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pay to win
  • I always appreciate the memes that show up at Lemmy, but this meme reduces the amount of effort that also goes into earning some merit badges. I think it’s funny but kind of tone deaf.

  • Youtube send a Letter to Grayjay Creator
  • So… when I want to control content I’m consuming, I get the .mp3 or .pdf or whatever it is I’m interested in.

    How is grayjay a more reliable manner of being in control of my content on cross country drives ir wherever? I’m not tracking here. Why would anyone choose grayjay over simply controlling their own drives?

  • Why is replacement for home device controls so complicated?
  • Okay — can anyone — and I mean anyone, please explain to me that allure of the so called home assistant. Our home was built in 1965. Its housed many families very comfortably. It houses our family very comfortably. Our kids are heading off to college. Tra la la. We have holidays, happiness, and we contribute to the community at a variety of events. We sleep well. Eat well. We host parties of up to fifty people sometimes… we have a yard.We have a dog, two cats, fish etc. All the things that happen in a home.

    We are happy.

    We have no so called smart products. We use a terrestrial radio in the kitchen on the daily. We stream from the rip-off services when we desire. We are up on the shows etc. So we have internet — each of us has a phone and a device for working. I just don’t get it.

    What is the allure of the so called smart home etc?

  • It's a good investment
  • The BANK OWNS THE HOUSE. The young family you are so pleased to murder pay a mortgage each month.

    Also — there’s no sex because of screaming infant.

    No intimacy because of overtime.

    No free time because of responsibilities.

    These so called homeowners don’t even have time to figure out the Fediverse.

    Pity them!

  • How do you know if a book you pirated is complete/original/full etc ?
  • OP: Hey everyone, I put zero effort into stealing something and now I need to know if it’s perfect down to the last period.

    ME: Rolls eyes: pay for the effing book if you are so concerned about it being perfect. Good grief.

  • This game came out in 2000.
  • Turns out that the world DOES believe in AI and I said aged like milk because the original line is cautionary but we do didn’t listen and now we will suffer those consequences. It was an under appreciated comment because I did not offer clear context.

  • Armed soldiers in mountains near LA

    Decades ago my friends and I stole a car in Los Angeles and took a drive into the mountains just outside of LA. I was in high school and this was BEFORE all celular proliferation so we didn’t know where to go or what to do — we were shit thieves and one of us saw keys in a car and we jumped on it. Anyway — we ended up heading up a what I remember as a mountain road — and it couldn’t have been where Griffith park is or the Hollywood hills — likely, now that I think about it, we were so scared where headed east on the 210.

    We figured we wouldn’t get caught if we just took the car into the mountains and drove home in the morning. Kidsarefuckingstupid

    Anyway — the road we were on turned into a dirt road and we came around a bend and our headlight lit up two soldiers in full gear — helmets and automatic rifles so we stopped and they started screaming:

    TURN AROUND AND LEAVE!! Leave now!!!

    We left.

    And got close enough to home to ditch the car and walk.

    But this isn’t about our idiot joyride — this is about WTF soldiers.

    Can anyone connect these dots? What were the soldiers doing?

    (Also — I shared this because I MISS LA and I come to this community and find no post for a month! Shame on you! :-) but seriously — expates need your pics of parks etc.)

    No Stupid Questions wowwoweowza
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    No Stupid Questions wowwoweowza
    What is the Lemmy instance that's focused on educational videos?

    I might also be thinking of a PeerTube instance. Focused on education. Does anyone remember the name? Thanks.

    A tool/device you plug into socked and it emits an alarm if the power goes off?

    Come on you tool lovers out there. Has anyone heard of the device I described on the subject line? Anything close?

    Difference with "Select" and "Copy" availability between browsers

    It is my hope that Privacy is the community for this. I think freedom to use browsers the way we intend is a privacy issue.

    We have likely all seen or heard that the “Select All” option has been removed from Safari — don’t hate me, I won’t be doing apple again.

    That said, manual SELECTING of text still exists.

    Here’s the privacy issue:

    When I SELECT a small amount of text, I am offered the COPY option.

    When I SELECT a few hundred words, even at Gutenberg, I’m given zero time to hit the copy button.

    Just now I shifted to Firefox and had zero problem doing what I needed to do.

    Could other interested folks confirm this SAFARI bug/irritant/annoyance?

    Here’s the page I was using:

    In safari, check what happens if you try to copy five words vs. 300 words.

    What's the best tool for discovering what your IP is when you are using TOR?

    I've been using some available on the Internet but recently they all look the same and they all ask for CAPTYA which is an obvious attempt to obtain ones true IP.

    I'm new to privacy and hoping to learn more.

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