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Donald Trump rally shooting being probed as assassination attempt: AP sources
  • Title: "AP sources"

    link: "something else - not AP."

    me: "why?"

  • 'We're screaming into the void.' Across the U.S., heat keeps breaking records
  • I would agree, but when I commented you were getting downvoted

  • Sacramento high school biology final includes racist questions, targets students
  • I mean, if we wanted our best and brightest (and most compassionate) to teach, we would pay them the best salary they could get with their degrees.

    Note to good teachers out there (I'm a teacher too): I'm not saying there aren't any! I'm just saying that those doing the hiring can't afford to be terribly picky.

  • 'Blitz primary' could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out
  • I meant that the candidate could die or otherwise have to drop out after the ballots are finalized. That is always an issue, in every election.

  • 'Blitz primary' could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out
  • That's always an issue no matter what the deadlines are.

  • 'Blitz primary' could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out
  • Whether this hypothetical scenario happens or it goes some other way, it would be incredibly foolish and incompetent for the DNC to miss this deadline and just write off Ohio.

  • 'Blitz primary' could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out
  • If an alternate candidate is not officially chosen before August 7, they will not appear on the Ohio ballot.

  • The US president ordered a board to probe a massive Russian cyberattack. It never did.
  • This is a ProPublica story. Why not post that instead of the ArsTechnica reprint?

    The difference for folks in the EU is that ProPublica does not use tracking cookies, and therefore we don't have to click through their GDPR notice.

  • 'Blitz primary' could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out
  • No. The DNC is planning to officially nominate Biden well ahead of the convention, only to meet this deadline to get on Ohio's ballot.

  • What are the applications that I can remove from Mint? + Mini Rant.
  • Please don't take this as one of the rude responses you refer to above - that is not my intent.

    Why do you want to use Mint in the first place? The only thing that distinguishes Mint from any other Debian derivative, is that they have made all these software choices for you, and you don't have to do anything to get your system ready for you to be productive. It's aimed at folks who don't want to think at all about any of the concerns you have about customizing.

    If you don't like the choices Mint has made, there is literally no reason to choose it. Start with a minimal version of Debian, and add whatever you want. The end result will be the same as starting with Mint and swapping things out. The only difference will be the address of your repositories.

  • 'Blitz primary' could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out
  • The nominee must be chosen by August 7th to be on the ballot in Ohio. The convention is too late.

  • In Ukraine, Killings of Surrendering Russians Divide an American-Led Unit
  • Allegedly.

    Mr. Grosse’s witness recollection is the only available evidence of the trench killing.

  • Yet more examples of how copyright destroys culture rather than driving it
  • Copyright has nothing to do with plagiarism. It is literally about the mechanical work of producing copies, which used to be expensive.

  • Can I install linux on this?
  • If you can give a reference to any such book, I'd be very interested to see it.

  • Can I install linux on this?
  • Most of what you said is exactly my point. It's true the word Linux, used properly, refers to a kernel and not an operating system. But that's not the way the word is used in practice, and it is not what OP meant when they used it. They meant " an OS with the Linux kernel and GNU userspace utilities." When the word Linux is used that way, Android is not Linux.

  • Can I install linux on this?
  • they are operating systems that use the linux kernel, just like GNU/Linux (aka "Linux") does.

  • On butterfly weed

    Just down and left of bee butt you can see a nice Monarch caterpillar!


    What happens to downvotes when instances have different policies?

    My instance has downvoting enabled, but I've learned that some other instances do not. Do the vote totals look different to users on different instances? It seems like some users on instances that don't allow downvoting are unaware that it's not the same lemmy-wide. It would be pretty confusing for them to see their vote go down.


    Casa Bonita is back!

    Reddit tate

    Are these redditors on lemmy?

    I'm looking for rusticgorilla specifically, but would love to find poemforyoursprog as well.

    Who are some other redditors you have found / would like to find here?


    I found my favorite dad joke!

    It was in the last place I looked.