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  • That's Metal Gear Solid Y for those who are more familiar with the Xbox layout.

  • Anyone notice the PS1 and Dreamcast are designed similarly in a way?
  • This post made me realize just how few consoles had a CD flap. Is it just the Playstation, Dreamcast, Saturn, and Gamecube? Kind of weird how that was the default for CD players pretty much forever, but not many consoles went with that. PS2, Xbox, and everything after those had some kind of tray or slot. Maybe it was because they could visually stand apart from their competitors more that way.

  • What was announced at Summer Games Fest that you are most excited for?
  • I've never been excited for DLC before, but Street Fighter 6 adding Terry and Mai, from King of Fighters, was very unexpected. I think that was my favorite.

    I've been playing Capcom vs. SNK 2 whenver I have a few minutes to spare these days:

  • Half-Life Was 95% Ready for Dreamcast
  • Come to think of it, there are probably still people playing CS 1.6 today.

    Whoa, turns out to be a lot of them. 14,400 as of a few minutes ago!

    That's as many as the two most recent Battlefield games have combined right now. Battlefield 2042 currently around 8,000 and Battlefield V at 6,000. I'm sure console players would boost the Battlefield numbers quite a bit, but still. That's pretty cool.

  • Google accidentally published internal Search documentation to GitHub
  • Bleh, yeah I really hate to side with Google, especially when releasing this documentation benefits users and hiding it benefits Google.

    It seems weird for this new license to be legally binding. If someone committed this to the wrong repo, and that person didn't have legal authority over the original content, then how can they have legally relicensed it? I would think that it would be necessary for them to have ownership of the content in the first place.

  • Half-Life Was 95% Ready for Dreamcast
  • I downloaded an ISO of it a while ago and played through maybe third of the game. I found it to be very playable. People always mention the long load times, but it's worth mentioning that long load times were much more common back then. (Although Half-Life on DC was even longer than usual.)

    Also, I hate to be nit picky, but the blog post linked here manages to be weirdly wrong about two things and it's barely one paragraph long, lol.

    Half-Life is one of the most successful video games of the early 2000s.

    Ahhh, 1998. One of the best years of the early 2000s.

    Half-Life was everywhere... except one notable place: Sega's Dreamcast. It has been a mystery as to what happened with a game destined to have a port on every possible platform.

    Half-Life was a PC exclusive until the PS2 port in November 2001, ten months after the Dreamcast was discontinued. The PC and PS2 versions are still the only official versions to this day. Half-Life is not known for being on every platform. Was the author thinking of Doom, one of the best games of the mid 70s?

  • God of War Ragnarök will require a PSN account to play on PC
  • Aw, I was looking forward to this one. But also, meh, my unplayed backlog is huge.

    I'm gonna put on my casual-observer-business-analyst hat real quick: it seems weird that Sony is making so many decisions that they know will piss off customers with their brand lately. Microsoft has been striking out hard with underwhelming exclusives, whereas at least Sony has had a few hits. Sony could take advantage of that and use this generation to crush the Xbox brand pretty hard. The payoff would be huge later on.

    Business execs always fancy themselves as military generals; I'm sure they've heard that Napoleon quote, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." Instead, they seem to be taking advantage of Microsoft's blunders to just knowingly make their own blunders.

    Like, even from a cutthroat business exec mindset, there is a profit-motivated reason to just chill out with the anti-consumer stuff right now. Your biggest competitor has been absolutely unloading a clip into their own foot for like two years. Quit drawing attention to yourself.

  • One in 10 Republicans less likely to vote for Trump after guilty verdict, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds
  • From the article, emphasis mine:

    also found that 56% of Republican registered voters said the case would have no effect on their vote and 35% said they were more likely to support Trump

    Far more of them like that he paid off a porn star to keep quiet about the fact that he cheated on his wife.

  • A good leader always farts first 💨
  • I was expecting the twist to be that fart was an acronym. Like:

    Fess up
    Admit mistakes
    Reassess direction

    A good leader is willing to have a F.A.R.T. discussion.

  • TUXEDO Stellaris Slim 15 revealed for high performance in a small package
  • Their Infinitybook models -- both the 14 and 16 inch -- disappeared from their site recently. It was their slim, lightweight model, and I thought that was their flagship computer, too. I'm wondering if the Stellaris Slim is the new Infinitybook, or if there's a new Infinitybook coming that they haven't announced yet.

  • Great moments in PC gaming: That time Valve released three new games on the same day
  • I'm so glad I bought this in a store back when PC games were still available in physical releases. Even though I'm pretty sure this one was just a Steam installer on a CD, I love having an actual copy of The Orange Box on my shelf.

  • [email protected]: How can I make email sub-addresses with only letters or numbers and no special characters like plus?
  • Unfortunately, this seems to be the only option, besides using your own domain so that you control forwarding yourself. Basically, pay someone like Firefox Relay to do forwarding, or do your own forwarding. Firefox Relay does give you five email addresses for free, which is cool. (

    I've noticed that the "+" sign trick with Gmail just doesn't work at all anymore. Anyone that wants to maliciously send you emails knows to remove what comes after the + sign, so that you can't tell which of your sub-addresses was originally used. And anyone that hacks a database to steal email addresses knows to remove it as well, to cover their tracks.

  • Texas judge reprimanded after telling jury that God told him sex trafficking suspect was innocent
  • Note that this was a few years ago -- I searched for the judge's name, and it looks like he has since retired.

    It's always frustrating that these stories usually end with someone receiving a written warning, rather than being removed from their position due to the fact that they are obviously unqualified for it.

  • Telegram CEO calls out rival Signal, claiming it has ties to US government
  • I know that Telegram has a lot of users, so I'm not describing all of them here. But I've noticed that it seems especially popular among people who kind of like to "play pretend" as underground hackers. You know, the kind of person who likes to imagine that the government would be after them.

    This mudslinging feels like more of a marketing campaign than anything else. An info op that will work well on the Telegram users who like to imagine that they have outmaneuvered all the info ops.

  • ASUS breaks your ROG Ally if you don't pay $200 for warranty repairs: SCAMMING COMPANY!
  • GN also asked him for advice as part of their video -- they mention him a few times in it.

  • Rule
  • Man, I'm hoping for a reintroduction of this character in Street Fighter 6. Twelve had so many unique properties that other SF characters have never had, like an air dash, and the fact that his forward walk simply went underneath projectiles. They just made him do no damage for some reason.

    All of the SF6 rebooted characters have been great so far.

  • Ninth Circuit: 5th Amendment Doesn’t Cover Compelled Production Of Fingerprints To Unlock A Phone
  • Or "things you possess," either. I remember being told (maybe in a college class, but I don't remember exactly) that you can be compelled to give up the key to a lock, but not the combination to a lock.

  • The Sega Dreamcast
  • I've heard this argument before, but I'm not sure that the numbers support it. Despite the Dreamcast having a head start, the PS2 started eclipsing the DC's sales almost immediately, and that's even with the PS2 having some supply problems early on.

    If piracy was the main problem, I would expect to see huge system sales and small game sales. Instead, the DC just didn't sell very well outside of its initial launch.

    I'm not saying piracy didn't exist, but Sega had lost so much support from customers and developers with the 32X, Sega CD, and Saturn, I suspect those are more to blame. They'd have been able to handle the problem of game copying better if they didn't have a dozen other problems at the same time. Heck, it was the first console with built-in online services, and that's the industry's main way of dealing with piracy now.

  • Bethesda Quietly Removes Denuvo DRM from Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • I suppose they only did it now due to some license agreement expiring?

    Yep, if I understand it right, Denuvo charges an annual fee to be used. That's why you always see it getting removed after the game loses relevance, when sales aren't enough to justify paying for Denuvo anymore.

    Kind of weird how, because Bethesda (and other publishers) are Denuvo's consumer, this particular anti-consumer license agreement is actually benefiting the players, haha.

  • Hades II Technical Test - Live Gameplay
  • I'm late to the party with Hades, but am enjoying the first game right now.

    Also, wow, there's a familiar face in that video! I remember watching Greg Kasavin do reviews for Gamespot back when video reviews were still a pretty new thing. (found one:

  • As the Internet Gets Scarier, More Parents Keep Their Kids’ Photos Offline

    Parents are increasingly rethinking what it means to create an online footprint their child can’t actively consent to.

    As the Internet Gets Scarier, More Parents Keep Their Kids’ Photos Offline

    Here's a non-paywalled link to an article published in the Washington Post a few days ago. It's great to see this kind of thing getting some mainstream attention. Young children have not made an informed decision about whether they want their photos posted online.


    [x-post @[email protected]] Do you run anything on a RISC-V processor? Do you run anything on a RISC-V processor? - Lemmy

    Lately I’ve been really liking the idea of having something hosted on a RISC-V machine. RISC-V is a non-proprietary instruction set that is a competitor to ARM. The idea of having a something running on an open source operating system, running on an open standard CPU, served from my house, gives me ...

    (also posted on @selfhost)

    RISC-V is a non-proprietary instruction set that is an alternative to ARM. I had thought that we were still waiting for a stable Linux distribution on RISC-V devices, but it turns out many RISC-V machines can run Debian already.

    Does anyone have a RISC-V device that they use regularly? How has it been working?


    Do you run anything on a RISC-V processor?

    Lately I've been really liking the idea of having something hosted on a RISC-V machine. RISC-V is a non-proprietary instruction set that is a competitor to ARM. The idea of having a something running on an open source operating system, running on an open standard CPU, served from my house, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    I was under the impression that most Linux distributions were unstable on RISC-V. Turns out, I'm wrong about that. From a quick search, the following have official Debian images:

    and the Pine64 Star64 has a community-maintained Armbian image.

    Does anyone here have a RISC-V single-board computer doing anything practical for you?


    8bitdo made a Commodore 64 variant of their keyboard 8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard (C64 edition, ships on Sep. 28th, 202

    NOTES: We are NOT liable for ANY extra import taxes so please learn about local customs policy before purchasing. After ordering, please pay attention to the tracking update and deal with clearance timely. We will deduct 70% of the paid amount if the packages are returned due to overdue customs clea...

    8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard (C64 edition, ships on Sep. 28th, 202

    The 8bitdo keyboard has been pretty well-received as a \~$100 wireless keyboard with ABS keycaps. I love the way this C64 color scheme looks.

    I have an 8bitdo arcade stick, which looks like it uses the same knob as this keyboard for selecting the wireless mode. I love the way it feels every time I turn it on.

    Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn't use QMK -- it uses their own mapping software, which is Windows only. This makes it a non-starter for me, since I rarely use a Windows computer these days. But I just might have to copy that color scheme for my next build.

    nixos tuckerm

    Is there an easy way of starting up services with just the nix package manager and not using NixOS?

    Hi, sorry if that title isn't very clear. I just started learning about nix a couple days ago; I'll explain what I mean.

    I'm trying to set up a web application that I'm currently hosting with Docker containers, but do it with nix instead, like what's shown in this blog post:

    However, I don't have NixOS on my server. I'm using Debian, with the nix package manager installed.

    Is it possible to use a nix config file, like the one below, when only using the nix package manager? Currently it errors when I try to call nix-build with it, giving an error about calling a lambda function that never called self. If I remove the self argument, it complains about config, and so on.

    ``` { self, config, lib, pkgs, ... }:

    { services = { nextcloud = { enable = true; hostName = "";

    package = pkgs.nextcloud27;

    # Let NixOS install and configure the database automatically. database.createLocally = true;

    # Let NixOS install and configure Redis caching automatically. configureRedis = true;

    < other settings here... > }; }; }


    From what I've read, the services part of that creates systemd services, which makes me think that it only works if you're on a full NixOS system and not only using the nix package manager. But it's been difficult to find a clear answer on that, probably because I'm still learning what terms to search for.