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Thoughts on terrorism
  • He didn't command, direct, or approve of any of their methods. He only benefited, and protected, with disgust and grief for the values he once held dear.

    So… I lied. I cheated. I bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. I am an accessory to murder. But the most damning thing of all… I think I can live with it. And if I had to do it all over again, I would. Garak was right about one thing, a guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant. So I will learn to live with it. Because I can live with it. I can live with it… Computer, erase that entire personal log.

    Truly disgusted and grief stricken.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • As it should be, and I agree that those crazy fast 200+ kW chargers are rarely necessary.

    It's kind of a weird reaction to consumer hesitation and people complaining that they don't want to wait for charge times as compared to the time it takes to fill a tank. Making charging as fast as possible to address the complaint (while still being one or two orders of magnitude slower at best), because that's easier than getting people to change their driving habits, or making them realise that they're always going to start the day with a full charge at home.

    Even if all you have is relatively paltry north american 110V at home you need to drive way more than average per day for that not to keep up.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • restaurant/charging station combo

    The people providing the charging infrastructure here haven't figured out this important point yet. Gas stations are a terrible place to put chargers, no one wants to stop at a gas station for fifteen minutes to an hour at a time. Charging stations need to be in places people will be stopping anyway, or at the very least places that provide something to do while waiting. Restaurants, shopping centres, tourist traps, whatever.

    Here it's exacerbated by the fact that the fastest chargers we have only deliver about 60kW. Not even close to the 200+ some EVs need to get the fast charging times they advertise. But that 60kW would be perfectly fine if I could spend the time in a restaurant instead of standing around at a gas bar in the middle of nowhere.

    Hell, even cheap (or free) "level 2" chargers outside restaurants and shopping malls would be a huge help.

  • Anon reflects on e-sports
  • My Trinitron monitor actually had two of those stabilizing wires. They were very thin, much thinner than even a single scan line, but you could definitely notice them on an all white background.

  • Voyager 1 Once Again Returning Science Data From All Four Instruments
  • Take 30 seconds to at least glance at the article the other user posted. It's not just myself, there are plenty of very interested physicists who also find the unprovability of the one-way speed of light interesting.

    I'm also not sure what your point about orange is supposed to be. Are you suggesting that there is a particular spectra of light that we cannot test?

    My reason for being interested isn't just that I think it's "cool". I think it's fascinating that a fundamental underpinning of physics has such a gap in its experimental verifiability.

  • Voyager 1 Once Again Returning Science Data From All Four Instruments
  • For no reason. No one is saying that it is different, only that it's impossible to prove one way or the other. Light traveling the same speed in all directions, and light traveling at 2x c away from an observer and instantaneously on the return, and every other alternative that averages out to c for the round trip, are indistinguishable to any experiment we can conduct.

  • Voyager 1 Once Again Returning Science Data From All Four Instruments
  • Another interesting way to conceptualize it is that the speed of light is infinite and it's causality/information that is limited to c. You shine a light at the moon and it takes 1.3 seconds for the "fact" that the light was turned on to propagate that far.

  • What have you watched this week?
  • I started watching Star Trek: The Animated Series. As a long time Trekkie who had never checked it out I expected it to be campy and ridiculous, and yes, the is some of that, but there's also some surprisingly good writing in there.

  • All three game console makers, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, have now abandoned X (formerly Twitter) integration
  • I haven't used the PlayStation or Xbox ones, but the Switch mobile device media transfer is remarkably awkward to use. The Switch will broadcast an ad hoc SSID which you can connect a device to and then hit a web server hosted by the Switch to get your pictures. As if that wasn't already kind of awkward lots of phones will fight you on connecting to the SSID because it doesn't have an internet gateway, so they consider it a bad connection and just automatically switch back to mobile data.

  • HP bricks ProBook laptops with bad BIOS delivered via automatic updates — many users face black screen after Windows pushes new firmware
  • When I heard that BIOS updates were going out automatically via Windows update I had just assumed the devices in question must be using an A/B update scheme to prevent the risk of accidentally bricking the system, because obviously they should.

    Absolutely insane that's not the case.

  • Anon discovers .NET
  • .NET (not .NET Framework) is cross platform and can be compiled into native binaries on a variety of platforms. There is however the wrinkle of not all the libraries within .NET being supported on all platforms. Most notably, everything involving a graphical UI is Windows only.

    The most well known cross platform .NET project you probably have heard about is Jellyfin.

  • Food Pyramid of the Future
  • Hell, current plant-based alternatives would be doing great too if they weren't inexplicably more expensive. Impossible Meat has a lower environmental impact and requires fewer resources to make than beef? Great! Why does it cost more then? I'm not even vegetarian but I'd happily switch to fake burgers if they weren't double the price.

  • Street Fighter 6 - Rashid Gameplay Trailer

    I can't wait.