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Rule elitism
  • Does it?

    Yes, in the sense that "thing moves around and does stuff" becomes more predictable if you assume a certain degree of consciousness. This is easier than "thing is at this position now, was at a different position before, was at yet another position before that". You reduce some of the complexity and unpredictability by introducing an explanation for these changes of world state. In my world, so far I worked well with the assumption that other humans and animals have some consciousness and at least I'm not aware of any striking evidence that would raise doubt on that.

    The problem with this isn’t that it’s literally unprovable

    Yes, that's a problem, but it's relatively similar to the other one. It's actually quite hard to "prove" anything with real world connection. However, in the case of other humans/animal consciousness, evidence suggests so (at least for me). The evidence in the case of "AI" is different, though. For example, they seem to have no awareness of time and no awareness of the world beyond the limited context of a conversation. Besides a fancy marketing term that suggests there is something similar to living beings involved, what we currently see are admittedly impressive programs that run on statistics, but I don't need to assume any "consciousness" to explain what they do.

  • Rule elitism
  • Welcome to radical constructivism :) The question whether other people or cats can experience emotions is in fact a problem people have been thinking about quite a lot. Answers are not very satisfactory, but one way to think about it (e.g., some constructivists would do that) is that assuming they do have a conscience simplifies your world model. In the case of "AI" though, we have good alternative explanations for their behavior and don't need to assume they can experience anything.

    The other important bit is that not assuming some phenomenon exists (e.g., "AI" can experience emotions) unless proven otherwise is the basis of modern (positivistic) science.

  • Rule elitism
  • EFF does some good stuff elsewhere, but I don't buy this. You can't just break this problem down to small steps and then show for each step how this is fine when considered in isolation, while ignoring the overall effects. Simple example from a different area to make the case (came up with this in 2 minutes so it's not perfect, but you can craft this out better):

    Step 1: Writing an exploit is not a problem, because it's necessary that e.g., security researchers can do that.

    Step 2: Sending a database request is not a problem, because if we forbid it the whole internet will break

    Step 3: Receiving freely available data from a database is not a problem, because otherwise the internet will break

    Conclusion: We can't say that hacking into someone else's database is a problem.

    What is especially telling about the "AI" "art" case: The major companies in the field are massively restrictive about copyright elsewhere, as long as it's the product of their own valuable time (or stuff they bought). But if it's someone else's work, apparently it's not so important to consider their take on copyright, because it's freely available online so "it's their own fault to upload it lol".

    Another issue is the chilling effect: I for one have become more cautious sharing some of my work on the internet, specifically because I don't want it to be fed into "AI"s. I want to share it with other humans, but not with exploitative corporations. Do you know a way for me to achieve this goal (sharing with humans but not "AI") in today's internet? I don't see a solution currently. So the EFF's take on this prevents people (me) from freely sharing their stuff with everyone, which would otherwise be something they would encourage and I would like to do.

  • Rule elitism
  • Meh, better approach it to assume it doesn't understand emotion unless proven otherwise. Does a fork understand what human emotion is? A pillow? You wouldn't assume that either I guess.

  • :-O
  • Step 1: Nobody talks about Trump, everybody is busy discussing how old Biden is. All attention with the dems

    Step 2: Stage an assassination attempt with some blood but also good photos with a fist pump

    Step 3: Kill the shooter so they don't talk

    Step 4: Profit and everyone talks about Trump now

  • Time comes for us all. [OC]
  • And then there are cats. Who destroys your favorite tableware? Who scratches all your furniture except the one made specifically for that purpose? Who walks over your keyboard?


    "Oh well, all right then, haha!"

  • Leftists must always concede their views.
  • The appropriate action for now is to vote for the best option and simultaneously engage in grassroots activism. Publicly criticize the government to lean too far to the right. Volunteer for a nearby social initiative.

    Ask what your fucked up country can do for you AND ask what you can do for your fucked up country.

  • Take a gander at this
  • Thanks, but that was not the point of my comment. I'm just happy about that post, because finally I learned women get more privileges than men and I can ignore everything I heard about wage gaps, glass ceilings, and sexism at work. What a relief!

  • Woodworking udon

    Basic variable height desk for standing/sitting - looking for ideas, tips, inspiration!

    Hi all!

    I think the title says it - I would like to build an adjustable height desk out of wood and currently think of ideas to do that. The standard options online tend to be sort of ugly imho, really expensive, and/or have various electronic components that can fail and are hard to repair.

    Some features that would be great to have:

    • adjusting height doesn't take too long. It should be feasible on a daily basis, e.g., for standing in the morning and then sitting down, standing up after lunch again etc.
    • adjusting should also be feasible by one person alone
    • at least 2 different heights (standing and sitting), but it doesn't need to be super flexible otherwise.
    • it can't be attached to the ceiling for example, because I'm not allowed to drill holes here
    • robust enough to hold the weight of a monitor and things office workers have on their desk (maybe a water bottle, coffee mug, 2-3 books, their arms, ...)

    My first thought was this table template by Enzo Mari. It allows you to adjust height, even different heights for the front and back of the table. But it seems difficult to adjust on your own and I don't need the added front/back flexibility. However, in combination with a magnet or spring mechanism to fixate the height, this could be nice. I don't know how to build such a mechanism though and would be grateful for pointers!

    Another thought was to extend the legs above the height of the surface and pull the surface up with a pulley mechanism.

    This guy built a nice table, but has the same problem with changing height.

    But I'm really open to other ideas as well. Any ideas/pointers/suggestions are very appreciated!


    What is a song you wanted to find again for a long time, but it gave you no clear clue about how to search for it?

    I would also be curious to hear how you eventually found it again!

    One to start: Conquest for paradise by vangelis. Just randomly woke up one morning with the song plus title in my head


    Was music really better "back in the days"?

    Tell me all the trash music/artists you know from around the 50s to 70s.


    Google Glass had a better see-through solution than the Apple Vision Pro

    Whatever use cases they try to push for social settings, I think Google Glass was still the better solution. Nobody uses their Vision Pro outside, and it's way too expensive as just another VR headset to use at home.


    [solved] Getting into the UEFI menu

    My dearest,

    I just got myself a lil' HP Elitedesk 800 G2 mini and am all set to run my home server on there. But I have troubles entering the UEFI menu. I don't know what they did with Windows 10, but I can't get there the usual way (i.e., hitting random f-buttons or esc during startup). I checked out the online Windows support and found this link with options to access the UEFI menu from within Windows:

    However, even when the computer is supposed to reboot into UEFI, it always sends me back to the normal login screen. By now, I ran out of ideas what to try.

    Did anyone experience similar problems?

    Edit: Got it working with different keyboard/display combination. The reboot from within Windows thing still didn't work, but starting from powered off and hitting f10 a few times did it this time. I think the main problem was with my displayport to HDMI converter at home, which apparently caused some delays - and maybe the fact that it's connected to a TV at home, not a regular display. Also, if you don't stop hitting f10 at some point, apparently you get sent back to normal booting. I didn't investigate that problem further though.


    Where are the Vision Pro memes of "for 3500$ you could also buy..."? Thanks

    Back in my days, we had tons of memes for the mac pro. They went like:

    You could buy a Mac Pro with these specs (...) or you could buy:

    • another computer with better specs
    • a house
    • Russia
    • a Cybertruck
    • and green_day.mp3

    ... and still pay less.


    Self-Observation: Talking about being busy

    Dear cozy little Lemmy World Japan Life community,

    I made a random small self-observation recently and would be curious about y'all's opinions. Where I'm from people casually talk about being super busy. A conversation can go like: "Hey, how are you doing?" "I'm fine, just drowning a bit in work. I have these 5 projects in parallel, 3 families to feed, and do some sports on top, but yeah, nothing exceptional".

    I don't understand this as "bragging" in most cases, just a casual conversation item and most people really are super busy these days.

    In Japan however, I noticed the dynamics around this are a bit different. I feel like I am quite busy here as well. But when I say something similar the conversation often becomes a bit awkward. For example, a friend recently asked me for a translation job as a favor. In a later conversation, I casually mentioned that I'm quite busy, so they felt bad for burdening me with even more work and directly addressed this ("I'm sorry that I asked for this, I can try to ask someone else" - "no, no, that's fine! That translation is not so much work actually! In fact I enjoy it even!". In my mind this was not really connected, but after saying it, there was this little awkward moment and I needed to do some conversational repair work. I had similar experiences with other friends, but now I thought that's an interesting small cultural difference. Here, I feel people would rather appreciate and talk about how much other people do (as manifested e.g. in お疲れ様).

    I know, it sounds a bit cliche ("Japan is so awesome, wow!!!"), but I was actually more curious if you had similar experiences/thoughts about this?


    Second Hand shops in Tokyo for tall dudes (for Japanese standards)?

    Hi all, I hope you are doing fine recently.

    I need to go buy clothes and I was wondering if anyone knows of some second hand shops in Tokyo or nearby that have a bit taller sizes as well? I'm 183cm, male, so pretty standard in Europe but last time I checked (few years ago) that was way out the range and I gave up on it.


    As a side business, I sell cakes out of the trunk of my car.

    Banana bread is 1,50$ a piece, cheese cake 2,50$, and an apple crumble is 2,70$. Those are the pie rates of the car I be in.


    Shikoku 88 temples by bike?

    I was thinking about going for the trail or at least a part of it by bike at some point, but I wondered if anyone here has done something similar before? I'm not religious and would rather do it for the experience and to get to know Shikoku better. I'm not sure whether this would be considered offensive to practicing buddhists in any way and I don't want to disturb people in their religious activities. But it seems like some people have done this by bike before, so maybe it's ok (looking at the paywall of a Japan Times article)?

    I'm a moderately fit cyclist, I've done multi-day tours before years ago but not in Japan. So I'm also a bit unsure about steepness and weather conditions. Roads are probably in a decent condition (?) My options are an urban foldable bike (I kind of like that idea) or renting a decent one (probably better in reality).


    Different Katakana spelling in official documents

    Before coming to Japan I heard from other foreigners that it's best to choose one spelling for your name in Katakana and stick to it. I made sure to follow this advice.

    But I just noticed that my name is spelled differently in an official document (年金手帳). I guess someone in some public office just had to come up with their own spelling. It also looks like a reasonable transcription, but it's different.

    Do you think this causes problems down the road? If so, how could I change this? Any experiences also with other official documents welcome.