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Anon gets a nickname
  • I know a guy called Carlin Cox. I thought I was clever saying things like, “Mr. Cunts” “Mr. More than one Cock” etc.

    Some dude the other day said, “Carlin! Carglin. Garglin cocks!”

    All three of us were doubled over laughing and I was mad at myself for never thinking of it. It was right there!

  • You really think someone would do that?
  • That is brilliant.

    And of course folks argue that we’d have more toilets if people could charge again.

    I run a place with a public restroom. There are times when I get so angry that I’d like to charge 20 bucks a shit just to make it worth my while cleaning that mess up.

    Ultimately though, folks can’t help that they gotta shit. Most people don’t want to use a public restroom, so if they’re running a in there they are desperate and the conditions are set up for a disaster.

    It is what it is. I have gloves, bleach, disinfectant, and a strong stomach.

    I’m still gonna curse you under my breath for half a day. :p

  • Appeals court tells Texas it cannot ban books for mentioning ‘butt and fart’
  • My older kids went through a phase where they were just randomly saying “butt” for like a year. By the end of it I couldn’t stand my own ass.

    “Hey dad, dad, DAD!”

    “What is it kiddo?”

    “Butts! Ahahahahaha. Just picture it, crack down the middle, poopin’, just hanging out being a butt.”

    When I realized I hadn’t heard the word “butt” for a few months, my sigh of relief could have changed the orbit of the planet.

  • VFX artist explains why CGI in films is worse now
  • And of course there’s an old dude in the comments on the article.

    “When I was a youngin’, we worked and cared about the job. The kids just want to hang out. They come from bad schools today!”

    That is always the answer. I’d say the old heads above him felt the same way.

  • A drawing my daughter did with sidewalk chalk.

    Everyone has been stopping to admire this. I figured I’d share it with you guys.


    The cat still sleeps on her dog mom. Been doing this since day one.

    Look back through my posts to see her sleeping like this since she was a fresh baby.


    Training my employees on my primary PC, the Steam Deck.

    I have found myself using my Steam Deck for everything. I sit at that old desk and play Counter-Strike when I’ve got time. I use it for paperwork as well.

    Truly an amazing machine.