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Where was Planet America when the US was going into meltdown? (SONG)

Instance blocked
  • Fair enough, that content was disgusting thanks for trying to get ahead of it

  • Instance blocked
  • I think you might have only blocked it for yourself, because I can still access their communities and users, e.g.[email protected]

    They also seem to be a legit instance, just a very small one

  • Gun owners feel victimised by new WA firearms laws, touted as 'toughest' in the country
  • Comparing guns to cars seems like bit of a stretch, however, I fully understand that more people die or are seriously injured in car-related incidents than guns (and that is fairly similar in the US (where there are lots of guns), however according to [1] in 2020 35/(50+1) states (+ district of columbia) had more gun related deaths than vehicle-related deaths). I'm not saying we shouldn't control cars more effectively either - some of my family were involved in a multi-vehicle crash recently caused by an idiot (in a big ute) who couldn't do the speed limit and also fled the scene, unsure whether police have found them yet. We should be making investments in public transport so we can make car licensing requirements stricter.

    Unfortunately cars are still a requirement for the current transport needs, that is until public transport is constructed to take their place. Guns, however, are a luxury/hobby item with only practical uses for pest control and farming. Guns were also designed for the purpose of killing and have arguably done much less good for humanity than cars.

    I understand your point about how it will affect gun enthusiasts and how group punishment is necessarily unfair, however the harder it is to own a gun, the less likely an idiot will own one making it less likely that an idiot will operate a gun. It sucks but I guess the risk comes with the hobby


  • The Aussie flag on canvas is basically complete!
  • Well done guys it looks great! Especially @[email protected] for coordinating this whole thing

  • Two Australians charged with spying offences for allegedly conspiring to share ADF secrets with Russia
  • I wouldn’t betray Australia and love life here.

    That's what they all say, looks like we found another one /s

  • [SOLVED] Using clangd with vscode to develop a flatpak
  • I was asking about getting the clangd extension to work when developing an application against the freedesktop sdk as a flatpak. I've worked it out now, thanks for your interest

  • [SOLVED] Using clangd with vscode to develop a flatpak
  • I've worked it out, thanks for the responses, maybe I didn't word the question properly or something, but here's what I did for anyone interested in the future:

    You only need to do this once for every machine you want to work on.

    Add the llvm freedesktop sdk extensions to get a clangd executable to your flatpak manifest:

    "sdk-extensions": [

    Install these extensions:

    • Native Debug
    • Flatpak
    • Meson Build
    • clangd (optional)

    Run the Flatpak: Build command in the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) this might take a minute. Make sure you have the required sdks installed (see the manifest for details).

    There should now be two folders: .flatpak and _build. There should also be a script generated at .flatpak/ Run:


    This will generate .flatpak/ and .flatpak/ If you want to use the clangd vscode extension extension add this to .vscode/settings.json:

    "clangd.path": "./.flatpak/"

    Now run the clangd: Restart language server command in the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) and you should be good to go!

    # Simple script to generate scripts to make life easy when using flatpak with vscode
    import subprocess;
    def gen_script(outfile, exec):
        with open(".flatpak/", "rt") as fin:
            with open(outfile, "wt") as fout:
                for line in fin:
                    fout.write(line.replace("/usr/bin/meson", exec))["chmod", "+x", outfile])
    # GDB for debugging
    gen_script(".flatpak/", "/usr/bin/gdb")
    # clangd for suggestions
    gen_script(".flatpak/", "/usr/lib/sdk/llvm18/bin/clangd")
  • [SOLVED] Using clangd with vscode to develop a flatpak
  • Not sure I follow. I'm talking about using the clangd language server to give me code completion, etc. when developing a flatpak application. I've already got it making the package and running it through the vscode debugger

  • Using clangd with vscode to develop a flatpak

    I'm developing a program in C++ targeting flatpak, since I'm on an immutable system I'd rather develop for flatpak than try using a container (plus I can't get SDL to open a window in a container anyway). Everything works with GNOME Builder but it's not as nice to use as vscode: less syntax highlighting, doesn't reopen where I left off, can't debug multiple instances (Not to say I don't like GNOME Builder - it's really good and will only get better, it's just slowing me down at this point). I managed to get the flatpak building and debugging from within code, using the vscode-flatpak extension the only thing not working properly is clangd. I am using the meson build system.

    This is probably a bit of a long shot, but has anyone else tried to do this?

    BTW I'm not talking about using clangd with the vscode flatpak package

    Former officers 'sickened' by video of Queensland police beating teen with baton in watch house
  • They should have beaten him more, it is scientifically proven that beating people with sticks increases their pride in society and causes them to not become more disenfranchised. (/s)

  • Canvas is starting in 2 (and 2 thirds) days!
  • We should put this on there too:

  • Which suburb has the most teachers? Dentists? CEOs? Where to find Melbourne’s worker tribes
  • Is water actually wet though? Or does it make something wet? Does water being surrounded by water make it wet?

  • Tesla won’t free up use of its batteries, leaving owners unable to reap full benefits
  • Using EVs as home batteries sounds like a good idea but wouldn't the extra charging and discharging cycles results in loss of capacity and thus loss of range for the car?

  • Got an old, cold house like Laine's? Here are seven ways to make it warmer and cheaper
  • I saw someone constructing a horse wash bay shelter (just a roof with no walls) and they put insulation in the roof!

  • Passive depressive bumper sticker spotted in the wild
  • I don't identify with it at all. 6-8 years maybe I could agree with

  • 'Disgusting and disturbing': Why some female teachers are leaving the profession
  • good morals in kids

    I think you mean basic human decency

  • Queensland LNP promises to increase pokies cap for clubs with more than two premises
  • This sounds like a really good policy idea, especially if you consider the positives:

    • Gambling lobby has more money for LNP donations

    Vs the very very insignificant negatives:

    • More bankruptcy
    • More suicides
    • More unemployed poor people to villanise

    Absolutely genius, can't wait for their other great policies like:

    • making preferencing optional so it's easier for them to win (which they announced after winning the BCC election which has optional preferencing),
    • rolling over like a dog for a belly rub to allow nuclear to be built in QLD to satisfy Peter Dutton's wet dreams,
    • naming a railway line after Queen Elizabeth ii (not entirely unreasonable but there are probably people that did more for QLD to name it after),
    • giving those poor defenceless, internationally-owned coal miners a break, because they have spent too much saturating our advertising with cries for help and that money could be much better spent on LNP donations
    • discontinuing the government's renewables projects to erode confidence from the sector, afterall they don't donate to the LNP
  • On the Internet, what is a dead giveaway that someone is actually a kid?
  • I mod some of the communities there and having reports arrive 8 days late for some rule violations 8 days ago by users is annoying

  • What's with all of these stories about beauty companies on ABC
  • I don't like it when they interview celebrities on 7:30. What? Is there no news that needs an in-depth look?

  • What's with all of these stories about beauty companies on ABC

    They've run a couple of stories now about small businesses getting ripped off or "duped" in the beauty industry now. I'm not sure I'm meant to feel sorry for them—their entire industry is based on telling women that they don't look good enough.

    6 'A king above the law': US Supreme Court's Trump ruling prompts judges to warn of 'nightmare scenarios'

    America's highest court finds ex-presidents have significant protection from criminal prosecution — a historic ruling that could have major ramifications for the charges against Donald Trump.

    'A king above the law': US Supreme Court's Trump ruling prompts judges to warn of 'nightmare scenarios'

    Please don't

    7 How ethical retirement savings are being invested in the world's most destructive weapons

    An ABC investigation into superannuation funds offering members "ethical" or "socially aware" options unearths millions of dollars of retirement savings invested in companies that make some of the most controversial and devastating weapons of war.

    How ethical retirement savings are being invested in the world's most destructive weapons

    New Bluefin image variant, zst:chunked compression, weekly updates


    Why open source are not that important (servers and IT)

    Personally I believe this is a very poor take

    Australian Tech ⸻ Ban DHMO 🇦🇺 ⸻

    Cheap Australia-based static site hosting

    What are my best options for hosting a static site on Australian servers?

    Previously I was using a normal web hosting service but they don't work very well with static site generators and are usually overpriced for what I want.

    Ideally I'd like a service like Cloudflare pages or GitHub pages, etc., i.e. there is good integration with git as my site is generated using Hugo.

    'straya ⸻ Ban DHMO 🇦🇺 ⸻ At 68, Gordon Jones is an 'outlaw' mower racer and endurance event champion

    It's a case of ready, set, mow at the Inverell Speedway, where lawnmowers rather than speeding cars are fast becoming fan favourites.

    At 68, Gordon Jones is an 'outlaw' mower racer and endurance event champion
    0 'Own goal': One Nation mocks Robert Irwin's legal threat to sue over cartoon

    One Nation published a two-minute video on Friday called 'The State of Queensland' which used Robert Irwin and popular children's character Bluey to mock the state government over perceived failings ahead of the election in October.

    'Own goal': One Nation mocks Robert Irwin's legal threat to sue over cartoon

    Australia's Defence Policy Explained | Utopia #shorts


    Scam Awareness Thread

    With so many scams out there, especially now as we face the end of the financial year and the pinned "How to spot a tax scam" post being nearly a year old, I'm going to pin this thread as a place to share advice regarding scams or any new scams you might have noticed.

    This isn't to say not to post scam related stuff in the main community but to create a place to keep track of scam related stuff which might get washed away over time.


    Australia Community Anniversary Thread

    Communities don't get cake days on Lemmy, but looking back at the posts in the Aussie Zone meta community, today 12/06 marks one year since @[email protected] requested the community be created. Since then the top posts this community has had were:

    1. At 679 - 9 votes and 200 comments: YouTube Premium family plan price update ($17.99/month -> $32.99/month!) (by @[email protected]
    2. At 571 - 7 votes and 68 comments: The lack of ads! (by @[email protected])
    3. At 551 - 38 votes and 174 comments: Can we stop buying these stupid things? Thanks (by @[email protected])

    I had a look sorting by controversial and I'm quite surprised that the referendum megathread, which bot recruit @[email protected] kept reminding everyone about.

    Within this first year we also participated in the first ever lemmyvision contest, with our nomination ranking 4th.

    We've also appointed some extra moderators since the start of the year-@[email protected], @[email protected] and @[email protected]-who have been doing a great job at keeping conversations on track.

    What were your favourite interactions and posts on this community over the year? And what would you like to see the community move towards in the years ahead?

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful year!


    Alternative Brisbane Daily Discussion Thread⸻Tuesday 11/06/2024—🤖🚓🚓🚓 😶‍🌫️🤔🐈‍⬛🚫🪥

    Suck on that brisbot, I've got emojis, a triple em dash and an em dash.

    bapcsalesaustralia ⸻ Ban DHMO 🇦🇺 ⸻

    I've made my computer 100% Efficient

    If you want a 100% efficient computer like me, all you have to do - and it's very simple!

    Count all of the noise and heat as useful work.


    Why do you need light bars?

    What is with dickheads getting light bars on their cars now. I live in a rural area and not right on the road, trying to sleep and then at 12:38am some dickhead's got his light bar on and my whole room is illuminated, and the part of the road he was on... at least a kilometre or two away! WTF are they trying to see that their high beams won't show them? Are they trying to stun wildlife so they can hit them?

    It's really difficult trying to drive at night now too, if the white head lights on new cars aren't burning your eyes out, you get one of these idiots come along. It's not just SUVs and 4WDs either, I've seen them on hatchbacks and sedans as well.

    Sorry for the rant - unless you use a light bar in semi-rural areas that is


    Gas Guzzling (the chaser's war on everything)


    (Pauline Hanson) The Man From Snowy Hydro

    I'm not a supporter of Pauline and there's a lot of problems with this video, it is funny to think that people believe this shit.

    Also I'm gonna bet that the music (from the Man from Snowy River) was used without license as with most of this authoritarian pro-fossil fuels propaganda shit...


    The master race condition

    Stumbled upon this when looking for help on Reddit: