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Cursed wretched marketing
  • Is this because our brains have been programmed to see Coca Cola can as red? Or does it have something to do with the way the black and white boxes are organized? (I.e. if it were a sprite can, it would still be red)

  • Walmart is a Menace
  • Walmart lowers prices so low for a few months until it drives local competition out of business (because they can afford to take temporary loss).

    Local shops go out of business.

    Walmart raises prices so now people are paying even more than they were before Walmart colonized the area.

    Rinse and repeat.

  • is this employee in the room with us right now?
  • Do you not have a life outside the office? I’m sorry if that’s the case.

    No need to subject everyone to in-office mandates just because for some people it’s the only way they get “human contact” (going to ignore the “high-quality” part of your statement lol)

  • Tony the 1 braincelled cat


    Libertarian rule


    Big Bend National Park - Texas, United States


    Sliding Sands Trail - Kula, Hawaii

    One of my favorite trails. The change of landscape along the trail makes for a very beautiful and interesting hike.


    Boot rule


    A fried spaghetti sandwich eating a smaller fried spaghetti sandwich


    I subscribe to this theory in totality