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Google Play Store quietly rolls out feature to uninstall apps remotely
  • I don't think you even read the summary in the OP that describes exactly what this feature does. This is a feature for users for their owned devices. You can remotely install apps already. Now you can do the opposite.

  • Trust me bro
  • Funnily enough, I remember reading that many of the people who claimed to have seen the golden plates, when pressed, said they witnessed them "spiritually", not physically.

  • Alberta woman dies after being denied transplant for refusing to get COVID vaccine
  • Perhaps, now that the vaccine has been around for years and there's plenty of data on its efficacy and risks, you might cite some of those risks? Because the data I've seen shows that infection is still much worse for your health than vaccination, regardless of whether or not you are "young and healthier." I would be very interested to see what data you have that shows otherwise. I quite like being proven wrong.

  • Land use in the US
  • I have to tell you, there's plenty of farmed land on the entire west coast this map does not depict. Less than half of the areas labeled timberlands are forested, as a generous estimate.

    Edit: as the comments under this state, I just didn't understand what was being represented and how.

  • what if rule 😳
  • So they should buy a generic brand bottle that's unbranded instead? Because that's more personality?

    On any good bottle you have room for stickers if you truly feel the need to express yourself through your water storage container of choice. This one too.

  • A new app to rule them all!
  • Is there a better way to search for communities outside of your account's home instance on Liftoff that I haven't found? Connect currently has it beat on that feature, unless I've missed something obvious.