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Glorious Science!
  • Perhaps those nutrients are very easily available so it's not an issue, and the energy required is the bottleneck. At any rate, I don't think Voyager or anything produced after that ever mentioned it.

  • Glorious Science!
  • How else would anything interesting happen in the episode? In my head canon most of the federation is very responsible but also boring. That's why the show follows this particular bunch of degenerates.

  • jeff
  • I think of it more as a budding fascist dictator vs a senile moron. Which is why I'm extremely worried that the former wins. At least with the senile moron, the rest of the senate and staff can sort of hamper on reasonably without irrepairably dismantling democracy. This is a 1930s Germany type of situation.

  • Systemd 256.1 Addresses Complaint That 'systemd-tmpfiles' Could Unexpectedly Delete Your /home Directory
  • I agree his answer sucks, but perhaps the fault still lies with the distribution developers (who should know better), not the authors of systemd. In that context I can understand the resentment expressed by the dev. It's not directed toward the end user but toward the distro developers, who have implemented systemd in a broken and dangerous way.

  • Ryan Gosling explains how to turn debt into money | The Big Short
  • I'm just tired of the trend of saying things are underrated, when they're really not. The Big Short is a great movie and it is rated as a great movie. So it's not underrated or overrated; it has a great rating and deservedly so.

  • Even the fish are turning soy 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I couldn't even edge my skibdi to this one
  • Also it's only a conspiracy if there's intentional disregard for the best interests of people whom you are intentionally hiding information from. Where I live they were pumping out hormones into the river all the way back into the 60s, screwing up fish life. But it's because they were ignorant and dumb. This is from the same time when the government had a campaign for people to weigh down garbage with rocks before throwing it in the sea, because it's unsightly when it floats.

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

  • 'I can't accept Drum & Bass. We need Jungle, I'm afraid.' - Amol Rajan on how a University Challenge question spawned a remix craze 'We need jungle' - Amol Rajan on how a University Challenge question spawned a remix craze

    The University Challenge host on how one question went viral and inspired the jungle music community.

    'We need jungle' - Amol Rajan on how a University Challenge question spawned a remix craze