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Is Tesla Feeling the BYD? A Chinese Giant Shakes Up the EV Electric Car Landscape
  • If they are affordable and sold here I may consider them. Affordability and knobs and buttons are all I want.

    If they make a small truck on top of that, I'd start saving today.

    But I'm starting from zero knowledge, so this is all whimsical atm.

  • No-so-silent Spring
  • Lol I will never for a moment care about people complaining about grass clippings on my sidewalk. The wind will always take care of it in the end. You do you, I have nothing against it, that just made me laugh.

  • The Dark Souls experience
  • I wonder if they program them to appear easier the first time, but still programmed to kill you before they die. I've seen a lot of games being developed where the developers talk about doing shit like this to "enhance" the experience.

    One that really stood out to me was health bars in the red when you were still at 40% health.

    Everything is deception.

  • Okay guys, here's your chance! I am in possession of a 15 year old laptop. What Linux OS should I put in it?

    It's been about 8 years since I gave Linux a real chance. I have an Sony VAIO PCG-3D3l Laptop which was abandoned by it's previous owner.

    I have no real plans for it, except to install Linux, and if I get comfortable with it, it's probably what I will end up doing my banking on, because as much as I love Windows, I can't say I ever feel secure using Windows.

    What are your recommendations? I consider myself an advanced user with most forms of technology (Have an A+ certification that's older than this laptop), but not on the level most of the people reading this are probably on.

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