasoning and infinite regression.

    For those of you clever enough to argue deontology or utilitarianism, I’ll point out that these systems are ethical. Only concerned with how one should behave; helpless to prove something just or wicked. The moral principles of deontology and utilitarianism are assumed, not proven. Both systems will endorse ridiculous, intolerable, and outrageous actions in particular circumstances.

    Objective morality probably doesn’t exist and has never been justified.

    Political Memes yesman
    Morality isn't a team: it's the ball.
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