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Vida ou não vida
  • Estou vivo!

  • What is the Alabama of your country?
  • I know it doesn’t make sense, but can’t blame the guy, he probably went to school in Florida

  • What is the Alabama of your country?
  • Sweden’s response:

  • I really like it here. However, almost 90% of my feed is either posts about Reddit, or Lemmy/kbin meta analysis. We need actual content and communities over here!
  • This; keep in mind that Rexxit is still ongoing and there are a lot of new arrivals here. So it makes sense that the pain of departing Reddit as well as adjustment pains settling into the Fediverse will be a theme for a while. As people get used to the new way of things, I have no doubt these “meta” issues will naturally become stale.

  • Please make captchas a default in 0.18
  • What? Can’t they get defederated if it’s this obvious?

  • This Meme was made on a Wireless Logitech Controller
  • what, for real? I thought it had a porthole or something

  • Reddit Goes Nuclear, Removes Moderators of Subreddits That Continue to Protest
  • Could they have handled this whole situation any worse?

  • What's up with some communities here having [community] but not just [community]
  • This has happened to a bunch of the communities I created on Lemmyworld. I’ve been trying to ask for help - have created some threads about it and tried DMing the admins - but have never gotten a reply. Not sure what recourse I have, but I get a lot of DMs from users telling me it’s broken.

  • Boa tarde, Portugal - Apresentações da comunidade
  • Depois de um período de ajuste, será muito parecido.

  • let's cut the "Reddit" circle jerk and start actually making content
  • They say the next GallowBoob has already been born...

  • Need help with odd community naming behaviour - users having trouble joining my communities

    I’m new to Lemmy and am pretty confused by a problem I seem to be having; I created a bunch of communities here on, but I’m having a weird issue with the naming of them, and I wonder if you all might be able to help. I tried messaging the admins of Lemmyworld but haven’t gotten a reply.

    The communities I created look like completely normal remote communities to me from across the fediverse here from, but I see that from inside, they have names that include

    For example, this board /c/wine - from my end it looks normal ([email protected]) but from inside it’s not got a /c/wine URL, instead it’s[email protected] - which apparently breaks /c/wine links from inside

    I created like 10 other communities that are exhibiting the same problem.

    It… seems like posts still get back and forth okay, but I’m at a loss to explain how this happened (I didn’t name the communities [email protected] when I created them), and I’m unsure how big of a problem it is. I don’t seem to be able to rename the URL component nor can I now create communities with the same name without the part. My ability to do anything with the mod tools seems nonexistent.

    It seems to be causing issues for some users however as I keep getting DMs about it.

    If you have any suggestions on how to proceed, I’m all ears. Thanks!

    [HN] Show HN: Discuit – A Reddit alternative with a clean UI and a sensible vision
  • Not federated. No point. Just giving power to someone else.

  • Anyone else feel like their body began falling apart in their 20s?
  • 30s for me, but yeah I know what you mean, feels like you start racking up the health problems at an alarming rate

  • Which browser do you use on MacOS?
  • Safari is way, way more battery efficient than any other browser. I use Firefox when plugged in but Safari on the go for this reason :-)

  • Experiência Diferente Dependente da Instância
  • Parece que temos um mistério… 👻

  • Experiência Diferente Dependente da Instância
  • Todavia estou a ver essas problemas.

  • Raise a glass to /c/wine, a community for oenophiles, vintners, sommeliers, and all lovers of the nectar of the gods.
  • I’m stumped, not sure what I can do without help from the admins to look into it

  • What's New in SwiftUI What's new in SwiftUI - WWDC23 - Videos - Apple Developer

    Learn how you can use SwiftUI to build great apps for all Apple platforms. Explore the latest updates to SwiftUI and discover new scene...

    The new animation features look really slick.


    Where have you emigrated to, and why?

    What’s your home country and where is home today? Why did you move and how do you like your new home?


    Fortified wines of Portugal

    Repping my own country here! Ports, Madeiras, Moscatels… what fortified wines from Portugal have you tried and what are your favourites?

    Reddit [email protected]

    Bye, Reddit! Deleted my 14 year old account today.

    I’m all-in on Lemmy!!!


    Boa tarde, Portugal - Apresentações da comunidade

    Olá, Portugal! Vamos fazer algumas apresentações da comunidade. De onde vocês são, o que fazem como carreira e o que esperam encontrar aqui no Lemmy?


    How the EU Plans to Regulate AI How the EU plans to regulate AI – DW – 06/13/2023

    The European Parliament wants to divide content generated by artificial intelligence into different risk categories. While some systems could be banned, services like the popular ChatGPT would hardly be affected.

    0 Apple M2 Ultra GPU Outpaces RTX 4070 Ti in Early Compute Benchmarks

    M2 Ultra with Metal API versus RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 4080 using OpenCL

    This could be great news for the Mac gamers among us! Could the new Mac Studio be a viable gaming rig? Time will tell - I actually have one on order myself and will report back with benchmarks once I'm up and running!


    Apple M2 Ultra (24 core) outperforms $3,299 AMD Threadripper 5979WX (32 core)

    This means that the $3,999 Mac Studio configuration with this chip outperforms the $3,299 super high end CPU offered by AMD - and we’re comparing a whole computer to just a processor without motherboard, memory or graphics card here. A very compelling desktop offering for pro users!

    (Cross-posted to /c/[email protected])


    Apple M2 Ultra (24 core) outperforms $3,299 AMD Threadripper 5979WX (32 core)

    This means that the $3,999 Mac Studio configuration with this chip outperforms the $3,299 super high end CPU offered by AMD - and we're comparing a whole computer to just a processor without motherboard, memory or graphics card here. A very compelling desktop offering for pro users!

    Reddit [email protected] Apollo’s Christian Selig explains his fight with Reddit — and why users revolted

    Apollo has become the center of a platform-wide fight between Reddit and its users.

    Apollo’s Christian Selig explains his fight with Reddit — and why users revolted

    Welcome to /c/languages, a community for languages and linguistics!

    We're a board for polyglots, language learners, linguists and anyone interested in human languages.


    Bem-vindo a /c/setubal

    Junte-se a mim para uma taça de moscatel enquanto conversamos sobre nossa bela província.


    Welcome to /c/expats!

    A community for expats everywhere. While aimed in particular at Americans, Canadians and friends living outside their home countries, we welcome discussion from anyone living abroad relative to their original home.


    What's your current turntable + cartridge setup?

    Using a Fluance rt85 plus an Ortofon 2M blue personally. Great, full sound with especially vibrant mids and treble!


    Whisky 🥃 | A new app wrapping Apple's recently-announced Gaming Porting Kit to run your Windows games on Apple Silicon Macs.

    You may have seen the WWDC news about Apple's new Game Porting Kit , which among other things, can run Windows/DirectX 12 games, ostensibly to let developers test drive their games to encourage them to port to macOS.

    Fortunately for us, said tool is actually built on WINE/Crossover, Apple forked it and built a bunch of patches to map DirectX onto Metal.

    Introducing Whisky, an open-source app that wraps the Game Porting Kit much like Crossover wraps WINE, allowing you to run many Windows games that previously didn't work with such a setup.

    You need to be running the macOS Sonoma beta to actually use this. Here's how to do that.


    macOS users, feeling left out of the gaming party? Introducing /c/macgaming where we, too, can be part of the party! Discussing gaming on macOS and Apple hardware natively as well as WINE / Parallels


    Send all your zerglings to /c/strategy, a new community aimed at strategy gaming, including RTS, 4X, grand strategy, etc.

    /c/[email protected], a new community to discuss RTS, 4X and Grand strategy gaming!


    Introducing /c/emulation, a place to talk about retro gaming on your modern hardware!

    /c/[email protected], a new community to discuss emulating classic games. Not a ROM dump, a place for conversation, screenshots, emulator recommendations and configs, etc.


    Icebreaker: What's the most recent bottle you enjoyed? 🍷

    Kicking it off: Nipozzano Reserve 2018, Chianti Rufina. A really nice variation on a classic Chianti, light and fruit forward but with a surprising amount of tannins - pretty heavily oaked, relative to a Chianti Classico anyway, it was no Knights Valley cab. Exceptionally balanced and highly recommended.