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Sacrilege rule
  • If you're referring to audiophiles, I believe it's because they are acknowledging they know enough to say they are an amateur but recognize there are people who call themselves an audiophile just because they say "vinyl is the superior sound" without any justification of that opinion, which is an accurate observation of the divisions amongst audiophiles.

  • Sacrilege rule
  • Better is definitely relative, but I think vinyl is much more enjoyable and experience for me personally.

    also, I don't like the crackle so I religiously clean each side of the disk to remove any dust before playing and it sounds wonderful. I've gotten compliments to that effect so definitely worth the effort.

  • Sorry to intrude. There's no BSD memes community.
  • Can confirm, just wish other people around the fediverse would realize you can adore and speak out against Israel without being antisemitic. To clarify I mean that can you speak out against genocide AND that you don't have to say shit like "fuck the Jews".

    Been fighting that bullshit since Israeli Trump started his genocide.

  • The gods must be angry: Mexico 'cancels' statue of Greek god Poseidon after dispute with local deity
  • I don't live in or have an Israeli citizenship. So clearly I haven't lost the card. Additionally, Israel doesn't speak for every Jew dumbass much less does it speak for every Israeli.

    Consider thinking before you speak next time, it tends to work out better for you.

    Edit: to clarify that last point, it makes you sound as if you are a person with a basic level of knowledge and critical thinking instead of some idiot filled with brainrot.

  • what kind of run are you doing right now?

    Let's post about our current runs!

    Are you doing vanilla? Modded?

    What's your goal? What are you finding interesting?


    help wanted

    I could use some help. I find my company making more and more changes that have a negative impact on the wellbeing of the tech workers such as myself.

    The company has a union but it's not for the corporate workers. I would like to start a union for us techies. How can I achieve this? I've spoken with people I'm comfortable with about unionizing and have received favorable feedback. Who can I reach out to?


    Why was a defederation request post locked deleted and the poster banned?

    There was a very recent post requesting a defederation with

    The post was requesting it due to a large amount of anti Israeli posts and celebrations of the deaths of Israeli citizens both military and civilian.

    I've checked the modlog in hopes of understanding why those actions were taken, but no note was left. I'd like to ask why those actions were taken. Thanks!

    Grand Blue toasteecup

    duuuude there's a grand new lemmy.

    Dive yes!!!