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Hacker News feed

[email protected] used to be a feed posting things from the orange site. It stopped 3 months ago. Does anyone know how to get it back in action, or is there another somewhere else I can subscribe to?


disable wake on bluetooth?

When I turn on my headphones, my oled deck turns on. Neat, but unwanted when I'm using my headphones for other things, like my zoom meeting for work causing Dave the Diver sounds to come out of my headphones. How can I turn that off without disabling Bluetooth every time I put the deck to sleep?


Baldurs Gate 3 settings for OLED deck?

Now that I have my new Oled, I'm wondering what would be good video settings for BG3. I can set the preset to ultra and it seems to offer no performance problem, but I wonder if vsync fsr2 etc should be set? How can I get the most amazing BG3 setup?


Selling my deck

I've been trying to sell my deck (64gb, like new, only 3 months old) for a couple weeks now. Marketplace, Swappa, OfferUp... But I get zero bites. It's in excellent condition, with screen protector and no controller drift and I've priced it lower than others I've seen sell. I have pictures of all sides, with it on and showing a game. I'm wondering what I need to do to sell it, what am I missing?

I want to get the new deck, but unload this one first, it's more than $100 cheaper than I got it for which means way less than the new decks are going for.

Any suggestions? Or is nobody buying used decks now?


starwars squadrons?

I had this on my wish list from ages ago, it's on sale for $3.99 now, which is super cheap but I'm not sure if it will work on the deck, or if the game is even worth my time. I've already got five other games in the pipe, but if this is really excellent and works well on the deck then I might get it. Thanks for any insight


Baldur's Gate 3 settings

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a current, and good, Steam Deck guide for BG3 settings. I've read a number of people saying they have great performance and quality and they applied settings from a guide, but I've failed to find such a guide. I did find some old settings from pre-launch, but no "guide" per-se.

The Diablo 4 guides were all over the place and easily found, but I am flummoxed why I can't find them for BG3.


Please don't block tor

I know you all are dealing with DDoS and how that goes. I run DDoS mitigation for some juicy targets and do a lot of on-call response to handle those issues, so believe me when I say I know what you are dealing with.

However, that being said, it appears you are blocking tor exit nodes with a 403, likely at your web termination point (nginx, apache, whatever), and this kind of sucks.

I get that tor can bring some attacks, and I fully support a modulated response to those attacks, preferably one with a reasonable time decay, but please don't just block all of tor

Alternatively, be one of the cool kids, and setup an onion service for!


new season and character wipe

Because there is a character wipe with the new season, if I'm close to finishing the campaign, should I just focus on that and get all the altars, and avoid everything else? I don't see much point leveling up and planning out my character build and obsessing over equipment if it's all going away in a week.


how to get to my notifications?

I had a few replies to some posts, got the bell icon, read some of them, but then it brought me to a thread... Which took me away from my notifications. Now I can't get back to them, and can't figure out how to get back to them


Firewatch blank screen on launch

I just bought Firewatch, always wanted to play it and the sale price was really good. It's also rated as confirmed on steamdeck, but it won't launch for me. Does it work for others? Any idea of what I can do, or support I can get for it? Or should I just request a refund and be sad?


Imprinting aspects from codex

I got the Sacrifice aspect from a dungeon and it looks pretty nice for my Necro blood build, but I'm afraid to use it. It will only apply to a weapon, and my current weapon that I want to keep is legendary, with an aspect I imprinted on it (blood surge echo, means I get a free blood surge effect every time I use it). If I imprint Sacrifice I will lose this imprinted aspect, and I cannot remove it, if I understand correctly. Is that also the case with the aspects I find when completing a dungeon? I'm going to need to replace this weapon at some point soon, when I get a better one, but I don't want to lose the aspect...


My feed of subscribed communities?

I've got local and all feeds, but no way to just see a feed of the communities I've subscribed to. I swear this was an option before, but I cannot find it. Am I just unable to see it?