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you're high on mushrooms in the Viking age, the gods are everywhere

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree currently has a 'Mixed' status on Steam, with many of the negative reviews complaining that the bosses are too hard [also game's PC performance]
  • You don't even need to get good most of the time if you just spend more time learning the game by playing it's mostly a knowledge check. Fully upgraded weapon (way more important than leveling dmg stats passed min req), npc and PC summons, get vigor up in the 40-50 range, mark your map and come back later, etc. You could play it like a fighting game training against bosses to learn their moves or just go somewhere else to grind levels or equipment to come back later for an easier fight.

  • I Will Fucking Piledrive You if You mention AI Again
  • As someone who conferenced some basic ML research in early 2000s and then left academia for a boring/stable software engineering gig in a non IT org to escape the hype bubble only to end up having to talk to people about ML/AI frequently this article speaks to me.

  • What's the reason for the empty comments, lately?
  • I'm using sync and if an image post doesn't load i see an error, but if a comment with just an image doesn't load it just looks like a blank comment. I've checked the site a few times and usually the image loads on the site, or if you touch the blank post where an image would be and sometimes that gets it to show up.

  • What's the reason for the empty comments, lately?
  • I usually replace it with a period to try to make it easier to differentiate from posts that were only an image that didn't load

  • AEW Rampage Discussion Thread - 06/21/24 (Spoilers)
  • Is AEW only on cable TV or do they re-stream/co-steam anywhere else? I have a roku but searching for AEW looks like it just brings up a bunch of non-wrestling shows

  • These 25 rainbow-flag waving companies donated $18 million to anti-gay politicians since the last election
  • The people in charge of whether they can be bribed are the same people receiving the bribes. The accountability of politicians under elections to prevent this behavior depends on a well informed and educated electorate which the wealth class has undermined for decades.

  • Imagine, if you can.
  • A raspberry pi running batocera has been a good cheap way I've been using to revisit some classics. You can integrate it with too.

  • [USA] Appeals court rules that cops can physically make you unlock your phone
  • Biometrics are not secret and should not be used in place of passwords. They are identity like a user name. It's the same problem with orgs trying to use ssn as a security challenge, with all the beaches pretty much everyone's is already public knowledge.

  • Name this cut
  • Licked the bowl

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • If you had reasonable copyright terms like 5 years and a requirement to release code/digital artifacts for library archival once it becomes public commons?

  • UK’s richest family on trial in Switzerland for human trafficking, confiscating staff passports, paying as little as £7/day
  • If you're asking why wealthy people run to Switzerland specifically I have to assume it is in part due to the history of banks that make disclosing ownership a crime making them useful to hide capital in offshore accounts to dodge taxes in their home country, stash money related to crime or exploitation, laundering, etc. While their money may be stored anonymously once they show up in person they themselves are no longer anonymous and subject to arrest.

  • If you don't work IT, retail, or food service what do you do for work?
  • Honey dipper, lighthouse keeper, lamp lighter, encyclopedia deliveries, phrenologist, and whaler.

  • New poll finds strong majority opposes gender-affirming care bans for trans minors
  • None of the known risks or side effects include cognitive impairment, you are attributing to puberty blockers changes to cognitive development without research demonstrating the causal link between limiting puberty hormones and decreased or slowed cognitive development like the known negative effects. I also wouldn't accept increased cognitive development as a positive effect under puberty blockers without justification either. Until there is sufficient justification for either position we are not justified reaching either conclusion.

    I am concerned there is and will be increased public resistance to what the medical consensus supports because of the political scapegoating trans people are under, and wonder if we were talking about transhumanism in general instead focused specifically on transgenderism would the resistance be the same.

    The discussions you've mentioned would likely start with a child experiencing distress reported to an adult or their parents noticing their distress and working with a medical doctor to identify the causes and treatment plans to consider. In the cases where the distress is related to a lasting pattern of gender dysphoria or gender nonconformity that is one of the criteria for prescribing puberty blockers.

  • New poll finds strong majority opposes gender-affirming care bans for trans minors
  • If puberty blockers inhibit hormones and hormones are responsible for the development of our brains and identity:

    I'm going to need a source that puberty blockers have negative effects on cognitive development to accept that if. If puberty related hormones were necessary to consider someone an adult then people who are missing those hormones or puberty by mutation, disease, etc wouldn't be considered adults which is not the case.

    how is hitting pause allowing for an informed decision?

    It prevents the acute release of puberty related hormones until they are old enough to be considered an adult under the law and able to make decisions about what they do or don't consent to. The informed decision to prevent permanent changes by taking puberty blockers is made by a medical professional with parental or guardian consent to allow the child to mentally mature and make their own choice about taking hormones. One literary review notes the following positive and negative effects: "Positive outcomes were decreased suicidality in adulthood, improved affect and psychological functioning, and improved social life. Adverse factors associated with use were changes in body composition, slow growth, decreased height velocity, decreased bone turnover, cost of drugs, and lack of insurance coverage. "

  • New poll finds strong majority opposes gender-affirming care bans for trans minors
  • No, in essence gender and sexuality are not the same and you seem to be saying they are. If after discussing with a doctor and parents or legal guardian if the best course of action is to prescribe puberty blockers so they can make an informed decision about hormones when 18 I see nothing wrong with that or equivalent to sexualizing children.

  • World Press Freedom Day: Over 100 journalists killed in Gaza

    More journalists have been killed in Gaza than in any other war, according to the Committee To Protect Journalists data

    World Press Freedom Day: Over 100 journalists killed in Gaza

    "In these times of darkness and hopelessness, we wish to share a strong message of solidarity and recognition to those Palestinian journalists who are covering this crisis in such dramatic circumstances. As humanity, we have a huge debt to their courage and commitment to freedom of expression," said Mauricio Weibel, Chair of the International Jury of Media Professionals.


    Tips for living an advertising free/minimal life?

    Just trying to live with as little advertising as possible and curious what tips or tricks the community has aside from moving out to a cabin in the woods.

    I can't really get away from road side advertising for now. Public sporting events are completely infected, and for the ads I am forced to see I try to make a conscious effort not to buy their goods or services. I won't subscribe to a streaming service if they have a sub+ad tier, if they're separate free with ads or sub no ads I'll support it.

    Not really for any moral stance, but ad blockers are good at avoiding malware and some services are basically broken if you have to wait for an ad network, and I just feel mentally healthier in general without the extra propaganda.