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How To Pick A Safer Helmet - According To Science - Pinkbike
  • Full face protections is fashionable in the Downhill circles. But here we come to the caveats of the full face helmets. A) they are heavy and B) they breathe much less. In other words they aren't that comfortable to wear outside of when you really need them. If you want full face helmets for your kids there are out there but you will have to look at Downhill miountainbike ones. With a price that matches...

    Did a quick search through their database for "kid", "child, "junior" and "teen". No results. They haven't got to testing that market segment yet.

  • Have you ever ridden a sleeper train?
  • When doing my military service (sweden) I got rides on SJ's night trains plenty of times in their six bunk cabins. With five other enlisted. I didn't mind it but it was Spartan. Simple and serviceable. And you felt the ride. If I had young kids with me I would get a private two or three bunk cabin.

    But I still remember waking up in the mornings, leaving the cabin to head out into the corridor to open a window and inhale the fresh northern air.

  • German medieval metal stars. "hetero is not compulsory. homofobia is disgusting"
  • Just straight up not being too serious about themselves while still being serious in the act I would recommend Alestorm, Brothers of Metal and Nanowar of Steel. The last one describes thenselves as Humor Metal. Very skilled musicians doing metal of various mainstream genres. Like Norwegian Reggaeton, heavy metal reggaeton about norwegian black metal.

    If you go into power metal I can also recommend Gloryhammer (fantasy in space by the frontman from Alestorm), Grailknights (early 90's action figures, check out Pumping Iron Power for a great workout track) ang Wind Rose (dwarf metal with a great cover of Diggy Diggy Hole and just released Rock and Stone). Power Metal in general is just filled with thematic bands. Final recommendation would be Power Wolf (gothic symphonic metal, "catholic werewolves").

  • German medieval metal stars. "hetero is not compulsory. homofobia is disgusting"
  • You want to open a can of awesomeness? Well you got it. This is by no means an exhaustive list nor any that covers the whole spectrum. Some bands are serious others much more lighthearted. Generally all of these have strong folk metal influences drawing inspiration from the middle ages (fall of Rome to fall of Constantinople). Go wild. If I were to do a "top five tracks" from a few bands I would choose Cruachan, Heidevolk, Månegarm and Skálmöld

    Cruachan - irish/celtic

    Eluveitie - celtic gaul

    Feuerschwanz - german "high medieval"

    Equilibrium - german

    Heidevolk - dutch

    Norse/Viking (here I just dump a bunch) - Amon Amath, Brothers of Metal, Ensiferum, Månegarm, Skálmöld, Tyr

    Alestorm - PIRATES, a humorous bonus for the funzies

  • How to deal with post-work exhaustion?
  • Don't know how the market is around where you live but it may be worth it to shop around a little and see what the fitness centers offers. Since I didn't remember if I had to make a choice when I joined mine I took a look and their only offer is ALL OF IT - classes and gym. Looked around and it was the same elsewhere too. Well pretty much everywhere else, the exception was a place where the cheap offer was swimming area and gym.

  • How to deal with post-work exhaustion?
  • I often go to the gym straight after work. It sure as heck helps that I mostly go to classes, many of which I have book a spot in. Often I book even if it wont be full just to have already made the commitment. Many of my classes are also timed such that I can get off the bus from work and just head over or that I can get home and do ONE chore.

    Then it has become a routine and now it is part of my after work routine. Bonus of going to classes is that you can get some light socializing in.

  • BROTHERS OF METAL - One (2019) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

    A fun band. Lots of skin, lots of sexy bodies. And then there is "the Voice of the Gods" whose magnificence overshadows all. On the vocal side the band is well wrought and the three vocalists plays off eachother almost like a classic boy band from the late 90's.



    While I do love Eluveite I cannot listen to them for longer periods of time. Just so full of everything and then some. It gets discordant tiring. Still good in a mix.


    ALESTORM ft. PATTY GURDY - Voyage Of The Dead Marauder (Official Video) | Napalm Records

    Let's stretch my theme for the evening. Just a duo between the chaotic maniacs of Alestorm and Patty Gurdy. Well produced and everything fits well together. Very good drinking music.



    Ahhhh Alissa White-Gluz, in my opinion the queen of the harsh melodic death metal. Growls but the higher pitches does come through. Can listen to Arch Enemy for long periods without getting fatigued, that does say something.



    Let's take the vocals a bit harsher. Still clear by metal standards but I find Noora Louhimo's vocal more in line with the rest. Much less of a contrast compared to (for example) Nightwish.


    Nightwish - Nemo [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    Nightwish featuring Tarja. It is nice to listen to the "peak" of their vocalists. Her voice does fit the band's sound. It is all about the contrasts. And you can hear her (by then) classical training.



    Old Nightwish. According to Spotify their most played track.

    Let's rise the numbers even more...
  • Numbers pulled out of my arse for illustration

    Say of the whole population GenZ is 25% and GenY is also 25% (for convenience). If then 28% of GenZ identify as LGBTQ+ that would be 28%*.25= 7% (25% of 28%, or 1/4 of 28%). For GenZ maths would be 16%*0.25=4%. So these two groups would in total contribute that 11% of the total population is LGBTQ+.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

  • Not your everyday bake day

    Camping season is on and that means hauling half a kg of sourdough on the trail. Just to make some flatbreads.


    About 80% hydration

    One part rye flour

    Three parts whole wheat flour

    Sourdough starter (you know yours best)


    Mix and put into container. At fire work dough into golfball sized balls, let balls rest snd then flatten them. I prefer the thumbing method. Once coals are hotHotHOT put discs on gridddle and bake. Time depends on how how your coals are. I go by feel.


    Gathered up a nice little pile of dead wood, hopefully it will last me through the night

    It will. I am sure of it.

    Hiking and camping season started for me today. Walked part of Skåneleden (Scania trail network, southern Sweden). Part of the trail along the creek in bad condition, had to climb over and under hallen trees and bushes. All while on loose footing with the creek below. Got to the campsite and got it all for myself. Nice!

    As for firewood I would have had to notify the trail managers to have some ready for me. Counted on there being some already but no luck. So out into the woods and gather up deadwood.

    Now darkness have fallen. It is half past eight. Time to burn!


    Timing app?

    Short: I am looking for (foss) recommendations for an app that lets me program various time intervals and then does some notification when they are up.

    So last November when the after work cycling season froze up I finally went to the gym, got me a membership at the one with the most group activities/classes(?) because I like committing to a schedule and to be told what to do. Also the group energy does help me pushing. But I started looking at the quite well equipped gym and somehow I got kettlebells in my youtube recommendations. And then other strange stuff like EMOM and AMRAP.

    And the gym have no good clocks...

    So when (pretty much always) I want to do some AMRAP (conditioning?) I have to rely on my clock. But its timing programming is really limited, essentially just active/rest. So I need something more robust and after a cursory look at apps I have found nothing. I NEED recommendations.

    Example: I want to program a AMRAP session of 1 minute active, 15 seconds reset to next move(?). Do that for 5 cycles. Then a 2 minute break. And start from the bottom. Just an example.


    MANEGARM - Ett sista farväl (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records

    Cannot leave y'all without some Månegarm and some old tales

    > "Ett sista farväl (a final farewell) is based on Völsungasagan (Völsunga saga) and the love story between Helge Hundigsbane and his wife Sigrun. Helge is assassinated by Odin's lent spear and travels to Valhalla, but for one single night he returns to his tomb and the realm of the living. Bloody, and with frost in his hair, he meets his wife and they spend one last night together. At dawn Helge must return to Valhalla and once again leave Sigrun who a short time thereafter dies of grief and sorrow.


    Vulgaris Magistralis - Heidevolk

    The song describing me, the most manliest of men.


    Dogtooth & Nail - Shadows Follow You - Official Music Video

    When the refrain is slower than the lyrics. And the discord makes me like it more.



    Svartsot Midsommer (Official Video)

    Blows flute - AAAAARRRGGHHHG