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With the recent issues of transgender people in sports, why don’t we move some sports over to a weight-class system?
  • It sounds like you have a lot of experiences that others could learn from, but you will likely push people away if you attack them directly (calling them extremist) rather than only attacking their positions.

    One tactic that I like is asking them questions that lead them to point out the flaws in their own arguments.

    Would you be more or less likely to learn from someone that calls you an extremist?

  • With the recent issues of transgender people in sports, why don’t we move some sports over to a weight-class system?
  • This post was reported for transphobia. Specifics weren't given. It seems like you use the term "female" to mean someone that was assigned female at birth. I'm not sure if language is changing in this area and I certainly don't know technical definitions. Female does seemed to be used as a gender identity as well. For example the opening paragraph here:

    I think many cultures are learning how to be more welcoming to people from all walks of life, which is great, and conversations like this one are good for discussing some of the nuance.

    Please keep things civil and assume the best of other's intentions. We are all learning. We are all human.

    Edit: spelling

  • Which is older an infant or a baby?
  • Yeah I think this is the difference. I don't have a strong second language so I think of infants being only the earliest stage of life. They speak some french where enfant is older than a bébé.

  • Which is older an infant or a baby?

    Is one a sub group of the other? Does either term include toddlers?

    I'm having this discussion with someone and we both thought the opposite from eachother and we were quite sure our way of thinking was the common understanding.

    "BeReal." FOSS alternative? Yes please!
  • Or maybe we could have a rule like "Any post that's greater than 12hrs old and has less than 30% approval gets removed" I like this because it gives voting more power for shaping the community and it's objective.

  • "BeReal." FOSS alternative? Yes please!
  • OP wants FOSS BeReal, it's all there in the title. There is no rule against having a body to the post. I agree that I would be disappointed if showerthoughts was only people's product ideas.

    If this type of post became commonplace we could make a rule trying to avoid spam. How would you word the rule? "No promotion of products or product concepts" that might work. Rules have side effects so I would want to look back through old posts to see if it would hurt quality posts.

    This post did get two reports. Reports are not super down votes, things need to break rules for me to pull them, I try to be objective. As always I'm open to discussion.

    I did giggle about commenter below that is sometimes old. Silver linings.

  • The Best Secure Email Providers in 2024
  • Huh, works fine for me for nearly a year now. The only thing I still use google calendar for are some shared calendars.

    After proton adds Standard Notes. I'm hoping google maps will be the last product I'm tied to.

  • Wouldn't it be funny if gay people referred to other gay people as their "colleagues"?
  • This is my first time being a mod. For example early on I would just remove any post that got a single report, but obviously that's not a good strategy.

    There are also other mods including an automod.

    If I'm reading your picture correctly it was only 6 days ago that your post got removed. I'm not even sure if I can undo a mod action but I'll look into it. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Edit: I am having trouble finding the original context of the comment that got removed, finding out how to reverse it, or finding who removed it. It's possible it was me but I don't remember it. I have reached out to other mods for help.

  • Is there a good source of info on rental car liability insurance?

    I want to know if the car I'm renting comes with liability insurance. I just want to be sure that if I am at fault in an accident, that the other car will be covered. Lets try to ignore any personal car insurance policy and let's ignore collision insurance for now.

    I am under the impression that in many countries they are required to give you liability insurance when you rent the car, but I don't have a good source. Many articles have mixed information.

    For the US, this article says:

    > For a registered car rental company in the US, they must provide a minimum level of liability protection for cars they rent out.

    But this other article says > In the U.S., every state requires a minimum amount of liability insurance on car insurance policies, so you may already have liability coverage through your personal auto insurance.

    Which sounds like in the US your personal insurance is all you have.

    Sunday with my Portable Mag Loop
  • That really is an impressive accomplishment. Yeah learning more EE seams like a great reason. Aviation radios have all sorts of clever tricks to get a longer antenna. Some WWII era planes would trail their antennas behind the aircraft.

  • Identity politics and universal pseudonymity arose at the same time.
  • Several of your comments/posts are being reported. You can find the code of conduct here:

    There is nothing shocking in there just basic thing like no name calling. Which I suspect is why this comment was being reported. And is why I took down your other post.

    Text is very poor at communicating a lot of subtleties that you get in other forms of communication. So it's helpful to expect the best intentions of others and maybe ask clarifying questions.

    If you look through other posts and comments you will find that people tend to be pretty chill, looking for a laugh or to make others laugh, and enjoying curious observations about life. People also get passionate about certain topics but I like how the code of conduct puts it "Criticize ideas, never people."

  • Community Service: Vote on a new mod

    In the spirit of Lemmy/federation giving more power to the users. I want to let the users of this community vote on our first candidate for a new mod. This is a little risky because there has not been much time for community to form, but I think its a chance to set a good precedence.

    Voter information

    The candidate for a new mod:

    My arguments for adding them as a mod:

    • Assuming its the same person, was an active reddit user since 2011. And from briefly scanning their history on reddit and Lemmy, they seem like a good level headed person. I think they would be a good mod, but the voice of the community is what matters.
    • I have no mod experience and was always a complete reddit lurker, so it would be good to have a very active community member as a mod.

    My arguments for not adding them:

    • Y'all are chill and not causing a lot of work for me. So at this instant I can handle the work load. Not sure how long that will last though.

    How to place a vote

    I hope to avoid bots so voting will take some effort.

    To place a vote you must comment on this post (I wont count nested comments). Your comment must begin with "YES:" or "NO:" followed by no less than 4 words justifying your vote.

    Votes must be submitted before June 29 at 06:00 UTC.

    If we have more YES votes than NO votes, u/forkball will become a mod.

    Here are examples of valid voting comments: "YES: because forkball both showers and thinks!" "NO: because they didn't give me an up doot"


    Lemmy and moderating is still new to me so if this ends up being a really dumb move on my part for some reason I cannot foresee, I reserve the right to bail on this idea and try another method for community input. Things would need to get really nuts for me to bail on this vote.

    I don't expect a huge number of votes, but if im wrong, it may take some time to tally the votes.


    • It seems implied, but only one vote per username. Feel free to report duplicates. I will also try to publish the counted votes so people can validate my tally.

    reddit migration and an invitation to mods

    I created this community because it was my favorite on Reddit and I couldn't find one on Lemmy.

    If the mods from reddit want to to moderate this community, I am happy to welcome them. They do a great job!

    flying vatlark

    Any US pilots flying in Switzerland? Pilot licences

    All prospective pilots, whether they want to fly aeroplanes, gliders, helicopters or balloons, have to undergo clearly defined training. This includes theory lessons as well as practical training in the type of aircraft concerned. All training courses have to be concluded with an examination.

    How hard is it to fly in Switzerland with FAA certificates? Anyone have experience with "Validation of a foreign license" which is good for 1 year or "Conversion of a BASA FAA licence to EASA Part-FCL PPL Licence"


    Related words

    poo and poop are related words, pee and peep are not, boo and boob are unclear


    Very impressed with Lemmy

    I just joined from the reddit-exidus. I'm very impressed by all the hard work going into Lemmy. If you want to help fight off the next wave of the hug of death, you can support: