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Not exactly the kind of respect it would like to get
  • or fiddle with the vm/swappiness value

  • 2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • it's currently opt-in rather than opt-out, fully on-device and won't work on devices with weak NPUs (or on any which completely lack it)
    unless it changes in the future it's not that bad at the moment tbh

  • Microsoft's AI will be inside Minecraft, and other Xbox, PC games: new Copilot features will search your inventories, offer tips and guides
  • but actually having a thing you can ask highly contextual stuff like "oh where the fuck did i see that thing i need for a quest now" sounds super nice, no need to resort to scrubbing through playthroughs while trying to reconstruct a path there

  • California Resto Lets You Pay For Meal With Your Face: Payment Method May Be Available Nationwide Soon
  • privatbank has a similar feature in Ukraine, noone uses it lol
    don't get why anyone would ever want this, when you can just tap your phone w google pay

  • Canada is out of control
  • chill it's a meme

  • Microsoft Rule
  • running locally using dedicated hardware in snapdragon cpu is kinda the whole point of the thing though.

    also it's not really going to work otherwise, think about it for a second. How useful is a "recall" feature that only remembers moments where you were connected to the internet? also processing such a huge amount of data online is not a feasible task.

    also the whole point of the locked down "ai" features (and windows 11 itself lol) is to boost hardware sales. they're not going to make it work on other devices through the "cloud" at least for that reason alone.

  • Microsoft Rule
  • "it's local, for now"
    running locally is kinda the whole point of the thing

  • Microsoft Rule
  • because you saved it into onedrive?
    which is the default save location in ms office unless you switch it to local (it's not like it uploads stuff automatically tho, it's just the default folder it shows you)

  • Microsoft Rule
  • it's on-device

  • Linux not in meme
  • or...

    Upgrade to Enterprise (upgrading to enterprise will also remove ads in settings)

    in gpo editor:

    • Set updates to Manual
    • set the telemetry level to "Security" in group policy (iirc can also be called "Compliance"). This only works on Enterprise.
    • opt out of Microsoft accounts. This will force account creation to skip right to local accounts as if MS accounts were never a thing. This only works on Enterprise/Pro.
    • disable copilot and integrated bing search

    do a full reboot

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • well apple cpus have a hardware flag which slightly changes side effects of some existing arm instructions AND completely changes the memory model to one that imitates Intel x86 for the current thread. (TSO)

    with this flag enabled, the code can be almost fully recompiled ahead-of-time (from x86_64 to arm64) with minimal overhead (no need to remap memory addresses etc), with no reason to resort to e.g. jit recompilation on the fly (which is exactly what box64 does all the time)

    i assume snapdragon and microsoft are doing a similar thing (it definitely involves some hw magic too, maybe not exactly the same as in apple) since it's seemingly the only way to achieve parity with apple in terms of performance

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • yes, but you'll be missing out on ALL games, none of which are compiled for arm64.
    also no, box64 is not hardware accelerated. both snapdragon and apple m series cpus have hardware magic that makes translation viable at all (as demonstrated by box64's (and even fex) piss poor performance)

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • both apple m cpus and snapdragon have hardware magic to make translation viable when paired with usermode tools like Rozetta or Prism
    otherwise it's painfully slow, as demonstrated by both box64 and fex.

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • tbh it has been nearly flawless on win11 for me with an amd cpu

    (just make sure to disable automatic windows/defender updates unless you want to get woken up by jet turbine sounds in the middle of the night)

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • Battery life and thermals. really neat for laptops

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • now we need some sort of hw-accelerated x86_64 layer but for linux

  • U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • it's more of a "legal gray area" market

  • The instance has been ridiculously slow for the past week

    It takes like 20-40 seconds to load the homepage, up to a minute to send a comment (still takes a couple of attempts) and the inbox in sync just seemingly never ends up loading

    Fix for Heroic/Legendary Launcher (Epic Games)

    As the game requires online features, Epic Online Services ("EOS Overlay") must be installed and activated, and "Offline Mode" must be disabled in order for the game to boot! (otherwise it gets stuck on Step 1)

    Please note that this is not the default! Epic online services must be installed manually; Offline Mode is enabled in Heroic Launcher and Playnite's Legendary plugin by default

    Instructions for Heroic Launcher:

    Install "EOS Overlay":

    • Settings -> Advanced, scroll down to "EOS Overlay"
    • Click Install (You can ignore any errors, as long as "Check for updates" button turns green)

    Make sure that the game is not in Offline mode:

    • Right click the game -> Settings
    • Make sure that "Run game offline" option is disabled

    Instructions for Playnite (With Legendary Launcher plugin):

    Install "EOS Overlay":

    • Add-ons (F9)
    • Extension settings -> Libraries -> Legendary (Epic)
    • Advanced -> EOS Overlay -> Install

    Disable offline mode:

    • Right click the game -> "Legendary Launcher settings"
    • Make sure that "Offline mode" is disabled

    if everything is set up correctly, you should be able to bring up the Epic Games overlay menu by pressing Shift+F3, like on the screenshot below:


    Some feedback
    • hold to collapse (or customizable comment hold action) would've been nice to have!

    • some tabbed menus can't be swiped through.

    • Post swipe gestures are quite unreliable and often get registered as scroll gestures.

    • Chat/messages layout is really nice!

    • I think actions like upvoting should have some sort of immediate feedback (click -> soft color -> wait for action to complete -> bright color)

    • it supports ukrainian language, which is a nice bonus for me

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    Save slots!

    Demo of save slot switching and auto-saving in my Gameboy emulator (yarge/yarge-frontend-sdl); written in Rust!

    video is a couple of months old but i have nothing else to share here :p


    (stolen from a pinned msg in emudev discord)

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