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i hate soup

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I fucking hate the job search
  • remember to be back by 12:30 for the standup at 12:45

    you should have finished eating by then

  • NSFW
  • I assume it's a typo since it's not capitalized nor in the community name

    I'm not brave enough to verify. If it turns out to stand for ferret or something, I don't think I could survive seeing that.

  • NSFW
    it is kinda crazy "fuck this shit" hasn't become a common acronym yet
  • I feel like saying the full thing relieves some of the stress caused by said unfucked shit

  • I like to spread knowledge
  • they didn't have to do that but they did it anyway

    this is how history is made

    beautiful actually

  • Greek coastguard threw migrants overboard to their deaths, witnesses say
  • If hell is real it won't be adequate punishment for these assholes

  • Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shaken after 'really bad' cycling accident in Connecticut
  • Feels weird calling that a bruise, even though that's what is

    Like, they should have a different name for it when it's that brutal holy shit

  • Researchers claim GPT-4 passed the Turing test
  • The participants judged GPT-4 to be human a shocking 54 percent of the time.

    ELIZA, which was pre-programmed with responses and didn’t have an LLM to power it, was judged to be human just 22 percent of the time

    Okay, 22% is ridiculously high for ELIZA. I feel like any half sober adult could clock it as a bot by the third response, if not immediately.

    Try talking to the thing:

    I refuse to believe that 22% didn't misunderstand the task or something.

  • Small rule
  • I have made a severe lapse in judgement and I promise to do better

    ukelele bop

  • Small rule
  • no way in fuck is lil hairy homie a licensed electrician 😤

  • jpg rule
  • It's just a regular anti-joke

    I think it's a big meme in the transgender community that if you are assigned male at birth and choose to be a female in videogames etc. it means you may be trans

    Instead of "you may be trans", they hit you with a pretty scary weather forecast thank god I don't live there

  • Pope Francis accused of using homophobic slur again in closed-door meeting
  • Thought this was old news, but then I read the article. He did it AGAIN.

    If he can't handle the temptation to say slurs he definitely jerkin it in that pope HQ

  • Oracle Java police start knocking on Fortune 200's doors for first time
  • auditors gonna make absolute bank from bribes

  • glass
  • Pussy 2

  • What happens if I never activate Windows?
  • Then you may be delighted to hear that, not only do they know about it, they also use it themselves

    (I think it's the same project, idk I didn't read all that, I'm legit concussed, but it's still funny)

  • Rule
  • B^U

  • "Why am I so lonely?"
  • Instead of the NSA it'll be a random Google contractor

    The NSA just sends drones to strike the wrong house IIRC


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    Distro hoppers, what's always on your install list when you've finished setup and logged in for the first time?

    I wouldn't really call myself a distro hopper, but in the last few months I've had to do some fresh installs on a couple of machines and VMs for work

    If these aren't included by default, I'll make sure to get em:


    • Firefox & Chromium
    • Gimp & Krita
    • VSCode/VSCodium
    • Okular
    • Libre office


    • git
    • wget&curl
    • neovim
    • zsh/ohmyzsh + plugins
    • glow
    • neofetch
    • figlet/toilet
    • zellij
    • python
    • nodejs/npm/nvm + nodemon globally
    • ranger/rifle

    Also, how do you go about migrating your old config and rc files? Start fresh or just copy em over and make adjustments where necessary?


    Which terminal emulator do you use?

    I've always just used konsole or gnome terminal. Never really looked into what else is available. Tried cool-retro-term the other day, but the novelty wore off pretty fast for me.

    Curious to see if there's a terminal someone swears by and refuses to use anything else.


    If you got COVID and lost the ability to taste things, did it ever come back? Otherwise, did you experience any other long term consequences from the pandemic in general?

    Never heard any follow ups on the taste thing, so I need answers

    4 years since 2020. Time really flies when a catastrophic global event hits you in the face



    • Allow this website to send notifications?
    • Privacy badger stopped 652 trackers on this page
    • "Let us enable cookies? Yes or 19 step cookie configuration wizard?"
    • "Ads are how we keep our service free. Please disable your adblocker"
    • "you've reached your daily free limit. Please upgrade to a pro account for just 29.99 USD/month (the price of a cup of coffee)"

    I fucking hate the modern web


    Do you have a mantra that keeps you going through tough times?

    "it do be like that sometimes" is starting to lose it's magic a little



    that guy's website is weird as shit